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…Φ(G) is always a characteristic subgroup of G; in particular, it is always a normal subgroup of G.

…Şahin K. is a wealthy and famous (or, rather, infamous) man who is discontented with his life. All he wants is to leave behind his past in Germany, wipe the slate clean and start leading a normal, low profile life in the southwest coastal…

…Átahsaia is a demon, and thus a spiritual creature. But Átahsaia is also depicted as having physical form. He is a giant, several times larger than a normal human being. In one story, he is depicted as so huge that he cannot fit his…

Zombilation – The Greatest Cuts is a compilation album of the hard rock band Lordi. It was released in February 2009 in by Drakkar Entertainment in Germany. The album includes a collection of the group’s best-known songs from their first four albums. Two different editions of the album have been released, a normal version and a two CD and DVD limited edition.

… kinds of property); the mental and the physical. According to physicalism, physical facts determine all other facts. Since any fact other than that of consciousness may be held to be the same for a p-zombie and a normal conscious human, it follows that physicalism must hold that p-zombies are either not possible or are the same as normal humans.

… hiding in Zuffenhausen near Stuttgart living with the family of her then boyfriend. During her first year living there she did not have any contact with her family. Later Esmaeli established again a normal relationship with her father…

… a hermit’s life of prayer and solitude. She was forcibly returned by her family, and made to live a normal childhood from that point on. Later, her family arranged for her to marry Bohemian lord Havel of Markvartice (also known as Gallus…

… father’s declining health, he transferred Bao into Zatch in order to prevent it from escaping and wreaking havoc in the Mamodo world. He soon sent Zatch to live as a normal Mamodo so he may never discover the power of Bao.

Zarya spacecraft would have brought crew and supplies to Mir, or supplies only in automated mode.It would have had a normal crew of one or two, and offered the possibility of carrying a maximum of eight to twelve if used as a Mir lifeboat.

Zarrow shuffle is a sleight of hand technique that gives the appearance of being a normal riffle shuffle, but in fact leaves the cards in exactly the same order. This is an example of a false shuffle. It was invented by magician Herb…

Zamana is a 2010 Indian Kannada-language action drama film directed by Shankar Adithya. The plot revolves around a software professional (Nithish J. P.) leading a normal life, who gets entangled in the underworld led by circumstances. It…

Zakuro is an impulsive and assertive half-spirit girl who looks like a normal girl with fox ears atop her head. She is chosen to be a spirit representative in the Ministry of Spirit Affairs. However, she is opposed to the idea of forming…

ZET rolling stock is very diverse. It currently includes around 240 motor units of 8 different tram types (as of September 2005). On a normal work day there are over 190 units in use. The tram types ĐĐ TMK 101, ĐĐ TMK 201, ČKD T4 and ČKD KT4 have been same as in Belgrade.

Z-tests are employed whenever it can be argued that a test statistic follows a normal distribution under the null hypothesis of interest. Many non-parametric test statistics, such as U statistics, are approximately normal for large enough sample sizes, and hence are often performed as Z-tests.

… female assistant teacher at the school to find out the truth of Asahi’s relationship with his daughter. Tōko is a normal sized human woman who often ends up reigning in Genjirō’s behavior through various blunt instruments.

Yuzhny was the first of the gold mines to be opened in Chukotka in 1950, by a group of geologists. Having started out as a normal business employing prospectors, the mines became part of Chaunchukotlag, the local division of the gulag system.

Yuuto is Hanabi’s boyfriend and is very affectionate of her. Being very popular and handsome at school, though Hanabi only sees him a normal person. In the beginning, he took an interest in Hanabi after they witness their teacher’s kiss and always teases her.

Yuuma, a normal human, begins dating an anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex named Churio, and must deal with the problems that dating a humanoid dinosaur entails.

Yuruzu asks Rikka N. what she would like, and she tells him she just wants a normal life with him.

Yunyun is Megumin’s former classmate and daughter to the crimson demon’s chief. She has a normal personality, causing her to be ironically estranged from her chūnibyō peers. Yunyun is a highly skilled archwizard and uses her rivalry with Megumin as an excuse to create a friendship.

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