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…Šenkvice is best known for its wine production. The largest winemaker in the town is Karpatská Perla, which has received several awards for its wines. In addition, the town has a bakery, Framipek, which supplies stores in from Senec to Pezinok, and a plastic sheeting manufacturer, Novplasta.

…Özcan Purçu was born in 1977 at Söke, Aydın Province, where his parents of Romani heritage migrated in the 1950s from Çanakkale. He was one of three siblings in the family. He was born and raised in a plastic tent, which was as big as to…

Zygoma reduction plasty, a plastic and cosmetic surgery, by making the zygoma smaller surgically to achieve a desired plastic and cosmetic outcome.

Zwei-Osterei was recorded on February 23, 1970 at Rhenus-Studio, Gordorf, Germany. Zwei-Osterei was released in 1971 on the Schwann label, with a plastic embossed cover, including two multi fold-out inserts. Only 300 copies of the original LP were pressed and sold.

Zooper Doopers are a type of frozen iceblock treat, popular in Australia. They geneally come in a plastic tube packaging as a liquid. They are then frozen at home in the household freezer. Zooper Doopers are somewhat of a cultural icon and have been popular since they first appeared in 1971. They are produced and owned by the Daily Drinks Company.

… directly attached to optical connectors. A plastic boot is normally used for strain relief and protection from moisture. Use of a breakout kit enables a fiber-optic cable containing multiple loose buffer tubes to receive connectors without the splicing of pigtails.

Zimbabweans are required to apply for National Registration at the age of sixteen. Zimbabwean citizens are issued with a plastic card which contains a photograph and their particulars onto it. Before the introduction of the plastic card,…

… put their hands close to the blade and rarely use the handle, Ziba designed a plastic squeegee without a traditional handle; instead, it had a tubular rubber grip running parallel to curved twin blades, which moves across glass or mirrors…

a plastic core and a golden-coloured outside. The thread consists of coiled metal wires placed on the right side of the fabric and couched with a thinner thread.

ZZ: This is a plastic, standard sized target attached to the center of a two-blade propeller of different color designed to zigzag in flight in a totally unpredictable manner.

… went to Germany and recovered classified material with the help of a map provided by Yıldırım. Documents were found in a cemetery buried in a plastic jerrycan next to a casket; in a railroad embankment; in a suitcase in the storage room of an apartment building; and in a paint bucket beneath the Berlin Wall.

Yoon Mi-ju (Kim Jung-eun) is the daughter of a reverend, who has adopted many children and set up an orphanage, and works as a plastic surgeon in a hospital, although her dream is to open a clinic of her own. Ha Kang-jae (Lee Seo-jin) is…

… uniform shirt, while others sew them to a circular piece of material such as felt or leather, or insert them into a plastic holder which can be worn from a pocket button. A felt circle found at the trading post can hold up to four rows of…

… releasing an album. After his graduation from Nippon Medical, he was appointed as a plastic surgeon in a hospital in Tokyo, but quit shortly after to become a musician.

… and worked as a plastic surgeon for 12 years before setting up his own private practice at Camden Medical Centre in Singapore.

… knee while filming a fight sequence with Dan Jun-wai, who injured his head. A TVB spokesperson later announced that they were both fine. Earlier, Savio Tsang, who portrays SDU A-Team sub leader Yip Shu-fai, was injured in the face by a plastic bullet, and Christine Kuo injured her head from a telephone booth.

… requires the wrestler see a doctor who will then drain the blood out of the ear via a needle. A wrestler may need to see a plastic surgeon to repair and/or treat a Cauliflower ear.

Women Card is a plastic privilege card launched by Pratishtha Endeavours LLP that enables female cardholders to do transactions at different merchant stores at discounted prices. The card is transferable which enables any women cardholder to shop with different merchants at a discounted price.

… pathologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, surgeons and other key physicians review the diagnostic imaging, lab work and assessments to determine the best plan of action. A plastic surgeon may talk about reconstructive options for women having breast cancer surgery. A cardiovascular surgeon has also attended.

With the purpose of detecting individual gamma rays ranging from 30 MeV to 30 GeV, EGRET was equipped with a plastic scintillator anti-coincidence dome, spark chamber, and calorimeter. Starting from the outside of the telescope, scientists…

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