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…Я Не Волшебник (Ya Nye Volshyebnik (or I am Not a Magician in English) is an unofficial compilation album of Dmitry Koldun, a popular singer from Belarus. The album is available, and was primarily only available, in MP3 format. It was later made available as a physical release.

… (Dealu Schiaului near Rășinari), hydronyms (Schiau River, tributary to the Argeş River), surnames (Schiau, Șchiau). The word is thought to derive from Latin sclavis, a popular designation for the South Slavs (Bulgarians and Serbs in particular) that was also used in Albanian (in the form shqa and various dialectal variants) until the 20th century.

… idealism. His early theoretical work became increasingly eclectic and political in the 1990s, dealing frequently in the critical analysis of disparate forms of popular culture and making him a popular figure of the academic left. A critic…

…Žeževica is situated at the base of the Biokovo mountain. A short distance from Žeževica are some of the biggest Croatian tourist centers: Brela, Baška Voda and Makarska. Nearby is a river, the Cetina, which is a popular destination for rafting.

… known Lithuanian writers and artists such as Balys Sruoga, Vincas Krėvė-Mickevičius, Ieva Simonaitytė, Kazys Binkis, Kipras Petrauskas, President Valdas Adamkus grew up here.Now Žaliakalnis is a popular upmarket residential area.

… meters. The town is a popular summer resort for families, during summer it has many cafes, restaurants and various attractions for the visitors.

…Španov vrh, at 1361 m, is a peak in the Western Karavanke Alps above the village of Planina pod Golico, Slovenia. Like Golica, it is a popular destination for tourists during the flowering of wild white narcissi, swathes of which cover its…

…Špania Dolina is a village and municipality in central Slovakia, near the city of Banská Bystrica. Although its permanent population does not exceed 200 people, it is a picturesque historic village situated 728 m above sea level and is surrounded by the Staré Hory and Veľká Fatra mountains. It has become a popular tourist recreation centre.

…Šerifović was born in Kragujevac in central Serbia, the daughter of Rajko Šerifović, a drummer, and Verica Šerifović, a popular singer. Her father was born in Kragujevac, the son of a Muslim father from Vranje and an Orthodox mother, while…

…Święta wojna (eng. Holy War) is a popular Polish comedy series broadcast on TVP2 from January 23, 2000 to May 9, 2009. The series runs in Katowice. In this series characters communicate Silesian language.

Brzechwa, Ewa Szelburg-Zarembina, Olga Siemaszkowa, Lucyna Krzemieniecka and Jan Marcin Szancer wrote for the publication, and Jeż Jerzy, a popular modern Polish comic, debuted there.

…Őszibarack is a popular Polish electronic/pop band, founded in 2003 in Wrocław. The band name means peach in Hungarian.

…Ōuchi-juku was an important post town whose buildings served as shops, inns and restaurants for travellers. Many buildings have been preserved as they were before the Meiji restoration, and the area has been designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. The village is now a popular tourist attraction.

…Ōsu (lead=yes) is a popular area located in the Naka ward of Nagoya, central Japan.

… is a popular location for Aucklanders to relax and enjoy the waterfront. It is possible to go out onto the water with kayaks, which are available for rent at the west-side of the bay. Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium on the east-side of…

… maritime climate with short, cool winters and hot, humid summers. The coastline of Ōiso is sandy and is regarded as the western end of the Shōnan area. Ōiso remains a popular beach resort and holiday spot for residents of Tokyo.

…Łukasz Jankowski (born 7 December 1982, in Leszno, Poland) is a Polish motorcycle speedway rider who rode for the Poole Pirates in the British Elite League. He is the son of Roman Jankowski, a popular Polish speedway rider. His brothers Marcin and Norbert are also speedway riders.

…Łukasiewicz became a wealthy man and one of the most prominent philanthropists in Central Europe’s Galicia. Because of his support for the region’s economic development, a popular saying attributed all paved roads to his guldens.

…Łowicz has an important ethnographic museum (Muzeum w Łowiczu) exhibiting Polish art and historical artifacts from the region. Also, Łowicz features a popular skansen with traditional wooden houses. It is a vast open-air display of…

…İçmeler is a popular Turkish holiday resort situated 8 kilometres from Marmaris. It is also a municipality of its own. İçmeler bay is located on the Datcha peninsula. The town is surrounded on three sides by pine forests. Hiking on the mountains provides fantastic views of the region and is very popular.

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