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Youssef was arrested in March 2014, and in September he was sentenced to four years and four months for having violated the terms of a plea bargain regarding the Banestado case. He is now in Curitiba prison.

Younger adolescents are also more likely than adults and older adolescents to display compliance behavior with authority figures (e.g. make a plea agreement).

Yoon’s former business partner and flight school employees were present and spoke at the hearing before Judge Ronald Hansen. Yoon was not present. His defense attorney, C. Logan McKechnie, was there to represent him and enter a plea of no contest.

Years after leaving UNIT, Jo Grant receives a plea for help from an old acquaintance. A paleontological study of the earliest known humans is apparently under threat from a UNIT force led by a captain who does not officially exist. Investigating further, she begins to find herself out of her depth – and out of the twentieth century altogether…

Wurst was charged with attempted murder, third-degree murder, and first-degree murder, and pleaded guilty in a plea bargain to a lesser charge of third-degree murder along with attempted murder to avoid going to trial, and in an attempt to…

… occurrence wherein a collection of written accounts was anonymously delivered to the unsuspecting novelist; the note ends with a plea for information from anyone with information on the identity of Mary Russell.

Written by Erasure members Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, the heavily synthesized instrumentation is accentuated by acoustic guitar and Bell’s use of falsetto in the chorus. The lyrics are a plea to a lover to show compassion and respect.

Georgslied about the life of Saint George, and the Wessobrunn Prayer, a praise of Creation and a plea for strength to withstand sin.

Work on the painting commenced in 1796, after his estranged wife visited him in jail. He conceived the idea of telling the story, to honour his wife, with the theme being love prevailing over conflict. The painting was also seen as a plea for the people to reunite after the bloodshed of the revolution. Its realization took him nearly four years.

… their paychecks for weeks at a time. Gernsback felt the blame lay with dealers who were returning magazine covers as unsold copies, and then selling the stripped copies at a reduced rate. To bypass the dealers, he made a plea in the March 1936…

With the jury deadlocked for nine days, a plea bargain was struck in which Chambers pleaded guilty to the lesser crime of manslaughter in the first degree, and to one count of burglary for his thefts in 1986. He was sentenced to serve 5 to 15 years, with the sentence for burglary being served concurrently.

… with force. It was a (visual) media support that brought the protest to slowly changing the public opinion on the matter and thus the High Court of Kerala quashing a plea for Essential Services Maintenance Act. Then the government was…

… computer, ending a four-year legal battle during which Kline was under house arrest. A trial conviction could have brought Kline a 30-year prison term, but a plea agreement limited prison time to a possible 27 to 33 months.

… to have entered a plea of not guilty for Jerry Rawlings although Rawlings himself had pleaded guilty during his trial. In 1980, he was elevated to be an Appeal Court Judge. He became a Supreme Court Judge in 1990. He was appointed Chief…

… convicted in 2009 of second-degree assault in Maryland and sentenced to 30 days in jail, and also pleaded guilty to the crime of malicious destruction of property in 2010 as part of a plea deal, in which a second charge, burglary, was dropped. He has also been charged in the past with theft, assault, a sexual offense, and weapons possession.

… hoard of late Iron Age or Roman gold bracelets and a ring that were found at Carreg Gwynion, Nantmel near Rhayader. The hoard was declared Treasure Trove and is now in the collections of the British Museum, but Williams at the time made a plea for…

… in 1462, together with a plea to Parliament to pay his arrears of salary, he was still on the Bench in 1477. He was an associate of Richard of York during York’s tenure as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

William Skidmore, aged 20 at the time of the murder, was charged with kidnapping and robbery. In September 2002, he was sentenced to 9 years in a state prison as part of a plea bargain. Skidmore was released in April 2009.

… followed the publication of his pamphlet A Plea for Toleration in the Church of England (1867) in the form of a letter to Edward Bouverie Pusey.

… shot and killed. Thinking that Sonny did it, Will confesses to protect him. This causes Gabi, the real killer, to admit to killing Nick, who she felt was a threat to her and Arianna. Gabi accepts a plea deal and goes to prison, leaving…

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