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Togoville is also recognized as a place of study for High School students. Three main schools are located in the town, the College Notre Dame Du Lac of Togoville, The College Saint Augustin, and the College d’Enseignement General of Togoville. Many students come from all over the country and the African continent to attend school in Togoville.

… identity to the Cambodian people. The Museum also serves a religious function; its collection of important Buddhist and Hindu sculpture addresses community religious needs as a place of worship. A permanent exhibition, Post-Angkorian Buddha,…

… is a place of major historical interest in this town. Named after the Chinese philanthropist, this hill contains ruins of a fortress surrounding the dilapidated villa which belonged to the Loke family. It is also the burial ground for the Loke family.

Today, the Throne Room is used as a cinema room; other apartments contain art galleries, a puppet theater, pubs, music clubs and restaurants. The courtyard is often a place of concerts and outdoor movie performances during summer. The second floor is still empty and has not been renovated.

Today, Staryi Krym has a small but devoted Crimean Tatar population, and the Ozbek Han Mosque is once again functioning as a place of worship.

Today, St. John of Rila is an extremely important center for Bulgarians in Chicago because of the specificity of national churches in America to function not only as a place of worship, but also as an important social center devoted to maintaining the language, culture and tradition of the Bulgarian diaspora through Sunday schools and social gatherings.

Today, Graves’ final resting place is known as the Tomb of the Known Soldier. To many, the memorial site is a place of remembrance, a place that is meant to pay respect to all of the known fallen soldiers of every war.

Today, All Saints’ Church serves not only as a place of worship, but it also houses the town’s historical archives, is home to the Riemer-Museum, and a youth hostel. In view of the five-hundredth anniversary of Luther’s Theses, the…

Today there are little traces that Magnolia was once a place of such activity. The low line along the Potomac has been removed and is only a path. Only a few private homes remain in this small village, and the clearings under the bridge often used as campsites are privately owned. Trespassing within them is not advised.

Today the samadhi is a place of pilgrimage for the followers of Meher Baba from around the world, drawing its largest crowds at Amartithi celebration, the date commemorating Baba’s death.

Today the pagoda serves as the headquarters of the Ho Chi Minh City Buddhist Sangha and it may serve as a place of reconciliation between the (underground) Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV) and the Communist Party and government who oppose it.

a place of utmost importance, ensuring all of the other artists are keeping their timing in check while providing support to the main artist. One of the highlights of a modern Carnatic music concert is the percussion solo (thani…

Today the mosque is a place of worship. Its unique minarets attracts local and foreign tourists. Al-Hakim Mosque is now a place for Egyptians to feed pigeons and enjoy the calm and peacefulness of the mosque.

Today the hall stands in an important position in the city centre, across from Tudor Square and close to the Crucible and Lyceum theatres. As well as a place of worship, the Hall is used by various voluntary organisations including meals…

Today the church serves as a place of worship and parish church for the Catholic community in Essen’s inner city.

War. He used his life savings to purchase an eight-acre tract of land, intending it as a place of refuge and new beginnings for recently freed slaves. Penny divided the eight acres into building lots, selling them to newly arrived residents at…

Today the church is a place of Marian devotion and is the church of the city’s artists.

Today the chapel is a place of worship and home to two religious communities: The United and Uniting University Church Community and the Lutheran Saint Magdalene Community of Halle/Salle.

Today the cathedral is still used for its original purpose as a place of worship and prayer for the people of Limerick. It is open to the public every day from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. For Tourists there is a 4 Euro suggested donation upon…

Today the Playa de San Marcos, protected by shell-shaped cliffs and covered with the black sand characteristic of northern Tenerife, is a place of recreation where the town’s residents and their visitors can enjoy the magnificent surrounding landscape as well as a swim in its tranquil waters.

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