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…Ţara (The Country) was a magazine from the Republic of Moldova founded on August 15, 1990 as a newspaper of the Popular Front of Moldova. Ţara was the successor of Deşteptarea. Ştefan Secăreanu was the editor in chief and Sergiu Burcă was the deputy editor in chief (1990-1994).

…Østfold Arbeiderblad was a newspaper published in Sarpsborg in Østfold county, Norway.

… as building contractors. Their bank had large investments in a transatlantic steamship lines, urban gas lighting, a newspaper and the Paris public transit system.

…Écho de la Sambre – A newspaper that was published in Marchienne-au-Pont.

…Ärzte-Zeitung, a newspaper for physicians, has its headquarters in Neu-Isenburg.

…Általános Munkás Újság was a newspaper in Hungary. It was the first socialist newspaper in the country. The newspaper began publishing in 1870. It was published jointly by two different socialist groups, the Pest-Buda Workers Education…

… first immersed herself in urban sociology literature to aid her teaching, and was later inspired to carry out field research by reading a newspaper article about manufacturers who were being forced out of their loft space in Lower Manhattan.

… in that college. Ria’s father is a psychiatrist who tries to figure out Ria’s disease. Anaita stays in Ria’s house in Pune. Karan lives in Pune with his brother and sister-in-law. His brother works in a newspaper agency. Ria and Anaita…

Zotine was born in the village of Kilemary, of the Mari ASSR to Maxim Zotin, a newspaper editor and Zoya Zotina, a school teacher at a rural school. His father was killed during a World War II attack in 1943, leaving Zotine completely…

… studied for a time at the St Petersburg Technological Institute, but had to leave for lack of money. He found a position as proof-reader at a newspaper, where he became interested in writing.

Zilliacus was born in Finland, then part of the Russian Empire. He studied law and then became a newspaper reporter, in which capacity he travelled the world, living for a period in Costa Rica, then in Chicago. He lived from 1894-1896 in…

… out of the cage. Flo travels to England on an ocean liner, where he runs into Billings again who is laughing at a newspaper article denouncing him as a fraud.

Ziarul de Garda is a regional publication in Republic of Moldova. This newspaper is a newspaper in the Romanian language appeared in 2004 and is printed electronically and as print publication.

Zhodzinskiya Naviny (Жодзінскія Навіны; Zhodino News) is a newspaper published in Zhodzina, Belarus.

… he took an absolutist stance on the meaning of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In addition, he produced and co-produced films on the subject. News of Zelman’s death was recognized by a newspaper serving Wisconsin’s Jewish community, as well as libertarian and radical right groups.

Zeitung vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek is a newspaper published in Luxembourg by the Communist Party of Luxembourg.

… founded a newspaper called The Universal Critic (El Aristarco Universal) and wrote for several newspapers in which he espoused democratic ideas that would remain the pillars of his later political career. His writings were critical of the Spanish…

Zamora began working as a reporter in La Hora (“The Hour”), a newspaper owned by his family, when he was 17. He earned degrees in industrial engineering and business administration, and in 1986, founded ANC, a documentary and news production company in 1986.

… to Romania. However, his main interest was by then outside the realm of socialist or anarchist politics. Together with Petru Cazacu, Arbore founded and edited a newspaper named Basarabia, printed in Switzerland but clandestinely circulated…

Zajedničar (Fraternalist) is a newspaper of the Croatian Fraternal Union of America (CFU), a fraternal benefit society of the Croatian diaspora.

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