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…Đuro Milivoj Ašner (21 April 1913 – 14 June 2011) was a police chief in the Independent State of Croatia who was accused of enforcing racist laws under the Nazi-allied Ustaše regime and expulsion and deportation of hundreds of Serbs, Jews…

…Økokrim is both a police unit and a prosecution authority. The current director is Trond Eirik Schea. The unit is organized in multidisciplinary teams headed by public prosecutors. Each team has a specific field of expertise, such as corruption, computer crime or fraud.

…Özel is a son of a police officer from Söke. He attended primary and secondary school in Kastamonu, Çankırı and Ankara. He attended classes at Political Science Faculty of Ankara University, and graduated from the French Language department of Hacettepe University.

…Ángela brings him back to the apartment to nurse him while Meca disposes of the getaway car in the usual manner. However, the black cloud of smoke attracts a police helicopter and Meca is killed as he resists arrest. Understanding the…

Albanian old-woman with old traditions, Zet’hanja, a police woman, Tetka Dragica, a Serbian Kosovar old-woman from Graçanica complaining about living with Albanians, and many others. She is known for adapting humor and realistic situation in Kosovo.

… arrested for the first time, in 1994. The arrest was for assaulting his school’s vice principal and from then until 2005, Zwicker spent most of his time in and out of juvenile halls and prisons for various offenses, including assaulting a police officer. He attended Orange Glen High School in Escondido, California.

Zvezdan Jovanović was arrested in March 2003 and was charged with Đinđić’s murder. He was silent during most of his trial but, allegedly, once he confessed to the murder of Đinđić, he said in a police report that he felt no remorse for killing him.

Zubeil was born as the son of a police sergeant and a council servant. He attended from 1855 to 1863 the primary school and trade school in Grünberg. Between 1863 and 1866 he worked as a carpenter. From 1868 to 1872 he belonged to the 35th Infantry Regiment. After that he settled as a carpenter in Berlin. In 1872 Zubeil also joined the Social Democratic Party SPD.

Zsofia now currently works for the Toronto Police Service as a police officer.

Journey Around the World, took a position as a police officer in the Panama Canal Zone, reporting his experiences and observations in a book that proved, like his debut, popular. The book was generally critically well received.

Zola Tongo reported the hijacking to a police station in Gugulethu after he was ejected from the vehicle, and made a statement saying he was an unknowing victim. On 17 November, Tongo gave a statement to Officer Hendrikse of the SAPS again…

Zoe Adler (Robin Tunney), is a shy, eccentric and misunderstood computer animator who has a love for 1970s and 80s pop music. While heading home after a few drinks one night, she is forced into her car by a stalker who steers her into a police officer, knocking him off his bicycle and killing him.

Zine was a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for over 28 years. Councilman Zine is a former Los Angeles Police Department sergeant and a current reserve officer. He worked Valley Traffic Detail and served as liaison for…

… landowner. Near the station, a small settlement of merchants and railroad workers formed. In 1908 there was already a police department, school and post office in Rozenova.

Wuhan because his coach believed that he was too short to make it as a goalkeeper at 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in). Deciding to retire he went off to Wuhan Police Vocational College instead to be a police officer, which he became in the late 1980s.

… who suspects Zen of murdering one of his henchmen. He convinces Don Gaspare that the actual murderer was a police agent who Zen had later shot. On his way back to Catania the police take revenge by blowing up the car in which he is riding.

Zeeshan was apprehended by Pakistani security officials on 15 May 2005.According to the Daily Times he was arrested when he went to a Police Station in Peshawar to report the loss of his passport.Zeeshan reports he was tortured by…

Zdriliuk, a young Kiev engineer and convert to Orthodoxy, was privately ordained a priest after passing theological examinations. Three years after his ordination he was de-registered following a police search of his house that revealed a cache of religious literature as well as his distribution of such literature to believers.

Zayas joined the United States Air Force at age 19 and was a police officer with the New York City Police Department for almost 15 years. His experience as a police officer allowed him to develop as a character actor, leading to a series…

Zara Sheikh, the girl Faizan loves, gets married to (Sami Khan) a police officer who is looking for Faizan since he is a criminal and Zara hides his picture when she sees it in Sami’s wanted list so he won’t know what he looks like. Meera…

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