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… early Arabic poetry. The work is especially important for having been the first Arabic anthology compiled by a poet and not a philologist and is perhaps the first in the Hamasah literary genre. The first and largest section of the work, al-ḥamāsah (valour), provides the name for several other anthologies of this type.

… extensive publications and readings as a poet, he also performs as an actor, and heads the band Świetliki (Fireflies). Świetlicki has won various prizes and awards for his poetry, including the 1996 Kościelski Award.

…Đinh Xuân Tửu (2 February 1925 – 5 November 1996) was a Vietnamese writer and poet (pen-names: Văn Lâm, Kỳ Phong, Thành Lễ, Tô Huyền An). He was born in Hà Tĩnh Province, Vietnam. He was a poet loved by children, one of the founders of the Kim Đồng Publishing House, and a member of the Association of Vietnamese writers (1957).

…Ćatić was a poet by vocation and emotional structure who poetically experienced and imaginatively sublimated everything he came into contact with. Ćatić’s poetry was life, the meaning of existence, the atmosphere of reality, and the medium in which his spirit ranged.

…Ācārya Pujyapada, the author of Sarvārthasiddhi was a famous Digambara monk. Pujyapada was a poet, grammarian, philosopher and a profound scholar of Ayurveda.

…Þórsdrápa (Thorsdrapa, Lay of Thor) is a skaldic poem by Eilífr Goðrúnarson, a poet in the service of Jarl Hákon Sigurðarson. The poem is noted for its creative use of kennings and other metaphorical devices, as well as its labyrinthine complexity.

…Östen Sjöstrand gave his introductory speech in the Swedish Academy about the Swedish writer Pär Lagerkvist, who preceded him at the same chair. As a poet he debuted in 1949 with Unio, which was marked by the post-war agony of the Swedish…

…Ó Muirthile has been described as a poet of immense formal and musical mastery who has read deeply in the classical and neo-classical poetry of the Irish language. He studied French literature as a student and this has influenced his work. He has translated poetry by Guillaume Apollinaire, François Villon, Jacques Prévert and Anne Hébert.

…Éva Circé-Côté (1871-1949), born Éva Circé in Montreal, was a journalist, a poet, a librarian and established the first public library in Montreal in 1903. She wrote under several pseudonyms during her lifetime, including: Colombine, Musette, Jean Nay, Fantasio, Arthur Maheu, Julien Saint-Michel, Paul S. Bédard.

Damas there; later in Paris they would join with Léopold Senghor, a poet and the future first president of Senegal, to formulate and promote the concept of negritude. Césaire did not teach Glissant, but did serve as an inspiration to him…

…Ángela Figuera Aymerich (October 30, 1902 in Bilbao – April 2, 1984 in Madrid) was a Basque writer. A poet, she was a member of Generation 1927.

…Álvaro Menéndez Franco, a poet and President of the National Council of Writers of Panama, a formerly presided over the Panama City Council, was the leader of National Action Vanguard (VAN). The VAN is known to be financed from Havana.The VAN was only one of the more than twenty Communist-front organizations that were active in the flag war.

Zsigmondy was born in Vienna, Austrian Empire, to Hungarian parents Irma Szakmáry, a poet born in Martonvásár, and Adolf Zsigmondy Sr., a scientist from Bratislava who invented several surgical instruments for use in dentistry. Zsigmondy…

Zoë Skoulding is a poet whose work also encompasses translation, editing, sound-based vocal performance, literary criticism and teaching creative writing. Her work has been included in several UK anthologies, translated into eighteen languages and presented widely at international festivals.

Zoran Petrović (born 5 March 1954, Kragujevac) is a poet, novelist, screenwriter. He published a couple of poetry books, children books, novels, and two books as a publicist. He was the managing director of the oldest theater in Serbia…

… has questioned the attribution of this collection to Zofia, and has ascribed the poems to Cyprian Bazylik, a poet and composer among the Calvinist nobility.

Ziyād al-Aʿd̲j̲am was a poet of the Umayyad period. Of Persian origin, he was a mawla of the Amir b. al-Harith, a branch of the Abd al-Kays. Ziyad owed his nickname al-Acdjam to the fact that he had a strong Persian accent; according to anecdotes cited by the Aghani, his mastery of spoken Arabic was not perfect, either in pronunciation or even in grammar.

Ziba Shirazi is an Iranian-American singer. As a poet and music artist, she is best known for her poignant songs and storytelling through poetry. Ziba’s compositions blend together flavors of Persian melodies with world music and jazz.

… was one such evening in Jaipur when the young school-going Zia Fatehabadi was not given by the invited singer a copy of Iqbal’s ghazal that had been liked and wanted by him; this particular incident probably exasperated Zia’s urge to write and made him a poet.

Zhao Yi (1727-1814) was a poet, historian, and critic during the Qing Dynasty in China. Zhao is notable for his innovative poetry, his historical writings (including Notes on the Twenty-Two Dynastic Histories), and for espousing unconventional views on various aspects of Chinese dynastic history.

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