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…Ālambana (Sanskrit:आलम्बन), is a Sanskrit noun which variously means – support, foundation, supporting, base, sustaining, cause, reason, basis, or the five attributes of things, or the silent repetition of a prayer, or the natural and…

Zokushu #5 gives lists the nine original Taoist syllables and gives a corresponding Japanese syllable. The shuji themselves when placed in order of their corresponding kuji form no logical sentence or statement, and may represent Sanskrit bija, and, or Tantric deities, or, it may be a prayer. Without further evidence, no other conclusions can be made.

Zindabad (may person, country live forever) is a typical Urdu and Persian suffix that is placed after a person or a country name. It is used to express victory, patriotism or as a prayer.

Zeoli previously led the then U.S. Rep. Gerald R. Ford to become a Christian during a prayer breakfast being held in Washington, D.C. for the Washington Redskins professional football team.

… the couple, curses them. Flames re-ignite, but a prayer by Zarastra moves the god Ahma Mazda to stop the flames so that the lovers may leave the temple. Varedha expires.

Zanna’s father died not long after he committed to Pittsburgh. He touches a picture of his deceased father in his locker, saying a prayer for him before every game. He could speak English before moving to the United States and is fluent in four languages. Zanna is a devout Muslim.

… years, while his family was caught operating an illegal satay restaurant on government reserve land. His mansion has 21 bathrooms and 16 bedrooms, including 11 that are occupied by each of his children, as well as a VIP room, three living rooms, a dining hall and a prayer room.

Yuan’s ministry began in 1946, one year after the Japanese surrender. He was assisted by a Norwegian missionary. Yuan opened a prayer room in Beijing so that he could preach.

You are Christ is a prayer to Jesus attributed to Saint Augustine of Hippo, in the 4th or 5th century.

You Gave Me Love (When Nobody Gave Me a Prayer) is the 21st studio album & 3rd gospel album by American singer B. J. Thomas, released in 1979.

Yehezkel Abramsky was born in Dashkovichy, Grodno Governorate, Russian Empire (in present-day Belarus) was the third child and eldest son of Mordechai Zalman Abramsky, a local timber merchant, and his wife, Freydel Goldin of Grodno. His parents were deeply religious but the village lacked enough Jews to support a prayer service so Yehezkel studied at home until the yeshivas of Telz, Mir, Slabodka and particularly Brisk under Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik. At the age of 17 he became a rabbi, serving, in turn, the communities of Smolyan, Smalyavichy and Slutsk. In 1909 he married…

Years later Queen Liliuokalani described the chant as a prayer of the development of the universe and the ancestry of the Hawaiians. Liliuokalani translated the chant under house arrest in Iolani Palace.The translation was published in 1897, then republished by Pueo Press in 1978.

Minbu-kyō (民部卿, the secretary in Ministry of Taxation) in 891. At the age of seventy, he had a premonition that death was near. He went to Mountain Hiei, and died while chanting a prayer to Buddha.

Xt3 is content-driven website, and features an expanding library of videos, audio interviews, podcasts, print articles, and messages from the Vatican. Other features include a Prayer Wall, Ask a Priest and a special section called iActiv8, which has information about World Youth Day, to be held next in Rio de Janeiro in 2013.

… opponents as a form of blessing, which also provides for a better grip. Once the arena has been prepared a prayer is offered to the gym’s patron deity, most commonly Hanuman. Every training hall has a small makeshift altar for this purpose,…

Worship in Thai began during the years 1934-1940 using a prayer book translated by C. W. Norwood with the help of Thai nationals, but it was more than fifty years before the church was able to find a Thai-speaking clergyman.

Worried with the dilemma of choosing caring husband over personal ambition, Priya meets with an accident while returning home. Raj showers Priya with all his love and care. Priya is overwhelmed to know Raj has kept a prayer for Priya’s…

… re publica was one of the first major recoveries of an ancient text from a palimpsest, while another famous example is the discovery of the Archimedes palimpsest, which had been used to make a prayer book almost 300 years later. Works may be recovered in libraries as a lost or mislabeled codex, a palimpsest, or even as a part of another book or codex.

Without time for Parcy to even utter a prayer, the Crosiers close around him while the Halls stand by. Parcy makes a gallant fight of it and lashes out with his sword, still jammed in its sheath. Though he knocks one of the Crosiers to the…

Dallas Trade Mart, where Kennedy was supposed to be making a speech before he was shot. Barker relayed information that Kennedy’s condition was extremely critical. Then, after a prayer for Kennedy, Barker quoted an unofficial report that the President was dead but stressed it was not confirmed.

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