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… done on the research and restoration of Zvečan; it was only after 1945 when many archeological excavations were carried out in the town which was put under the protection of the state. There is a need for complete reconstruction of the fortress in order to prevent it from further ruining.

Zuberi is an active politician and, in 2000, had contested for the post of Mayor of Aligarh on the Indian National Congress ticket. She is of the opinion that there is a need of enacting a Muslim matrimonial code in the future and also of…

… epidemic resurrection of dead humans. These re-animated corpses are driven by a need to feed, and only attack living humans. Conceived in 2005 by series creator Patrick Devaney, the show isn’t so much about the zombies themselves and the fight against them; it’s really about how the decisions characters make to survive change them in profound ways.

Zignal Labs was founded in 2011 by Josh Ginsberg, Adam Beaugh and Jim Hornthal, who saw a need to modernize the media war rooms used in political campaigns. They aimed to create a solution that would provide information on candidates in realtime from a variety of media sources.

… love for all things obscene. This amorous union sparked a need for more metal and liquor in her life, leading her to work with some of metals’ finest at Roadrunner and Earache Records, as well as many years of ripping her throat out with her…

… humanity has a need that nature cannot satisfy. The tragedy, following this theory, is that humans spend all their time trying not to be human. The human being, therefore, is a paradox.

ZALET (stylised as ZA*73T) are a collection of events occurring in Zaječar, Serbia, as a need to initiate, organize and support cultural events, to affirm artists and to intermediate in transmission of diverse artistic expressions and…

Yves Le Prieur had identified a need for a simple, economical training aircraft on which pupils could master the behaviour of seaplanes and approached the designer and constructer Louis Peyret for a suitable aircraft. The outcome was the Peyret-Le Prieur seaplane.

… perceiving a need for protein in his diet. Excessive drinking and too many wives were other perceived impediments. His travel diary is full of such detail. Yuan records an early reading of the celebrated novel Jin Ping Mei (The Golden Lotus).

The Manager of Learning methodology first exposes the learner to a situation to help both the learner and the leader assess his current state of knowledge. This causes the learner to internalize a need to improve his knowledge or skills.

You or your company must create a need for someone to friend you or your company. That need could be, information, electronic coupons, and other electronic items that people want, however, only your friends can get.

… against us. We then lived within the lines prior to the Six-Day War, lines that gave no depth to Israel—and therefore, Israel was in a need, whenever there would be a war, to go immediately on the offensive—to carry the war to the enemy’s land.

Years before, Smart wrote a libretto for an oratorio called Hannah. Like Hannah, Smart most likely wrote the work out of a need to earn money. However, his previous oratorio only lasted a few nights, and Smart hoped that his second could succeed where the other failed. This would be the last work in Smart’s final years that was written completely for adults.

XTM International was founded in 2002 after a need for high quality translation using technology was spotted by the founders. The company established software development offices in Poznań, Poland.

… artist projects.In 1997 artists Stephen Berens and Ellen Birrell founded X-TRA to address a need for in-depth dialogue about art in Los Angeles, which was rapidly becoming an international art capital. For nearly eighteen years, X-TRA has…

… the nature of which would result in the contributors’ findings soon becoming obsolete. Robert E. Wood supported this in his review of the book as well, as seeing a need for more contextual research, stating that “The studies make important…

Writer John Gruber suggested that the arrival of retina displays on computers would trigger a need to redesign interfaces and designs for the new displays:The sort of rich, data-dense information design espoused by Edward Tufte can now not…

Wrap blouses and dresses did away with a need for zippers, buttons and belts. Halter tops did away with collars. Flared and gored skirts provided fullness and ease of movement while avoiding the stiffness and puffiness of a gathered…

Worth’s trial took place 20 March 1893. The prosecutor used everything he knew about Worth. Worth flatly denied that he had anything to do with various crimes, saying that the last robbery had been a stupid act he had committed out of a

… claims have as many critics as they have proponents. Again, there is a need for a broad debate, and Planetizen contains many different and dissenting viewpoints on the question of skyscrapers as a viable building typology.

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