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Netherworld. The boats are programmed to Greenland, a place that is thought to have risen high above the water like a cork. Fox also slides down the air vents, to begin his rebellion outside the reach of his grandfather. The book finishes…

Together the Roepers founded the school intending it to be a place that, by teaching personal motivation and encouraging critical thinking skills and analysis, would educate children who would not follow leadership blindly as they believed…

Today, Graves’ final resting place is known as the Tomb of the Known Soldier. To many, the memorial site is a place of remembrance, a place that is meant to pay respect to all of the known fallen soldiers of every war.

Today Fylkingen presents over a hundred events a year. Fylkingen continues to play a significant role in contemporary music and art by being a stage, a platform and a place that provides space for the artistic freedom that experimental and radical artistic work need.Fylkingen is unique by being the world’s oldest artist-run scene of its kind.

… immigrated to the United States where he led choirs in a number of parishes before retiring in 1972 in Vienna, Virginia. He died on February 12, 1990, and is buried at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Monastery (South Canaan, Pennsylvania), a place that he said reminded him of the Russia he left so many years before.

The visitor information centre for Burnie is called The Makers’ Workshop and is a place that honours Burnie’s history, makers, innovators and artists. It highlights paper making and cheese making through workshops and has a gallery and cafe.

Artillery, Fortification and Drawing. Its first location was at the Train’s House of the Artillery, today the location of the National Historical Museum of Brazil. In 1812, the Train’s House was transferred to the São Francisco square, a place that offered…

… that usually grows in the rocky portion of the Bobunawan riverbanks. Kabanglasan literally means a place that has plenty of Banglas.

The town developed in an area where several villages stood in the past. Most of the town lands belonged to the Sheremetyevs, who bequeathed it to the Odoyevskys. The first mention of Bolshevo as a place that belonged to the Odoyevskys…

… throughout the year; they rise in the high tourism season to take advantage of more tourist dollars, but have the side effect of pricing goods above the economic reach of local residents, effectively starving them out of a place that was once their home.

The text of this poem is simple in meaning. The speaker can be interpreted as either going to a forest or as already being in the forest, a place that is beautiful for its solitude. This poem is composed primarily of symbols that can be…

Upanishad, is structured as a conversation between Brihaspati and Yajnavalkya. The latter states that true Kurukshetra is Avimuktam – a place that Shiva never left and a part of Varanasi (Banaras). This place, recommends the text, is for…

The temple is situated at such a place that there is no land in a straight line between Somnath seashore until Antarctica, such an inscription in Sanskrit is found on the Bāṇastambha (Sanskrit: बाणस्तम्भ, lit. arrow pillar) erected on the…

… high school graduate, walk into the freezing water and disappears. Later on, Megan is in therapy, requested by her mother Frankie, talking about her dreams to her therapist, Peiter Troia. She tells him about a place that she visits when she dreams, a place called Merridiah. While there she sees Adrien running through the fields.

The simplest distinction is that an appetizing store is a place that sells fish and dairy products, whereas a delicatessen sells meats (but not any dairy products, if it is a kosher deli).

The setter substantially affects the nature of the following attack. He or she must be able to position the ball in the air and on the field in a place that an attack can effectively take place. This hit may need to take place from anywhere on the field, including the baseline, close to the net or even from outside the field of play.

The series follows the adventure of Cole Evans, who had been staying with a tribe in a jungle for many years, as he tries to find his destiny in the fictitious town of Turtle Cove. He encounters the Animarium, a place that many believed to be a fairy tale. He joins four others who had a common path to become the new leader of the Wild Force Power Rangers.

… house, and they believe it is a vision of a place that will be able to help them find a way to break their telepathic web and fight Mr. Zetes. They manage to get a van and supplies from Marisol’s brother, Tony Diaz, who is suspicious that Mr.

The rural area is part of the Andean area where there are heights of 50 to 500 m, in a place that is a confluence of the Paisa Region and savannah regions of Colombia, giving rise to the Chilapa culture.

The rules also create difficulties with the -ii and -iae endings derived from personal names, because the stress falls in a place that is not usual for those names.

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