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…Đinh Xuân Quảng vowed to promote for an independent Vietnam via peaceful and legalistic means with a peaceful reunification with Cochinchina.

Zvonimir’s kinghood is carved in stone on the Baška Tablet, preserved to this day as one of the oldest written Croatian texts, kept in the archæological museum in Zagreb. Zvonimir’s reign is remembered as a peaceful and prosperous time,…

Zersenay Tadese was born in Adi Bana, Eritrea, and had a peaceful, rural upbringing with his six siblings, largely avoiding the troubles of the Eritrean War of Independence. He became interested in cycling in his teenage years and, after…

Zelaya’s wife Xiomara Castro led a peaceful march of several thousand through the streets of the capital.

ZUPO advocated a peaceful and negotiated transition to majority rule, an increase in power to the traditional chiefs, removal of racial discrimination and opposed the nationalisation of industry. ZUPO contested the 1979 election, winning…

Young adults involved in a peaceful wartime protest are beaten by the police.

… 1st Movement was considered a peaceful demonstration by the Korean people against Japanese rule. Yoo Gwansun became one of the most well-known participants in this movement, and eventually, a symbol of Korea’s fight for independence.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō is set in a peaceful, post-cataclysmic world where mankind is in decline after an environmental disaster. Exactly what happened is never explained, but sea levels have risen significantly, inundating coastal cities…

Yoga is best done in a peaceful pleasant place, states the Upanishad, such as near river banks or water bodies, temple, garden abounding with fruits, water falls, a place of silence or where Vedic hymns are being recited, frequented by…

… as opposed to King Yeongnyu who submitted to Tang for a peaceful diplomatic relationship. Yeon Gaesomun’s role in the murder of King Yeongnyu was taken as the primary pretext for the failed Tang invasion of 645.

Years later, and old Daemon is shown watching his grandson (named also Kikunosuke) practice the Abashiri 8 God attack while her mother, Kikunosuke arrives, now being a normal woman and thus fulfilling Daemon’s wish of her having a peaceful normal live.

Yazdegerd I’s reign was largely uneventful. The shah is described as being of a peaceful disposition. There were cordial relations between Persia and the Eastern Roman Empire as well as between Persia and the Western Roman Empire. Early…

Yarima, who was a guest on the programme, said that if the Independent National Electoral Commission failed to register the newly formed All Progressives Congress, the party would embark on a peaceful protest to the Eagle Square, Abuja.

Yarim-Lim I was succeeded by his son Hammurabi I who had a peaceful reign. He was able to force Charchemish into submission, and sent troops to aid Hammurabi of Babylon against Larsa and Elam. The alliance ended after the Babylonian king…

… dominated by Yanukovych’s supporters, passed laws intended to repress the protests. The European Union and the United States urged Yanukovych to negotiate a peaceful end to the conflict and said they would impose sanctions on government officials if they were found responsible for violence.

Yang is also a member of Collegium International, an organization of leaders with political, scientific, and ethical expertise whose goal is to provide new approaches in overcoming the obstacles in the way of a peaceful, socially just and an economically sustainable world.

Xiao Yu (Zhou), a barista and cake maker in a teahouse-café by Westlake in Hangzhou. Since a car crash long ago, she had been leading a peaceful life with her kind-hearted best friend and fellow car crash survivor Tong (Yim) who is unabashed in admitting that his feelings for Xiao Yu have developed into love.

Wulkuraka is located approximately 1 hours drive to Brisbane. It is located near Royal Australian Air Force Base, Amberley. It is in close vicinity of shops and services, however is undeveloped and located on the outer suburbs of Ipswich. Wulkuraka is a peaceful suburb with large bushland topography.

Wrekmeister Harmonies typically performs a single composition, often almost an hour in length, beginning with a slow build, shifting into a cathartic middle section, concluding with either a peaceful or disquieting resolution.

World War I had little effect, good or bad, on the college and though some people on campus contracted influenza during the Spanish flu epidemic, there were no deaths. In February 1919, the Young Men’s Christian Association attempted a

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