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ZŠEM was founded in 2002, making it one of the first private institutions of higher education founded in Croatia. It offers undergraduate degrees in economics and management, with a possibility of specialization in economics, management,…

Zhang left MediaCorp in mid-2012 as he chose not to renew his contract. His last series is the 2012 anniversary drama Joys of Life. He planned to further his career in China but did not rule out a possibility of returning to MediaCorp. He…

… noblewoman of some social status and may have come from a family of some aristocratic and political influence. There is a possibility that Zarmandukht may have been a daughter of a nakharar and could have been betrothed to Papas, during the kingship of the father of Papas, Arsaces II (Arshak II) who reigned from 350 until 368.

York Park (2001-2006)The St Kilda Football Club began playing home matches in Launceston at York Park (later known as Aurora Stadium) in 2001, supported by the Tasmanian government in an attempt to build a local following and leave open a possibility of future relocation. St Kilda ended its arrangement after 2006.

Yancey recognized the significance of the Wilmot Proviso to the South and in 1847, as the first talk of slaveholder Zachary Taylor as a presidential candidate surfaced, Yancey saw him as a possibility for bringing together a Southern…

Faced with low membership in 1993, the local sorority considered an affiliation with Phi Mu, a national sorority, as a possibility of attracting more new members hesitant to rush a small local sorority. The Phi Mu national organization sent…

XA-202 has more room in rear parts of the vehicle and is basically designed for command, command and communications purposes. It has room for four other soldiers and it is equipped with a possibility of 24-metres-long radio mast for directional antenna.

Work of Roger Howe in the 1970s and his papers with Allen Moy on representations of p-adic GL(n) opened a possibility of classifying irreducible admissible representations of reductive groups over local fields in terms of appropriately…

… based his 1840 camera invention on that made portraits a possibility. This made exposure time to as low as a few minutes in bright sunlight, and since a person could be still for that long it make portraits possible using this state-of-the-art…

… found in these fire-pits. The structure of these fire-altars is reminiscent of altars, but the analogy may be coincidental, and these altars are perhaps intended for some specific (perhaps religious) purpose by the community as a whole. In some fire-altars remnants of animals have been found, which suggest a possibility of animal-sacrifice.

… covered by bonuses. The two bonuses are unified and disbursed at once, with a possibility to pre-finance, based on a thorough quotation (i.e. the financing is disbursed as soon as the works are accepted, rather than at the end of the renovation, allowing the household to avoid financing the payments to the contractor during the works).

… the Senate then having to appoint someone to the remainder of Grendell’s unexpired Senate term, it was rumored that Grendell’s wife, Diane Grendell, was a possibility for appointment. Upon learning that she would not be appointed, Grendell…

… the German Army were directed by Adolf Hitler, rather than the General Staff, and knew that while there was a possibility that they would confront them in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas, he felt the more likely location would be in Latvia’s capital, Riga. He spoke with Vasilevsky who agreed to change the plans if his theory and intuition proved correct.

With the legalization of Parimutuel betting by the Massachusetts Legislature in 1934, the idea of Wonderland Greyhound Park was made a possibility. The track was constructed on the site of the former Wonderland Amusement Park in Revere, which had been converted from an amusement park to a bicycle track after the park closed in 1911.

… was a general success with trade levels more than doubling during its duration. By its close in 1958, convertibility of currency was a possibility, no longer needing government permissions in European countries.

With the delivery of the Class 66 and later the Vossloh Euro, CargoNet’s need for the uneconomical and underdimensioned Di 8 fell through. The Euro was put into service on the Nordland Line and the Rauma Line, and NSB started looking for a

With the agreement of Japan-US Open Platform Partnership Program (JP-US OP3) in December 2015 to extend the cooperation of ISS operation through 2024, Japan will provide its share of ISS operation costs with the form of transportation by HTV-X, and also a possibility to develop a small return capsule.

… 30-year deal with the city of Pittsburgh to keep the team there well into the future. Penguins owner Mario Lemieux claimed at the arena’s ground-breaking ceremony that relocating the franchise was never a possibility, but was instead a negotiation tactic to help the team get funding for the arena from both state and local officials.

With new canals built, feasibility of new dams to generate hydroelectric power becomes a possibility.

With music sales moving towards file-based playback and streaming and away from CDs, there is a possibility that the loudness war will be blunted by normalization technology such as ReplayGain and Apple’s Sound Check. Most cloud-based music services perform loudness normalization by default and may reduce the market pressure to overcompress material.

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