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Zumobi, Inc. is a mobile technology company that partners with multiple brands to provide native content marketing solutions on smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Zumobi’s portfolio of mobile applications comprises The Zumobi Network: a premium mobile app network with properties in categories such as news, sports, lifestyle women’s, and entertainment.

… providers. Zoomcar has also partnered with Ideal Insurance Brokers, a premium insurance broking company that has been conceptualized to bring more order and transparency to the insurance sector.

Zill O’ll Infinite (Zill O’ll ~infinite~) is a fantasy role-playing game and a remake of the PlayStation game Zill O’ll. It included new scenarios and endings. Infinite was later ported to the PlayStation Portable as Zill O’ll Infinite Plus with added extras. Koei has also made available a premium box which includes post cards and a calendar.

Appstore on April 1, 2012. On the App Store, Zenonia 3 is distributed as a premium and freemium title, whereas on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore, it is distributed as a freemium-only title. It is the sequel to Gamevil’s earlier releases Zenonia and Zenonia 2.

Zantac commanded a premium over generic ranitidine drugs.

Zane Lamprey is also the owner of Monkey Rum, a premium rum beverage company with both spice and coconut rum products. Though currently only available in New York, Monkey Rum has announced plans to expand to CA and Florida in early 2015.

ZDP-189, a premium Japanese powdered super-steel made by Hitachi, hardened to RC 62-67, with very high carbide volume. Has excellent edge-holding ability, although it trails behind S90V and S110V in that regard.

Yield: Yield of the convertible bond at the issuance date, could be different from the coupon value if the bond is offering a premium redemption. In those cases the yield value would determine the premium redemption value and intermediary put redemption value.

… going to the theater mid-week), their demand sensitivity (must have the higher cost early morning flight or must go to the Saturday night opera) or their time of purchase (usually paying a premium for booking late).

… a Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise funds to pay for faster development of the game. The game runs a premium subscription model to access all content.

Xingu, created in 1988, is a premium black lager beer. The beer was named after the Xingu River in the Amazon Rainforest and since its inception Xingu has carried the vital Amazon preservation message. In 2013 Xingu became a line of beers with the introduction of Xingu Gold.

XXXDial is a spyware/dialer application which created a number of problems for UK internet users in December 2004. It changes a victim’s point-to-point protocol (PPP) settings so that it automatically tries to reconnect to a premium rate number, as opposed to a user’s normal dial-in number.

XXX Action Clips Channel (also referred to as XXX TV) is a Canadian exempt English language Category B specialty channel. It is a premium adult entertainment television channel consisting of 5 to 20 minutes clips from adult feature films…

XB (4.5% ABV) is a premium strength Bitter with a more complex flavour. It was launched in 1982.

… and cans had become dominant over draft sales in drinking establishments, so the brewer experimented with all sorts of packaging innovations, expanding the line after the war ended. A premium beer, called Grain Belt Premium, entered production in 1947. Conetop cans sealed with caps disappeared in the 1950s in favor of flat-top steel cans.

… station building in 1858, with the station opened to traffic on 17 January 1859. Arched bluestone road bridges were built over the cutting at Thompson and Cole Streets. Until 1987, the line continued around the bend to the now closed Williamstown Pier station. It was upgraded to a Premium station on 18 June 1996.

Word of Mouth’s revenues come from businesses upgrading their listing to join a premium program called the Happy Customers Program. This provides tools for businesses to encourage customer reviews and showcase their reviews through…

Woodside Valley Estate is a premium Australian wine business originally focused on a vineyard near Yallingup, in the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia. Since 2012, the business and the vineyard have been separately owned.

Within the EventsTag product, there are a number of packages and features available including a free trial option, a party package, a premium package, and a professional package. The premium and professional package offer additional custom…

… single duplex solution. The dual duplexer arrangement may lead to a 2×50 MHz FDD band plan. Dual duplexers are being specified today and would add to the number of band specific duplexers to be accommodated in handsets where physical space is at a premium.

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