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… her way, while the student is falsely accused of vandalism to the church organ simply because of his race, yet is vindicated by those who know and believe in him. Together, they persevere in the church choir. Along the way, Zoe finds an office job and, with the help of a bargain hunter, prepares a pleasant home for her son and herself.

… obovate, oblong or round, and can be 1-2.5 in (2.5-6.25 cm) long, depending on the variety. The flesh is white and crisp. When slightly underipe, this fruit is a bit juicy and has a pleasant aroma. The fruit’s skin is smooth, glossy, thin but tight.

… tears apart the picture showing Allen Dulles and Wolff. Zhukov’s forces cross the Oder and approach Berlin. The Soviets capture a teenage sniper; they send him to his mother. Vasilev’s tank crushes into a house. The crew has a pleasant meal with the owner’s family. The Soviets and the Poles storm the Tiergarten.

… homes and private entrepreneurs could buy land on which to build businesseses. This, he hoped, would create a pleasant environment to better attract more residents to Ybor City.

Yarrow has also been used as a food or in teas, and was very popular as a vegetable in the 17th century. The younger leaves are said to be a pleasant leaf vegetable when cooked like spinach, or in a soup. Yarrow is sweet with a slight bitter taste. The leaves can also be dried and used as an herb in cooking.

… the areas off-limits for swimmers as well as safe offshore anchorages. On shore they also include a perimeter reserved for the exclusive use of the members of the club as well as a clubhouse with attached bar, café or restaurant where members socialize in a pleasant and informal setting.

Wolley’s literary interests and literary patronage are suggested by verses he composed for Joannis Juelli Angli … vita et mors (1573) by Laurence Humphrey, and by several books dedicated to him, including A Pleasant Description of the…

Conservation Park contains mallee vegetation right up to the coastal dune, fine sandy beaches and a low rocky headland. A pleasant picnicking area is utilised by the local residents and tourists.

… willingness to go, the people of Viterbo will not release her. After a pleasant sojourn at the Citta del Monte, Orsini meets the saint, whose obvious piety deeply affects both him and Belli. In making his attempt to free her, Andrea is captured, but Belli succeeds, and Andrea talks his way out of the fracas.

… singing club and the countrywomen’s club. R. Stemler (1985) reported that Matzenbach had “well organized singing evenings that are always gladly attended and make for a pleasant variety in the winter. Many an elderly birthday boy is gladdened…

Deutsche Verein, in Cobán, founded in 1888, later renamed the Charitable Society. Initially, this group had only German members. The Cobán German Club was improved upon, being equipped so as to lend a pleasant environment where Germans could…

Crossgates since the 1960s and an industrial estate now occupies the south-eastern corner of the parish. In 1891 the population was 681 – the population now stands at some 4,000 and the community continues to expand, but it remains a pleasant dormitory parish.

With its totally flat central area and the interior filled with soft hills and streams, offers its guests a pleasant stay, enjoying nature with a population particularly hospitable.

With its old buildings and narrow streets, Lescun exudes a pleasant old village charm.

… art. Wissel idealised farming life for predominantly urban viewers. Exhibitions of paintings of this genre were meant to show the peasants and working class that they were just as good as the wealthy, and that they too deserved a pleasant life.

… but rarely uncomfortable, with the daily maximum temperature only occasionally reaching as high as 30 C. Autumn is a pleasant season, as the moderating Gulf waters delay the onset of frost, although storm activity increases compared to the…

… the everyday life of the city. In the summer, a moderate wind often blows from the sea in the evenings which has a pleasant cooling effect on the city, in contrast to the unbearable summer heat of Buenos Aires.

Winterbourne Abbas is a pleasant rural village, only spoilt by the heavy traffic which passes through on the A35. The Coach and Horses Inn dates from 1814 or earlier and was a coaching inn on the turnpike road from Dorchester to Bridport.

Willin – Mendabars steward, and undoubtedly the hardest-working employee of the castle. Willin is a pleasant elf who enjoys formal occasions and is annoyed when the King leaves without warning (which appears to happen often enough that he has a valid complaint). Willin spends much of his time in the books chastising the King and Queen.

Samuel Rowlands’s Good Newes and Bad Newes (1622), and a popular account, A Pleasant Historie of the Life and Death of William Sommers (reprinted 1794). See also John Doran’s History of Court Fools (1858).

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