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… goddess’ son. Newer research indicates that Ḫepat was always the partner of the weather god of Aleppo and that early depictions of Ḫepat and Šarruma as a pair understood them as mother and son.

… spans (26 m + 10 x 33 m + 26 m). Each of the structures is supported by a pair of abutments and 11 H-section piers. The deck structures are executed using incremental launching and comprise a box girder of constant cross-sections each. The viaduct is 402 m long and 27.9 m wide, carrying two traffic lanes and an emergency lane for each of the driving directions.

…Łukasz Kubot and Robert Lindstedt won only a single title during the year. They won the Australian Open, defeating Butorac and Klaasen. This was their first Grand Slam title as a pair and as individuals. They also reached the quarterfinals…

… construction of a cultural centre in Strmica, financed and oversaw the irrigation of farmland west of Mračaj and approved the reconstruction of a pair of church bells on the Church of St. John the Baptist. The reconstruction of the church…

…Ćosić played in four Summer Olympic Games: 1968, 1972, 1976, and 1980 in Moscow when he led his team to the gold medal. He previously led Yugoslavia to a pair of FIBA World Championship gold medals in 1970 and 1978.

…Ötzi’s clothes were sophisticated. He wore a cloak made of woven grass and a coat, a belt, a pair of leggings, a loincloth and shoes, all made of leather of different skins. He also wore a bearskin cap with a leather chin strap. The shoes…

… 1940s poetry. He was above all inspired of French poetry. Music was another source of inspiration for Östen Sjöstrand. In cooperation with Sven-Erik Bäck he wrote a pair of operas, including Gästabudet.

… art for competitive chess almost 25 years earlier, following The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (also known as The Large Glass). It is a tableau, visible only through a pair of peep holes (one for each eye) in a wooden door, of a…

…Álvaro González Alcaraz is a Spanish football player, who plays in goal for the Spain national 5-a-side football team. He has won a pair bronze medals at the 2004 Summer Paralympics and the 2012 Summer Paralympics.

Zähringen took part in a pair of training cruises with the I Squadron during 9-19 January and 27 February – 16 March 1905. Individual and squadron training followed, with an emphasis on gunnery drills. On 12 July, the fleet began a major…

Zwei Friedenssäulen (Two Peace Columns) is a pair of outdoor columns surmounted by bronze statues of Victoria, created in 1840 by the German sculptor Christian Daniel Rauch and installed outside Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, Germany.

Zullo a native of Hudson, Florida, played varsity during her junior and senior years at Hudson High School leading her team to a pair of district championships. Named captain as a senior, she participatied in the Senior All-Star Game. She…

… consciousness to the Obin, his daughter Zoë became a demigod to them. As such, she is accompanied at all times by a pair of Obin bodyguards, Hickory and Dickory, who also relay all their experiences and feelings back to the rest of the Obin.

Zorbetto: Appears in episode 34. Powers include flight and a pair of beam guns.

… amphibious rather than fully aquatic and will leap out of the water to chase Link when he enters their domain in northeastern Hyrule. A giant Zora also lives in their region, who does not fight Link but instead sells him a pair of flippers for a steep 500 Rupees.

Kaaper a unique relief depicts a dwarf and his guenon, as they both specify the clock for a pair of musicians. In contrast, depictions of dwarfs working themselves as musicians are very rare.

Zonbel: Appears in episode 8. Powers include a pair of spiked discs that act like saws on its shovel claw and twin triple barreled machine guns.

Zombies on Broadway (or Loonies on Broadway in the UK) is an 1945 American horror comedy film directed by Gordon Douglas. It stars RKO’s imitation Abbott and Costello Alan Carney and Wally Brown as a pair of men who are tasked with finding…

Zoe and Taro: A pair of siblings that Isaac briefly encounters on his journey. They originally appeared in the earlier Taito game Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color.

Zlow Jick: Purple star fighters with tiny remote recon planes, machines guns, and can store three attack pods on itself. These pods are armed with a 4-tube missile launcher, a pair of beam guns, can emit tracking devices, and later given electromagnetic hook cables identical to gil baus.

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