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… cirrhosis when Önder was eight years old. His mother moved with him and his four younger siblings to the maternal grandfather’s house. To support his family, whilst still at school, he began working as an apprentice in a photograph shop, and this continued until he was in the tenth grade of high school.

… Óttar protested against an incident of police violence, in which a woman was knocked over against a bench in the street and in which the police commented that the positioning of the bench had been ‘unfortunate’, by circulating a photograph of himself sitting on the bench holding a sign saying ‘This bench is unfortunate’.

Fitri returns home after hiding at her sister-in-law’s house. The entire family – including Luke – gathers for breakfast and a photograph.

Zimbabweans are required to apply for National Registration at the age of sixteen. Zimbabwean citizens are issued with a plastic card which contains a photograph and their particulars onto it. Before the introduction of the plastic card, the Zimbabwean ID card used to be printed on anodised aluminium. Along with Driving Licences, the National Registration Card (including the old metal type) is universally accepted as proof of identity in Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans are required by law to carry identification on them at all times and visitors to Zimbabwe are expected to carry their passport with them at all times.

Ziegler’s crocodile newt, Tylototriton ziegleri, is a species of newt in the Salamandridae family. It is so far known from Hà Giang and Cao Bằng provinces in northern Vietnam; there is a photograph to suggest it also occurs in Lào Cai Province. Based on molecular genetic data, Ziegler’s crocodile newt belongs to the Tylototriton asperrimus group of knobby newts.

… agrees,but she only manages to get a photograph of Zhou Dong(who is an impostor)with the real Zhou Dong.A struggle…

Sleep Dirt and Orchestral Favorites. The original cover artwork had featured a photograph of Zappa in blackface and holding a mop; this photograph was eventually used as the cover for Joe’s Garage, Act I.

… student Sachiko Ogasawara (Haru) who straightens Yumi’s uniform neckerchief. Yumi’s classmate Tsutako Takeshima (Alice Hirose) later shows her that she took a photograph of Yumi’s meeting with Sachiko earlier that morning. Tsutako agrees to…

Young owns an Estey reed organ, serial number 167272, dating from 1885, which he frequently plays in concert and which was recently restored. The instrument and its restoration are documented in The Reed Society Quarterly (30.1: 6ff); a photograph of the instrument is on the cover.

Young avoids publicity: a photograph taken for a news story in 2006 was ‘the first time in years Young…agreed to pose for the media’.

Yoshihiro Kira is Yoshikage Kira’s father who died sometime before Diamond Is Unbreakable. His death activates his Stand , which enables his soul to remain on earth to protect his beloved son Yoshikage. The Stand bounds him to a

Yohai was proud of his association with Cheez Doodles, and fondly retained a photograph of Julia Child eating from a bag. Attending a 2004 display of a work by Sandy Skoglund at a Napa Valley museum depicting several life-size figures covered in Cheez Doodles, his wife proudly told the gathered guests that her husband had invented the product.

… features subject matter of the human body, which is painted from photographs rather than real life. Yin chooses not to paint from life in order to emphasize the degeneration and disconnect of reality when it is transferred to a photograph. As…

Yeadon complained of censorship after a photograph of a woman vomiting was removed from his exhibition, Fat: The mortality of the eater and the eaten at the Bath Place Community Venture in Leamington Spa in 2010.

Xiaogang was particularly inspired by a photograph of his mother as a young attractive woman, a far cry from sickly, schizophrenic woman she had become. Led him to paint the BLOODLINES series which illustrated the entanglement of private and public life. In the mid 1990s, he exhibited all over the world including Brazil, France, Australia, UK and the US.

… of an animal about 20 cm in length.In a photograph presented in The Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology Volume O, the organism’s appearance seems to support the original interpretation more. Further studies of Xenusiid close the possibility of a Rangeomorphy affinity.

… nationalisation of the Bergisch-Märkische Railway Company. The dating of the start of construction is difficult, it was dedicated in 1898, but the building is already visible in a photograph from 1892 and some sources say construction began in…

Writer Mike Schur made a cameo appearance in the episode, appearing in a photograph as Dwight’s Amish cousin Mose. The idea for Schur to be Dwight’s Amish cousin had been a joke among the writers since the first season. Mose was based on an actual participant, with the same name, on the UPN reality show Amish in the City.

… allegedly to imply Watkins had been arrested. This was a composite image, consisting of a portrait of Watkins and a photograph of armed police patrolling London. The Metropolitan Police insignia was also airbrushed from a female officer’s jacket.

Wood a member of the Rolling Stones was alleged by photographer Matheu to have painted his Rod and Ronnie painting by using a photograph Matheu took at a live performance when they sang together as The Faces. Matheu sued the art galleries…

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