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…Ưu Đàm Hoa’s background remains a mystery that the wuxia fans have always wanted to uncover. He made his literary debut in the end of 1990s, but not until 2010 did some of the readers close to the publishing expose his real name as Nguyễn…

… lightning, which led him to pursue the Alchemist. Étienne discovers that the Alchemist is a wizard of sorts who wears a mirrored mask and kills virgins to maintain eternal youth. Even the sex of the Alchemist is a mystery, because it sometimes…

Zombie was found in the cemetery where he just realized he was dead leaving a mystery since zombification is reserved only for criminals who have yet to pay for their crimes. Brady brought him home where he was employed by Maxwell as a…

Zodiac P.I. (lead=yes) is a mystery manga series written and illustrated by Natsumi Ando. Appearing as a serial in the monthly shōjo (targeted towards girls) manga magazine Nakayoshi from the April 2001 issue to the January 2003 issue, the…

… and incidents in the now missing original ending. Zhiyanzhai also conclusively identified the work as Cao Xueqin’s. Orthodox Redologists rely extensively on Zhiyanzhai’s notes for research and scholarly conjectures, although the identity of Zhiyanzhai remains a mystery.

Zgërdhesh is an archeological site in Albania. It is located south of the road from Fushë-Kruja to Kruja. Zgërdhesh is somewhat of a mystery because it is unmentioned in ancient sources. Some scholars believe, however, that it may be the site of ancient Albanopolis, referred to by Pliny the Elder. The Illyrian settlement here seems to have been founded in the 7th or 6th century BC and flourished in the 4th and 3rd centuries, before being abandoned in the 2nd century BC, when the inhabitants moved to Durrës and Lezha.

Zen Pinball 2 launched with 26 different pinball tables including a mystery table based on one of PopCap’s games.

… a bad-mouthed puppet. It is revealed that Millet and Zach have escaped from prison, although why they were brought to prison remains a mystery.

Yusof began acting since 1970 despite his father’s objections, who believed that the entertainment scene held no future prospects. He began his involvement in acting by playing an extra character in Laksamana Do Re Mi as the guard of the Minister of Fasola. He began directing films in 1991 with Bayangan Maut, a mystery action thriller film starring rock singer Ella. This was later followed by Pemburu…

Yuldashev’s trial appearances in late 2005 were the last times anyone outside the government ever saw him. His fate has remained a mystery until 2016.

… more of a criminal investigator. At the end of each episode, the narrator asked the radio audience how Johnny found the perpetrators, making the show a mystery quiz as well as a drama; those who guessed correctly were entered into a raffle for a prize.

… one of the photographs. And in the cache lies a replica of a map, made by his father who was once killed unlocking a mystery of treasure. Eventually some of his father’s murderers discover Vicky, and abduct him. In the meantime, Vicky’s…

Young journalism school graduate Vicki Burke has just landed a job at a newspaper on the quiet Maine island of Ragged Isle. She is soon caught up in a mystery involving several deaths by drowning, though the victims’ bodies are discovered…

Young Sherlock Holmes (also known as Young Sherlock Holmes and the Pyramid of Fear) is a 1985 American mystery adventure film directed by Barry Levinson and written by Chris Columbus, based on the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The film depicts a young Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meeting and solving a mystery together at a boarding school.

… one side of these buildings is a small hut with a statuette of the Virgin Mary, and a Portuguese stone oven. There is also a Japanese pagoda. There are no records of cultural exhibits at Paradise Park, so the purpose of these buildings remains a mystery.

You Can’t Live Forever is a mystery novel written by Harold Q. Masur in 1951. The story is written in the first person and follows the lawyer Scott Jordan as he investigates several murders related to a high-stakes lawsuit between two Broadway producers.

Yoki Koto Kiku is a parody of Inugami Clan (Inugamike no Ichizoku), a mystery novel by Seishi Yokomizo. Inugami Clan is one of many mystery novels featuring the detective Kōsuke Kindaichi (Kindaichi Kōsuke). The story begins with the death of Sahei Inugami, the patriarch of the Inugami family. Instead of leaving his fortunes with his three daughters from three different marriages, Sahei leaves the family heirlooms yoki (axe), koto (Japanese zither), and kiku (chrysanthemum) to Tamayo Nonomiya, the granddaughter of his close friend. The will read by the family lawyer states that the grandson that Tamayo selects as her husband will inherit the family fortune. The battle between the three daughters and their sons, Sukekiyo, Suketake, and Suketomo begins.

Yet another source regards her as lost, probably as a result of hitting a mine.In the absence of any firm evidence, the cause of Bremen’s loss remains a mystery.

Years later, Julie, rather than becoming a prostitute, becomes an alcoholic nightclub singer, despondent because Steve has ultimately left her. Magnolia, who has been abandoned by Ravenal, winds up auditioning at the same nightclub, without knowing that Julie is the featured singer. Julie, backstage, overhears the audition and deliberately (and secretly) quits her job so that Magnolia can have it. Magnolia goes on to become a great star, never learning of Julies sacrifice. The ultimate fate of Julie remains a mystery, as in the novel, but Miles Kreuger, the musical theatre historian, has stated in the accompanying booklet to the 1988 EMI complete recording of Show Boat s score that he believes that Julies sacrifice probably will ultimately lead to her death (presumably from drinking).

Yarborough’s other radio work includes the role of Skip Turner in Adventures by Morse, also by Carlton E. Morse. Yarborough appeared as Doc Long in three feature films for Columbia Pictures, based on the radio series I Love a Mystery: I Love a Mystery in 1945, The Devil’s Mask and The Unknown.

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