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…Ọba kò so (The King Did Not Hang) is a play by Duro Ladipo depicting the mystical and ambivalent personality known as Shango of Yoruba mythology.

… him to miss the goal, trip, and fall against the ice. To compound the error, he then cleared the puck in the direction of the Oilers. This allowed a play to develop where fellow Czech Aleš Hemský scored with two seconds remaining to send the game to overtime. The Edmonton goal tied the game 5-5, but Dallas then won 6-5 in a shootout.

…Škofja Loka is the birthplace of the Škofja Loka Passion Play (Processio locopolitana), the oldest play in Slovene. It was a penitentiary Passion procession in the form of a play, performed on Good Friday each year until 1751. The text in…

… journalist, writing also several books and a novel, Prípad medička (The Medical Student Case), being rewritten as a play. Lesná worked with Prime Minister Iveta Radičová, as an analyst in the Slovakian Office of the Government from 2010-2012.

…Çetin Tekindor was born in 1945 in Sivas. After studying theatre at the Ankara State Conservatory. He made his professional acting debut in a play IV. Murat in 1970. Besides acting, he also gave acting lessons at the Hacettepe University State Conservatory and Bilkent University.

Dramatic Theatre in 1877 in a play titled Ett namn. She was engaged at the theatre until 1922 and from 1908 to 1915 was also a drama teacher at the theatre. Åhlander became one of Scandinavia’s premier stage actresses, appearing in roles by…

Zwagerman made his debut with the novel De houdgreep in 1986. His second novel, Gimmick! (1989), was adapted as a play, and reached a much wider audience. He wrote his third book, Vals licht, in 1991 was short listed for the AKO…

Zulwa – The book Zulwa was adapted into a play by Chetan Datar for Marathi theatre. The play was an adaptation of the novel by Uttam Bandu Tupe who spent two years in a colony of jogtis to research the novel.

Rook’s ‘Siddhartha’. Author of ‘The Burning Spear’, a play on the Kenyan Mau-Mau independence movement commissioned by Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. Uncle, once removed, to Sir Ben Kingsley.

Zoot Suit is a play written by Luis Valdez, featuring incidental music by Daniel Valdez and Lalo Guerrero. Zoot Suit is based on the Sleepy Lagoon murder trial and the Zoot Suit Riots. Debuting in 1979, Zoot Suit was the first Chicano play on Broadway. In 1981, Luis Valdez also directed a filmed version of the play, combining stage and film techniques.

Zonday was featured on the Jace Hall Show, where he was comically interviewed at a famous Hollywood restaurant in a play on the dissonance between Internet-fame and the traditional entertainment industry.

Zola adapted the novel into a play, first staged in 1873. It was not performed in London until 1891, under the auspices of the Independent Theatre Society, since the Lord Chamberlain’s Office refused to license it.

Zohra Sehgal had been acting on the stage in different parts of India and putting up plays for inmates, including at Ferozepore jail. After staging a play, she stayed on to watch an execution.

Zoffany went to see a play at Covent Garden concerning the death of Captain Cook who had been killed in Hawaii on his third voyage to find the North-West Passage in 1779. This is thought to have inspired him to paint the death of Cook at…

Zoe returned to the Edinburgh Festival in 2011 performing in a play, Light’s, Camera, Walkies by Tom Glover and Colin Hoult’s third Edinburgh solo outing entitled Inferno.

… education, and wrote his novel The Bloody Mountain, which attacked the Chinese Guomindang government’s ethnic policy. He also rewrote Gherip Senem, a Uyghur epic poem into a play that has since been played on stage.

… materials within the system. It includes a play list editor that allows positioning of these elements in certain areas of the screen as well as layering the elements on top, or below of each other.

Zień is the only Polish designer whose work has been shown at the National Museum. “My biggest success was working with Patricia Kaas. I went to her concert in Riga; we started to talk and this is how it all started.” Zień has also designed a VIP room for the club Utopia, and costumes for a play. His passion is designing interiors and accessories.

Ziegler studied drama at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Wien (1960/1961). He was an actor in Spring Awakening, a play by Frank Wedekind, in 1964. He was also an actor in the American television series Boys and Girls, created by Fred Mallow.

… creating a float and costumes for the annual 4 July parade held in the town of Bristol, and producing and performing a play, open to the public, on the final days of camp.

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