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…Я Не Волшебник (Ya Nye Volshyebnik (or I am Not a Magician in English) is an unofficial compilation album of Dmitry Koldun, a popular singer from Belarus. The album is available, and was primarily only available, in MP3 format. It was later made available as a physical release.

Zöllner first became interested in Spiritualism in 1875 when he visited the scientist William Crookes in England. Zöllner wanted a physical scientific explanation for the phenomena and came to the conclusion that physics of a four-dimensional space may explain spiritualism. Zöllner attempted to demonstrate that spirits are four-dimensional…

Zwanziger furthermore noted that the resulting gluon propagator does not admit a Källén – Lehmann spectral representation, which signals that the gluon cannot be a physical particle any longer. This is often interpreted as signaling color confinement.

Zoe-R: the U-87 prototype robot created by Daniel Graystone; technically, the same character as Zoe-A, just in a physical body. This version of Zoe is the first of the colonial Cylons.

Zoe, rapidly descending a flight of stairs, baby in hand, and three other children in tow. Zoe gets into a physical altercation with the neighbour. Tensions remain high as the two women and their children shout at one another and hurl insults.

Zeta Equulei is an evolved giant star with a stellar classification of K5 III. The measured angular diameter of this star, after correction for limb darkening, is 2.44 ± 0.03 mas. At the estimated distance of Delta Ophiuchi, this yields a

… of an aether in physics, since some systems can detect the existence of this energy. However this aether cannot be thought of as a physical medium if it is to be Lorentz invariant such that there is no contradiction with Einstein’s theory of special relativity.

Zero address arithmetic is a feature of a few innovative computer architectures, whereby the assignment to a physical address space is deferred until programming statement execution time. It eliminates the link step of conventional compile and link architectures, and more generally relocation.

Zephyr was released on 7 December 2009 by record label XL. Initially, the album was only released as a digital download, but a physical release followed in March 2010.

Zaza is a quick, strong and well-rounded left-footed forward, with solid technique, a powerful shot, and an eye for goal. A physical, tenacious and hard-working player, he is a versatile striker, who is capable of playing both as a…

Isaakiy was sent to spread Alexander’s word in Suzdal. The ‘church of St. Alexander’, according to Zaliznyak, does not mean a physical church building, but rather a church in the sense of teachings or doctrine. As there were no monasteries…

Zachery Stortini (born September 11, 1985) is a Canadian professional ice hockey right winger. He is currently playing for the Charlotte Checkers in the American Hockey League (AHL). Stortini was chosen in the third round, 94th overall by the Edmonton Oilers in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. He plays a physical game and is known as an enforcer.

… consisting of a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test and a physical examination. Test results are sent to a cancer center for evaluation, and each man receives a notification letter explaining the test results and providing links to…

Yuji started training Kyokushin in middle school, and later joined the Japan Self-Defense Forces for a time. After his military tenure, he worked as a physical education teacher for the Nippon Sport Science University, where he met Satoru Sayama. Sakuragi moved to Sayama’s Seikendo promotion and started training in order to be a professional mixed martial artist.

Young the Giant is the debut album by American indie rock band Young the Giant. It was released digitally by the Roadrunner record label on October 26, 2010, and was followed by a physical CD and vinyl release in the United States on January 25, 2011. The album was released in the United Kingdom on May 2, 2011.

… the assistant coach, and Barber, the starting catcher. When the Volcanos learn they’ll play a crucial exhibition against a minor league team, attracting several professional scouts, a physical and mental battle ignites between Eric and Frates…

Yizheng has a physical land of 900 km2 and its population is around 600,000.

Yeon-doo’s childhood friend and one of her best friends at Sevit High, Dong-jae is a talented basketball player. Due to a traumatic childhood experience (which involves in hurting Yeon-doo), he developed a physical contact phobia. However,…

Yeoman’s test in a physical exam is performed to determine if a person has sacroiliitis. With the subject prone, the test is performed by rotating the ilium with one hand and extending the hip while the knee is extended. Pain over the ipsilateral posterior sacroiliac joint area is indicative of sacroiliitis.

Yeliz Topaloğlu was born in 1978. She was raised in Eyüp district of Istanbul, Turkey. In 2000, she entered Marmara University to study physical education and sports. After graduating in 2004, she began to work as a physical education and sports teacher.

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