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…Ẓulm is the Arabic word used interchangeably for cruelty or unjust acts of exploitation, oppression, and wrongdoing, whereby a person either deprives others of their rights or does not fulfill his obligations towards them. In Turkish, it is known as zulüm and in Bengali, oppression is জুলুম (Zulum).

… nucleotides spanning positions 507 and 508 of the CFTR gene on chromosome 7, which ultimately results in the loss of a single codon for the amino acid phenylalanine (F). A person with the CFTRΔF508 mutation will produce an abnormal CFTR protein that…

…Šà are a set of incantations of Mesopotamian origin, used to cure impotence, or return sexual potency to a person.

…Śāntis are rites a person undertakes to come to terms or create peace with fears, doubts, portents or omens. These include anxiety in an expectant mother, sounds or sights or dreams a person considers unlucky and others. Some texts, such…

… adverts, calendar and phone card designs, using the concept that a phone enables a person to travel free in nature and still keep in touch. This single was only released in cassette format.

…Ó Maoil Eoin (now anglicised as Malone), denotes descent from a grandson of a person baptised in honour of Saint John.

… possibly in the sense of a relative of the King of the Geats, though some translators render ætheling as ‘retainer’. Since many early Scandinavian kings were chosen by competition or election, rather than primogeniture, the term may have been reserved for a person qualified to compete for the kingship.

…Årets Järnkamin (literally Iron Stove of the Year) is an award given to a Djurgårdens IF player, or coach, voted by the members of the official supporter club Järnkaminerna (The Iron Stoves). A person whom they felt represented the core value of being a true ‘Järnkamin’ (Iron Stove). It is awarded in both football and ice hockey.

…Åke’s father has met a new woman, Hillevi who has Norwegian relatives, and Bert goes sailing with his father and a person called Christer, but turns seasick.

…Å, has the postal address 7335 Jerpstad, to distinguish it from other places named Å. Agriculture is one of the village’s most important industries. A person named Jo Aa, who died in the 1990s, lived in the village of Å, and they had the shortest name in Norway.

Law. has been active yoiker from 1974. He has been performing with yoiks since he was 16 years old. A ‘yoiker’ is a person who yoiks (a type of singing) people, animals and landscapes within Sami culture and context. He has been performing both overseas and in many countries in Europe.

… family’s devotion that Zynoviy developed a vocation to the Catholic priesthood while he was still young. He was known to have a good singing voice and a joyful temperament but also to be a person of strong character.

… modernity, where a person can shift from one social position to another in a fluid manner. Nomadism becomes a general trait of the ‘liquid modern’ man as he flows through his own life like a tourist, changing places, jobs, spouses, values…

Zodiac sign for an individual depends on the placement of planets and the ascendant in that sign. If a person has nothing placed in a particular sign, that sign will play no active role in their personality. On the other hand, a person with, for example, both the sun and moon in Cancer, will strongly display the characteristics of that sign in their make up.

Ziryab’s Baghdadi musical style became very popular in the court of Abd al-Rahman II. Ziryab also became the example of how a courtier, a person who attended aristocratic courts, should act. According to Ibn Hayyan, in common with erudite men of his time he was well versed in many areas of classical study such as astronomy, history, and geography.

Ziran and Tianran are related concepts. Tianran refers to a thing created by heaven that is ultimately untouched by human influence, a thing fully characterized by ziran. The two terms are sometimes interchangeably used. It can be said that by gaining ziran, a person grows nearer to a state of tianran.

… received (the ZipRefill is not a guaranteed rental). Only a single ZipRefill is allowed at any one time, which allows a person with, for instance, a 4-disc membership to at times actually have 5 discs in their possession or in transit. Some other Canadian rental companies have incorporated a similar concept, often extending it to multiple active replacements.

Zindabad (may person, country live forever) is a typical Urdu and Persian suffix that is placed after a person or a country name. It is used to express victory, patriotism or as a prayer.

Zimmerman’s play also examines the causes of change in persons. What can make a person become something completely different? The most frequent cause throughout Metamorphoses is love. At the same time, Metamorphoses warns of what happens…

Zhu Zhiwu, a person from Zheng, visited Duke Mu of Qin at night. He told the Duke Mu of Qin that if Zheng was conquered, there would be no benefit to Qin because they did not share a border at that time. On the other hand, Jin would occupy…

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