How to use ‘a previous’ in a sentence

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… church was built in Sørbøvågen to replace a previous church located about 3 km to the east which burned down on 4 November 1940 after being struck by lightning. There was some controversy over where to build the replacement church: on the…

…Óengus mac Mugróin (died 803) was a king of the Uí Failge, a Laigin people of County Offaly. He was the son of Mugrón mac Flainn (died 782), a previous king. He ruled from 783 to 803.

…Ó Connmhaigh was appointed 23 October 1419, he had perviously been Abbot of the Cistercian Abbey of Corcomroe in the Burren. He died before May 1441. His successor, Dionysius Ó Donnchadha (died before December 1478) was an apparent relative of a previous bishop, Diamaid Ó Donnchadha (appointed about July 1418).

…Çehre has an older half-brother, Nail Çehre (who was born from a previous relationship of İzzet Çehre), a younger brother named Orhan Çehre, as well as a younger half-brother, Tayyar Yıldız, from her mother’s second marriage.

…Áed mac Ainmuirech (died 598) was high-king of the Northern Uí Néill. He belonged to the Cenél Conaill and was a distant cousin of Columba of Iona. He was the son of Ainmuire mac Sétnai (died 569), a previous possible high king. His mother…

…Áed Rón mac Cathail (died 604) was a king of the Uí Failge, a Laigin people of County Offaly. He was the grandson of Bruidge mac Nath Í (died 579), a previous king.

…Áed Róin mac Bécce Bairrche (died 735) was the Dál Fiatach ruler of the over-kingdom of Ulaid in Ireland. He reigned from 708 to 735. He was the son of Bécc Bairrche mac Blathmaic, (died 718), a previous king of Ulaid who had abdicated in 707 to become a pilgrim.

Züñiga had at least two sons. His son Ignacio was born in 1796 in Tucson.He had a previous son born 1783 as the result of an affair with Teresa Morillo, wife of an enlisted man, Manuel Nieto.

Initially, it is assumed that in 600 CE the settlement consisted of two estates – the first by the old Roman road near a large cemetery and the other on the site of a previous Pre-Roman settlement (likely built to protect an east-west river…

Zoulou, a private entry to the 2012 series is skippered and helmed by a previous 2009 crew.

Zohn was invited to participate in Survivor: All-Stars, which he gladly accepted. Originally part of the Saboga tribe, Zohn was immediately targeted as a previous winner, along with Survivor: The Australian Outback winner Tina Wesson. When…

Zinn has two children from a previous marriage to the daughter of Erno Schwarcz – daughter Leslie Zinn and son Edward Zinn, both of whom attended Georgia Tech.

Zinkhan’s body was claimed by a son from a previous marriage one day before it was scheduled for burial in a pauper’s grave by the Athens-Clarke County coroner’s office.

Zinkhan had two children, a son and a daughter, with his wife, attorney Marie Bruce. Zinkhan also had three children from a previous marriage. The family lived in the town of Bogart in the U.S. state of Georgia. Zinkhan owned a second home in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, where he was a marketing professor at the Vrije Universiteit.

Ziegfeld died in Hollywood, California on July 22, 1932, from pleurisy, related to a previous lung infection. He had been in Los Angeles only a few days after moving from a New Mexico sanitarium. His death left Burke with substantial debts, driving her toward film acting to settle them. He and Burke are interred in Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, New York.

… prevented repatriation to China. After 13 months in detention in Guam, he secured the services of Robert Shapiro, who defended O.J. Simpson. Shapiro claims credit for gaining the support of Trent Lott and Jesse Helms for Zhang’s application. Zhang was granted protection residence by the U.S. Board of Immigration Appeal in June 2001, reversing a previous ruling.

Zelaya joined the Liberal Party of Honduras, Partido Liberal de Honduras, (PLH) in 1970 and became active a decade later. He was a deputy in the National Congress for three consecutive times between 1985 and 1998. He held many positions within the PLH and was Minister for Investment in charge of the Honduran Social Investment Fund (FHIS) in a previous PLH government. Under the administration of Zelaya the FHIS lost $40 million. Zelaya was accused of embezzlement but escaped prosecution.In the 2005 presidential primaries, his faction was called Movimiento Esperanza Liberal (MEL). He received 52% of the 289,300 Liberal votes, vs. 17% for Jaime Rosenthal Oliva and 12% for Gabriela Núñez, the candidate of the Nueva Mayoría faction.

Zander lives in Florida with his wife, former Playboy Playmate Pamela Stein and two children: a son, Robin Zander Jr., and a daughter, Robin-Sailor Zander. He has two children from a previous marriage, Ian and Holland.

ZZR600 in North America, marketed during model years 2003 and 2004, was based upon a previous generation sportbike (Ninja ZX-6). This indicates the motorcycle is mechanically identical to the earlier motorcycle, and differs only in paint schemes.

Yutakayama remained in the sumo world as an elder, initially under the name of Nishikijima. When his stablemaster Futabayama died a few months later in December 1968, a previous yokozuna from the stable, Kagamisato, briefly took charge, but Yutakayama was asked by Futabayama’s widow to assume control instead. Kagamisato left to found another stable and Yutakayama took on the Tokitsukaze name in 1969. Over the years he produced a number of top division wrestlers such as Kurama, Ōshio, Ōyutaka, Yutakayama Hiromitsu, Tokitsunada, Aogiyama and Tokitsuumi. In February 1998 he successfully challenged Sakaigawa (the former Sadanoyama) for the chairmanship of the Japan Sumo Association, coming first in the ballot ahead of Kitanoumi. He remained in charge until February 2002. Later that year he handed control of Tokitsukaze stable over to former komusubi Futatsuryū and left the Sumo Association upon reaching the mandatory retirement age of 65.

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