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…Živaja village is a place that has a station for local trains on the searches.

…Žegulja is a place located in Herzegovina.

… international goals and gave France a 2-1 victory for a place in the Final. Šuker scored the winner in a 2-1 victory against the Netherlands in the third-place play-off, leading the Croatian team to their sensational third-place finish in the…

…Škrinjarić was born in the mid or late 1520s in a place near Varaždin. After he was educated in Habsburg Kingdom of Hungary Škrinjarić first worked as a teacher in a school in Aszalo and later as a rector of a school in Varaždin. He was also a notary and judge in Varaždin. He reached the position of a president of the octaval court.

…Škola show was a place for people to get educated about hiphop. It never played any songs twice in the 4 years period unless it was the summer period (60 days). No demo artist was allowed at his show,releasing an album in Serbia and Montenegro was the only way to get to be a guest on his show.

…Škola show was a place for people to get educated about hip hop. It never played any songs twice in the four years period unless it was summertime (60 days). No demo artist was allowed on his show, releasing an album in Serbia and Montenegro was the only way to get to be a guest on his show.

… was given a place in the squad for the finals after injury forced Igor Tudor out. He played all three of Croatia’s matches in Korea and Japan. He also played in the Euro 2004, the 2006 World Cup, and Euro 2008, performing well in the latter tournament.

Josip Šimunić from their berths in the first team. With a place in the quarter-finals secured after the first two games, Croatia coach Slaven Bilić gave many of his second-string players a chance to play in the final group match against Poland,…

Belediyespor. Şahin played a total two matches that season. He did not receive many chances at the beginning of the 2007-08 season, but slowly found a place in Orhan Kapucu’s team. On 17 February 2008, he scored a goal in the final minutes…

Mokotów Prison – where Śmietański conducted his deeds – was a place of detention, torture and execution of the Polish anti-communist opposition.

…Ōmiya derives its name from a famous Shinto shrine, the Hikawa Shrine, which has been a place of pilgrimage since at least the Heian period. During the Edo period, the area flourished as Ōmiya-shuku, a post station on the Nakasendō…

…İye (sometimes İne or Eğe; Ийĕ, İyĕ; Ия, İyä; Иччи, İççi; Eýe, Эе; Ээ, Ee; Ega, Эга; اي or ٳي; Ийе, Ije) is a deity or spirit who is a guardian, patron or protector of a place, person, lineage, nation, natural assets or an animal.

…Đỗ Minh Quân (Ho Chi Minh City, 7 January 1984) is Vietnam’s top tennis player. He has won Vietnam’s national championship ten times. A win over France’s Kevin Botti in April 2012 gained him a place in the ATP Rankings for the first time.

… (9½/12) and the second at Calvià in 2004 (8½/11). She earned a place in the team for the first time when she was thirteen (in Yerevan, 1996) and was first board at fifteen (Elista, 1998), contributing a plus score each time.

…Čech started playing football at age 8 for Slavia Orlová, whose first team was then in 4th division. In 1990, he moved to Baník Ostrava, where he did not manage to get a place in the senior team, even though he did sign a contract when he turned 18. Two years later, he had to do his military service and spent this year playing for VTJ Hranice.

… architects Branislav Stojanović and sculptor S. Mišić. The memorial complex is built on a place where during World War II over 3,000 Yugoslav Partisans and their supporters were executed. There is a symbolic monument wall with bullet holes…

… woman, Thóra Thoroddsen. In 1900 he was awarded a grant by the Icelandic Parliament to study art in Denmark, and he trained there from 1895 to 1899. Returning to Iceland, he held an exhibition of his works at a place perplexingly called…

…Ürümqi was settled with troops while Green Standard troops and Altishari Turkic peoples settled in Ili after being ordered to by Qianlong in 1757. Ürümqi was used as a place for exiles.

… acres (the area of the plateau on top is nearly 200 acres). It has been ranked among Czech National Natural Reservations since 1974. It is also a place where might have occurred the battle of Wogastisburg in 631AD.

…Öja Church is built in a place of ancient cultural traditions. The name, from the Swedish word ö, meaning island, indicates that the place was inhabited before the area became a part of mainland Gotland (through the process of post-glacial…

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