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… the first batch of 32 originally ordered by Deutsche Bahn (DB). These units (car numbers 411 x14 to 411 x14) were renumbered as class 4011 in ÖBB’s numbering scheme (to car numbers 4011 x90 to 4011 x92). Together with 12 DB Class 411, they form a pool for joint operation services between Germany and Austria.

… the discovery of the remains of a Roman bath complex, with wide dimensions, whereas a pool has been unearthed and documented.

Zoe meets Vanessa Shaw, who is openly a lesbian, while floating at the bottom of a pool early in the morning. Vanessa thinks Zoe is drowning and tries to save her, but Zoe asserts that she was only floating at the bottom, looking at the…

… social sciences. Zhejiang University always takes initiative in catering for national and regional needs, and exerts itself to become an influential high-level source of innovation and a pool of talents. In 2011, research fund at Zhejiang…

… killed his whole family by jumping into a pool they were in, thus shocking them to death. Due to his inability to touch water, he cannot bathe because he would shock himself, thus making him sensitive and violent about people commenting about his stench. He joins the Electroclan after the truth about his family is revealed. He starts to fall for Abigail.

Emirates, which sit on a pool of a tenth of the world’s proven oil reserves. In 1988, he purchased, for £5m, Tittenhurst Park at Sunninghill, Berkshire as his English home.

ZFS will automatically allocate data storage across all vdevs in a pool (and all devices in each vdev) in a way that generally maximises the performance of the pool. ZFS will also update its write strategy to take account of new disks added to a pool, when they are added.

… given snapshot, or it can be a delta between snapshots. Computing the delta stream is very efficient, and its size depends on the number of blocks changed between the snapshots. This provides an efficient strategy, e.g., for synchronizing offsite backups or high availability mirrors of a pool.

Yudhishthira performs the Rajasuya yaga, to be crowned as the emperor. The Kauravas, arrive at Indraprastha as guests. Duryodhana visits the mayasabha, where he is overawed with the beauty of sculpture and architecture. However, when he is returning, he trips and falls into a pool. He hears some people laughing and sees Draupadi is among the crowd. He then concludes that she is behind all this and vows to avenge the insult in the presence of his brothers, Karna and Shakuni.

Yercaud Lake: a pool surrounded by gardens and well-wooded trees.

Yeagley signed with Major League Soccer in January 1995, as the new league was laying the groundwork for its first season. The league signed players who then entered a pool for the league’s first draft which did not take place until 1996. MLS had originally intended to begin play in the fall of 1995, but delayed a year when it experienced problems with stadiums, sponsorship and team ownership. Rather than have the players it signed sit idle for a year, MLS loaned them to various domestic and foreign teams. For…

Yapese estate include several households living on land owned by a single house site. Men can join an estate by having their patrilineal name selected from a pool of ancestral names. Women can belong to the estate they were born on, or…

… schools). Committee chairs are selected every fall from a pool of interested Yale students. Yale Model Congress is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

… on the result of the entrance examination organized by University. High school graduates have to sit the entrance examination as written test (English and Biology) and oral examination. The school accepts additional 30 third-year students from a pool of top students with a Diploma in Agriculture from one of State Agricultural Institutes.

YASK served as a pool for recruitment for resistance cells during the Second World War.

Xooof: This section shows contradictory statements that a famous person made on different television programs, followed by footage of someone falling into a pool.

Xavier appears as Ethan’s friend and proposes a challenge: the one who reaches the Chronicles first shall do whatever he wishes.Ethan is separated from The Caster Chronicles by a pool of water. Angelus taunts him with the body of Ethan…

The dude ranch was successful all through the 30’s when times were tough. The original rock structure was added onto in the late ’60s and became a resort with a pool, hot tub, restaurant and some hotel accommodations. The current owners, Reid and Heidi Stewart, also rent the structure for the celebrations of weddings.

World Tower consists of 75 above-ground levels, 10 basement levels, 15 lifts and 701 residential units. Each of the three residential sections of the building has a pool, spa, sauna, gymnasium, games room, and a private 24-seat theatrette.

… by a full stride, prior to Holliday’s stumbling across the base and falling. Kulpa later told a pool reporter after the game that he was aware Napoli had tagged Holliday, but he thought Holliday’s foot was already on the base. He did not…

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