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… towns and is near where Ōkute-juku was established. Princess Chikako stayed at this town during her travels along the Nakasendō. At the top of Biwa Pass, there is a stone inscribed with a poem that Chikaku wrote, feeling that she had…

…Čobanija Mosque was constructed in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, before 1565. The building is quite spacious, with a fine stone minaret. Set into the walls around the minaret is a poem in Turkish. There is a cemetery adjacent to the mosque, which some believe is the final resting place of the benefactor, Coban-Hasan.

…Þórir is known for a poem he recited before his execution.

…Þjóðólfr of Hvinir Thjodolf (c.855 – 930) was a Norwegian skald. He is considered to have been the original author of Ynglingatal, a poem glorifying the Norwegian petty king Ragnvald the Mountain-High, by describing how he was descended from the Swedish kings and the Norse gods.

… his shield hanging across his left shoulder, and his lance extended in his right hand: the German clerical poet Walahfrid wrote a poem (De imagine Tetrici) lampooning the statue, as Theoderic was not favorably regarded by the church.

… court poet, but this attribution is rejected by modern scholars. The poem has many similarities with Rekstefja, a poem from the same time on the same subject and preserved in the same manuscript.

…Ó Domhnalláin was the eponymous subject of a poem by Antoine Ó Raifteiri, concerning a duel he fought, which is believed to have been one of the very last, if not the last, ever fought in County Galway, once notorious for such events.

…Éistibh, a Luchd an Tighe-se, otherwise Listen, People of this House is a poem dated to c. 1500 (see 1500 in poetry), composed by Iseabail Ní Mheic Cailéin, a daughter of Colin Campbell, 1st Earl of Argyll (died 1493).

Greek verses in four of the university sets which bear the name of Michael Lort are said to have been composed by Zouch. He won the Seatonian prize in 1765 with a poem on the ‘Crucifixion.’ It was printed in that year, and included in the collections of Musæ Seatonianæ (1772 pp. 223-41, 1787 pp. 223-41, 1808 i. 183-98).

Zoticus was a 3rd-century neoplatonic philosopher and student of Plotinus. Porphyry stated in the Life of Plotinus, Zoticus was a critic and poet, who also amended the text of Antimachus. Zoticus also authored a poem upon the Atlantis story. His sight failed, and he died a little before Plotinus, as also did Paulinus.

Zophiel is the subject of a poem by Maria Gowen Brooks.

Ziadah was born in Beirut, Lebanon to Palestinian refugee parents and began writing at a young age. She grew up in Tunisia. She attended York University in Toronto. In 2004, she gave her first public performance after she was motivated by her experience of racism to write a poem.

Zhou died in 695. Wu Zetian personally wrote a poem to mourn him, considered a great honor at the time.

Zemer Nugeh (A Sad Song), based on a poem by the Hebrew poet Rachel was played by Ilan Ramon in space, and is one of the songs now associated with him.

Zawadzki attended Cheyenne Mountain High School, graduating in May 2012. She was the recipient of an outstanding academic achievement award signed by President George W. Bush. A poem she wrote in sixth grade was published in Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans. She also went to Chippewa Middle School in…

Zarky was born in Brooklyn, New York to Maxwell Goldstein and Fannie Senfeld Goldstein. She attended James Madison High School (where the editors of her graduating high school yearbook wrote a poem joking about her aspiration of becoming a…

There he befriended Charles-Joseph de Ligne, who dedicated a poem to Stefan, and spent six months enjoying his hospitality at Château de Belœil. During his stay in Belgium, clearly not eager to abandon his political ambitions involving…

Zajr Ul Qulub : a poem dealing pious exhortations and ascetic various topics.

… book, Becca steals Emma’s journal and reads a poem that Emma had written about him out loud to him and his friends. While Zach avoids Emma for a while, he eventually comes to like her as a friend. Zach plays Little League with Cassidy and has feelings for Cassidy that she doesn’t share.

Z213: Exit obliterates genre boundaries and is simultaneously a novella, a poem and a journal. In contradistinction to “factual report” works such as If this is a man by Primo Levi, the work adopts a mode of oneiric realism whereby horror…

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