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… during a reshuffle which let back in Junimea men, although, for a while, he was also tipped as a potential member of the consolidated cabinet. He continued to hold seats in the Assembly and, following the 1892 election, replaced Păucescu as vice president of that chamber.

…Şehzade Mehmed (1547, Amasya – 1553, Bursa). Following his father’s execution, Mehmed was also executed as his grandfather Suleiman had considered him a potential threat. He’s buried in Mustafa’s tomb.

Zygouli was also one of the three finalists that ERT (Greek national broadcaster) considered as a potential co-host with Sakis Rouvas for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens, Greece. The one they chose was Greek-American TV presenter Maria Menounos.

Zubaira Tukhugov was scheduled to face Tiago Trator at the event. However on November 14, Tukhugov was pulled from the card after being notified by USADA of a potential anti-doping violation stemming from an out-of-competition sample collected earlier. On November 28, Tukhugov was replaced by promotional newcomer Shane Burgos.

Zoophthora species parasitize insects, using their host’s body as a source of nutrition and as a site for reproduction. In order to infect a potential insect host, fungal tissue (generally as uninucleate or coenocytic hypha) must first…

Zola was called up for Euro 1996, and he played in all three group games at the tournament. He notably missed a potential match-winning penalty in a 0-0 draw against eventual champions Germany as Italy surprisingly crashed out in the first…

Zito replaced his agent Arn Tellem with Scott Boras in July 2006. Zito was a focal point of the 2006 trade deadline, and was widely rumored to be headed to the Mets in a potential deal for prospect Lastings Milledge. Susan Slusser of the…

Zirconia is also a potential high-k dielectric material with potential applications as an insulator in transistors.

… breaker to fuse to the bus bar, making it impossible to remove. Even worse, it can cause the breaker’s contacts to fuse together, thus preventing the breaker from tripping even in an overcurrent situation, thereby causing a potential fire hazard.

Zhukov was not only the supreme Military Commander of the Soviet Occupation Zone in Germany, but became its Military Governor on 10 June 1945. A war hero, hugely popular with the military, Zhukov was viewed by Stalin as a potential threat…

Zhu did not accept his suggestion, but it was said that because he knew that Liu was faithful to him, he did not fear that Liu would turn against him. Subsequently, as he was turning against the imperial government but Zhang refused to join his alliance with Wang and Tian, he had Liu take up position to defend a potential attack by Zhang.

Zhou’s work in rational design of chemical probes for mechanism-driven research led to the discovery of the HIV Tat/human co-activator PCAF interaction as a potential novel anti-HIV therapy target. His group has also developed chemical…

He also retreated to Chencang to set up defences for a potential invasion by Liu Bei. Liu Bei led his main army to Nanzheng and sent Meng Da and Liu Feng to capture Fangling (房陵) and Shangyong (上庸).

… beginners, while also being a very powerful tool in the hands of an expert. The necessity of exiting the assembler in order to save any generated code was cited as a potential drawback, especially for beginners.

Sadler and Roger Bollen. The film was originally conceived as a pilot for a potential television series. The film was the first under the Disney Channel Original Movie banner to produce a sequel, Zenon: The Zequel (2001). A third and final installment was also produced, Zenon: Z3 (2004).

… suggesting a tumor suppression gene or genes in this region. While TMEM143 is not directly referred to in research in this area, it is present in this region on the chromosome, indicating a potential functional role in humans.

Z. longipes has been considered as a potential biocontrol agent, as it prefers caterpillars of Spodoptera frugiperda, which is a moth that is a pest in cornfields. Z. longipes prefers smaller caterpillars, probably because there is less risk of injury while subduing smaller prey.

Yıldırım was frequently observed as a potential contender for the Justice and Development Party leadership during Davutoğlu’s premiership, especially at times when the relationship between Davutoğlu and Erdoğan appeared to be faltering.

Yumu is a minor Kainji language of Nigeria. It is listed as a potential Kambari language by Roger Blench, however it does not have an Ethnologue nor Glottolog entry.

Yugoslavia’s Rupnik line was inspired by various other fortification systems built along borders, mainly by France, Czechoslovakia and neighboring Italy. It was established to provide good positions to enforce the existing border, as well as to repel a potential invasion.

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