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… rituals for it. Murtipujaka monastics and worshippers do not use the muhapatti, a piece of cloth over the mouth, during prayers, whereas it is permanently worn by Sthanakvasi. The most prominent among the classical orders called Gacchas…

…Ōmura donated a piece of land and a house to the Jesuit mission from his own personal property. The house was used as a Jesuit residence and Torres established a Christian cemetery, as well as a hospital on the donated land. This cemetery was particularly important for the mission, since Buddhist temples refused to bury Japanese Christian converts.

…Ø is a piece of land in the valley of the Nørreå in the eastern part of Jutland, Denmark. Its name means island (ø in the Danish language) and probably comes from the island-like approach to this piece of land, although it is completely landlocked and surrounded by meadows.

…Émile Pierre-Marie van Ermengem (1851-1932, or 1851-1922 according to some sources) was a Belgian bacteriologist who, in 1895, isolated Clostridium botulinum, the bacterium that causes botulism, from a piece of ham that had poisoned thirty four people.

According to the Liber Benefactorum Ecclesiae Ramesiensis, he donated a piece of the True Cross to Ramsey Abbey, though the Liber provides no information as to how Æthelstan acquired such a valuable relic.

… allegedly provided it with a piece of the True Cross. His children became important in their own right, one of them, Eadnoth, becoming Abbot of Ramsey and Bishop of Dorchester, and another becoming abbess of Chatteris nunnery.

Zuhlsdorf was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1959. As a young man he studied at the University of Minnesota. Formerly a Lutheran, He says his conversion to Catholicism was set into motion after hearing a piece of sacred polyphony on…

… within hours of one another. In 2010 the city voted 5-2 to ban the feeding of cats on public property and establish a rule requiring the permission of the owner of a piece of private property in order to feed cats on private property. The city received negative e-mail feedback from various locations, including Switzerland.

… someone would hold out a piece of rich cloth for him to spit on, because it would be sacrilegious for anything so precious as his saliva to touch the ground. Whoever held the cloth (all the while carefully looking the other way) then carried it off to be reverently disposed of.

Zhou observed both men and women kept their chests exposed, walked barefoot and wore only a piece of cloth wrapped around their waists. The common women had no hair ornaments, though some wore golden rings or bracelets. Beautiful women…

Zhisheng was released from jail on 7 August 2014, and he is now kept under house arrest. Having been fed with a slice of bread and a piece of cabbage daily, he was released in bad health, but medical access has been denied for him.

… weapons in case the Japanese invaded (a piece of information that the Japanese advisors to Zhang’s army knew ahead of time, hence facilitating the planning). Therefore, the Japanese soldiers proceeded to occupy and garrison the major…

Zhang Ruoxu’s poem has inspired numerous later artworks. The composer Peng Xiuwen created a piece of orchestral music with the same name, which has since entered the classical repertoire for the traditional Chinese instrument guzheng.

Zey became chief of the Go-Backs after they lost the Palace to Rayek. After Kahvi said she could bring back a piece of the Palace, he was afraid she would take over the tribe again, and more or less told his friend Chot to make sure she…

… escape he hurt his leg with a piece of glass and stopped on an island near Olszyny. There he found the four friends. Zenek falls in love with Urszula Zalewska.

… and Zeniff and four of his men went to the king. He made a deal with the king of the Lamanites to have a piece of the land of Nephi. He becomes king of this Nephite colony. They had some altercations with the Lamanites, but prevailed at that time.

Zealey’s works can be found throughout the UK. In 2013 his piece Myriad won the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize In 2015 he was announced as the winner of the Gateway Public Art Commission, which was set up to find a piece of artwork to…

… tusk’) in which the second element has a metaphorical meaning, referring to a piece of land that extends into another geographical feature (cf. Ukrainian закло ‘parcel of land extending into another’). Locally, the name is pronounced Zaku.

Zakhmi Kunku is a Marathi movie released on 22 November 1995. The movie has been produced by Dinesh Deshpande along with Atul Laulkar and directed by Ramesh Gangane. The movie is a revenge saga of how a lone woman takes revenge of her husband’s death, who was brutally killed for a piece of land.

… holding the True Cross. Legend has it that she discovered the cross upon which Jesus was crucified after seeing it in a dream, and that a piece of the cross is still…

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