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… support non-competitive domestic producers, Russia overlaid Vainakh manufacturers with large fees. At this complaining Terek Cossacks in their letters to Russian Government, despite the fact that they are a natural enemy of the tree. In 1722…

… long, consists of a natural limit that separates the mountain from Lower Olympus. There are also many precipices and a number of caves, even nowadays unexplored. The form and layout of the rocks favor the emergence of numerous springs,…

…Świerczkowski won a university place to study astronomy at the University of Wrocław but switched to mathematics to avoid the drudgery of astronomical calculations. He discovered a natural ability through his friendship with Jan Mycielski…

…Ōtone Prefectural Natural Park (Kenritsu Ōtone shizen kōen) is a Prefectural Natural Park in northern Chiba Prefecture, Japan. First designated for protection in 1935, the park’s central feature is the Tone River. The park spans the municipalities of Katori and Kōzaki. The giant camphor trees at Kōzaki Jinja (神崎神社) are a Natural Monument.

…Ōmi — The temple and park above Ōmi Kindergarten are quite pretty with a good view of the town. There is also a natural history museum at Kirara Ōmi Hall near the train station. Apart from these the only other real attractions are the nearby mountains and beach where one can go fossicking for jade washed down from Hisui Gorge in the nearby mountains.

… boat, which were intentionally sunk in 1992 and 2007. Out towards Marfa Point is a statue of the Madonna which was placed in a natural cavern by the Amphibians Diving Club.

…Örebro literally means penny bridge. The geography looks, with a stream Svartån draining into the lake Hjälmaren. The location became a natural seat of commerce in the Scandinavian Middle Ages and is mentioned in print in the 13th century.

…Ófærufoss is a waterfall situated in the Eldgjá chasm in central Iceland. Until the early 1990s a natural bridge spanned the falls, but it collapsed from natural causes.

…Étang de Lers or Lake of Lers is a natural lake in the Ariège department (France).

…Émile Licent (1876-1952; with the adopted Chinese name, 桑志华, while he was working in China) was a French Jesuit trained as a natural historian. He spent more than twenty-five years researching in Tianjin. His expeditions spread across…

February 1970 and it was enlarged in 2004. The national park preserves this Northern Norwegian coastal region in a natural state, including pine and birch forest and alpine plants.

…Åker’s Canal (Swedish: Åkers kanal), previous known as Åkersström, is a waterway in Sweden. It was originally a natural river, but was renamed after having been regulated in the 19th Century to be used as a canal.

…Älvsnabben is a small island near Muskö in the archipelago south of Stockholm, Sweden. The name may also refer to a natural harbour, more correctly called Älvsnabbsbassängen (Älvsnabben Basin), between the four small islands Älvsnabben,…

…Área Costera Protegida Punta Curiñanco is a natural reserve located 40 km from the city of Valdivia, Chile. The park has an area of 80 ha located in the headland of Punta Curiñanco (Curiñanco Point) at just at the northern end of Curiñanco…

Fountain), all with a much higher mineralization than most other Brazilian mineral springs. Of these three, only the last two have a natural outcrop, as the Juventude fountain water comes from the artesian well at an old oil exploration site.

… south, wokha in the west, kiphire and parts of Tuensang in the East. The Satoi range, a natural habitat of the states’ bird-Blyth Trogopan, and the Ghosu bird sanctuary is situated in this district. Important rivers that flows in this district are Doyang, Tizu, Dikhu(Nanga), Horki, Langki etc.

Zula is a village and port on the Red Sea in central Eritrea. It stands on the right bank of the River Aligede, on a narrow coastal plain on the west side of a natural inlet, the Gulf of Zula, some 80 km to the east of Asmara. The coast here is lined with mangroves, and there is an aircraft landing strip 5 km to the north.

… is not a natural island in the river; it was formed when a shipping canal was dug along the southwestern side of the island, allowing ships to bypass several hundred yards of twisting waterway near the mouth of the natural course of the lowest portions of the River Rouge.

Zoka Forest is a natural tropical rain forest in the Northern Region of Uganda. The forest is a component of the larger East Moyo Wildlife Reserve.

Zinc is a natural resource.

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