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… capital, and had as its aim supporting the development of newly established Czech businesses. The bank also sought the deposits of small savers: tradesmen and owners of small Czech companies. ZIBA became the umbrella organization of a network of…

Maharashtra. The facility is spread across 300,000 sq. mt. Škoda Auto India has a network of 106 outlets across the country. The company sold 30,005 units in 2011, which represented an increase of 50% over the preceding year.

It outline is still visible in the center of town, featuring denser urban planning on both sides of a network of country roads with building plots of considerable size. All dwellings were surrounded by rectangular courtyards. In the center…

…Óc Eo is situated within a network of ancient canals that crisscross the low flatland of the Mekong Delta. One of the canals connects Óc Eo to the town’s seaport while another goes 68 km north-northeast to Angkor Borei. Óc Eo is longitudinally bisected by a canal, and there are four transverse canals along which pile-supported houses were perhaps ranged.

…Équiterre’s Ecological Agriculture program allows Quebecers to experience the benefits of agriculture and food without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In addition to forming a network of farms that supply organic food through its…

…Émail en résille sur verre (“enamel in a network on glass”) is a rare and difficult enameling technique first practiced for a brief period in seventeenth-century France. It was later revived by American metalsmith Margret Craver, who encountered the technique in 1953 and spent 13 years re-creating and perfecting it.

…Écouché stands out today for the monumental church, a very rare Republican altar, several medieval merchants’ houses, a number of original towers, a network of well-conserved lanes and – a reminder of the ordeal of World War II and the Liberation – a Sherman assault tank.

Zooids are embedded in a transparent tunic and are all connected to one another by a network of blood vessels that terminate in ampullae (small sac-like structures) at the periphery of the colony. Their color varies from bright orange to reddish or dull purple. These tunicates usuallyhave 8 branchial tentacles and 11 rows of stigmata.

… as co-abbot of the San Francisco Zen Center from 1995-2000, after which he founded the Everyday Zen Foundation in 2000, a network of Buddhist practice group and related projects in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Fischer has…

Zoho Corporation started as a network management framework provider for telecommunications and network equipment vendors. Initially the company developed other software such as an SNMP API stack, an element management system (EMS). The NMS framework is marketed as WebNMS which competes with similar NMS products from HP, CA and few other enterprises.

… preserved of a network of missionaries established in the Toluca Valley in the mid 16th century. Today, the complex functions as the parish church, with the cloister dedicated as the colonial era museum of the state of Mexico.

Zigbee uses 128-bit keys to implement its security mechanisms. A key can be associated either to a network, being usable by both zigbee layers and the MAC sublayer, or to a link, acquired through pre-installation, agreement or transport.

… and manufacturer-defined application objects which allow for customization and favor total integration. ZDOs are responsible for some tasks, including keeping track of device roles, managing requests to join a network, as well as device discovery and security.

Zigbee Smart Energy relies on zigbee IP, a network layer that routes standard IPv6 traffic over IEEE 802.15.4 using 6LoWPAN header compression.

Zerstoiten had already realized he was destined to rule the world, and escaped to South America with success. There he began building a network of spies and soldiers and formally became the villain known as Dr. Destroyer. One of his…

… printing devices. Without zeroconf, a network administrator must set up network services, such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name System (DNS), or configure each computer’s network settings manually.

Zero-copy protocols are especially important for high-speed networks in which the capacity of a network link approaches or exceeds the CPU’s processing capacity. In such a case the CPU spends nearly all of its time copying transferred…

Zenprise has a network of channel and technology partners, including Trace3, Fishnet, Accuvant, iSecure, IT21, Radpoint, RIM, Microsoft, and Cisco, F5 Networks and Palo Alto Networks.

Zempilas’ first network role was working as a reporter at the 1998 World Swimming Championships in Perth. Later that year he worked as a network reporter at the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games.

… the same site. This site is surrounded by a distorted octahedron of six oxygen atoms. These tellurium-oxygen and Fe/Zn-oxygen polyhedra form a network with wide (0.83 nm diameter) channels parallel to the crystallographic c axis (normal to…

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