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…Șchei (шкеи, shkei) was an old Romanian exonym referring to the Bulgarians, especially in Transylvania and northern Wallachia. As a name, it has been preserved in the names of towns colonized in the 14th century by Bulgarians, in toponyms…

…Žena bez imena (Woman Without a Name), 2003.

… nominative plural. The personal name Želimъ is a hypocorism from a name such as *Želimirъ, preserved today in the Slovene name Željko.

…Šobec Campground is a name of campsite located two kilometers south of E61 highway in the vicinity of Lesce town.

…Şenay Ekiz was born in İstanbul in 1951. In 1971, she married Şerif Yüzbaşıoğlu, a musician. Following her marriage she became one of the most active singers of Turkey. In addition to music, she made a name in politics by supporting Bülent Ecevit, the leader of the Republican People’s Party.

…Čađavica (Cyrillic: Чађавица) is a name of three different subdivisions located west of the city of Bijeljina in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The three different subdivisions are Čađavica Donja, Čađavica Gornja, and Čađavica Srednja.

…Þurs is a name for the giants in Norse mythology. Tursas is also an ill-defined being in Finnish mythology – Finland was known as the land of the giants (Jotland) in Scandinavian/north Germanic mythology.

…Ødegård, literally ‘deserted farm’, was a name given to many farms across Norway that became abandoned, most commonly as a result of the Black Death in the mid-1300s. As the farms became inhabited again, they sometimes kept the name, and…

…Özkök was born in İzmir a few years after his parents had to migrate to Istanbul. Both his father, who had made a name as a prominent printer of İzmir, and his mother are from Kardzhali, Bulgaria. He graduated from İzmir Namık Kemal Lisesi and did his university studies in Paris, France.

…Étienne-Joseph Floquet (23 November 174810 May 1785) was a French composer, mainly of operas. He was born in Aix-en-Provence and began his career by writing church music, before moving to Paris in 1767. There, Floquet made a name for…

…Æthelhere (died 15 November 655) was King of East Anglia from 653 or 654 until his death. He was a member of the ruling Wuffingas dynasty and one of three sons of Eni to rule East Anglia as Christian kings. He was a nephew of Rædwald, who was the first of the Wuffingas of which more than a name is known.

…Älvdalen literally means River Valley, a name stemming from the area around the town Älvdalen, situated along the Österdal River, in the municipality’s southern part.

…Ángel started playing professional football at Atlético Nacional in his home city of Medellín. Ángel began to make a name for himself when he scored the winning goal against local rival Independiente Medellín to help Nacional capture the 1994 Colombian title. During his time with his hometown club Ángel would appear in 147 league matches scoring 45 goals.

…Álvarez made a name as a top level player during his stay at Villarreal CF, where he was team captain when a starter. Having managed more than 200 appearances overall – 187 of those in the top level, second-most for the club behind…

…Áedammair was a name used beginning in Medieval Ireland. It has enjoyed a slight resurgence in the late 20th and early 21st century.

To make a name for himself as a full-time painter, he later resigned from his position in the Ayala Corporation and moved to Spain.

Zyxel is pronounced “zai-cell.” Many companies choose a name closer to A for a lead position in alphabetical listings. Zyxel took an unorthodox route, picking “Zy” to get listed first the other way around. The “xel” also evokes “excel,” showing Zyxel’s commitment to go beyond expectations and achieve excellence in the networking industry.

Zurvan in the Avestan language (one of the old Iranian languages) means time. Afterwards, this term became a name for the great god who is the creator of the universe. Saturn was referenced as the embodiment of Zurvan. The Saturn’s Greek name Cronus or Kronos is also associated with the time and its concept.

Championship. A professional MMA competitor since 2010, Tukhugov made a name for himself fighting all over his home country of Russia, fighting in promotions like Cage Warriors, ProFC, Fight Nights (EFN) and others, before joining the UFC in 2014.

Zouma joined Saint-Étienne in 2009. On 2 April 2011, he signed his first professional contract, agreeing to a three-year deal. He was subsequently promoted to the senior team by manager Christophe Galtier ahead of the 2011-12 season, and initially played without a name on his shirt in order to protect him from media attention.

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