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…Žerjav Castle is a 16th-century manor. It was built in 1580 by Lenart Frumentin, a priest in the Teutonic Knights. There is a stone plaque with a crest above the manor entrance. Next to the stall belonging to the castle is a well with an…

…Štefan Moyses was ordained a priest in 1821. He served as chaplain in several parishes of the archdiocese of Esztergom, later worked in Croatia. In January 1830 he became professor of Zagreb Academy. In 1847 he was appointed a canon of…

… novitiate and after many interruptions in his education due to World War II, he was ultimately ordained a priest in 1949. A year later, in Florence, he finished his long formation period as a Jesuit.

…Świtalski was born in Radomsko, then located with Vistula Land, part of the Russian Empire. He was the son of Karol Śwital and Amelia (née Kawecka). He studied the humanities at a gymnasium, before studying at the Protestant faculty of theology at the University of Warsaw. He was ordained a priest on 13 October 1929 in the Holy Trinity Church in Warsaw.

…Ōmori Sōgen (extra=1904 – 1994) was a Japanese Rinzai Rōshi, a successor in the Tenryū-ji line of Rinzai Zen, and former president of Hanazono University, the Rinzai university in Kyoto, Japan. He became a priest in 1945.

…İlker Çınar (c. 1968 – 1970) is a former intelligence agent of the Turkish Army, and a suspect and witness in the Ergenekon trials. He was a ‘special sergeant’ who went undercover with Christian missionaries in Turkey and worked as a

…Đuro Hranić was ordained as a priest of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Đakovo-Osijek on June 29, 1986. He served as parish vicar in Osijek (1986-1987), prefect of Đakovo seminary (1993-1996), professor of dogmatic theology at the Đakovo…

… studied philosophy at the lyceums of Ljubljana and Vienna for three years. In 1817, he returned from Vienna and attended a priest seminary until 1820, when he left it to become a secondary school teacher in Rijeka, Croatia. In 1822 he moved to…

Guatemala. He was born in Guatemala City, ordained a priest in 1976, and appointed Vicar Apostolic of El Petén in 1996. He was installed as Archbishop of Los Altos on 17 April 2007.

…Ó Mealláin was born in Dromiskin, County Louth, and educated at the Irish College of Salamanca. He returned to Ireland in 1605 as a priest. In 1625 he was nominated for the see of Armagh, but Aodh Mac Aingil was chosen instead.

…Ó Fiannachta studied at Maynooth, University College Cork and All Hallows, Clonliffe College. He was ordained a priest in All Hallows College in 1953. He spent some time in Wales prior to returning to Maynooth College where he became…

…Ó Ceallaigh was ordained a priest of 2 July 1961 in the Order of Friars Minor. He was appointed as an Auxiliary Bishop of Dublin and at the same time, Titular Bishop of Tres Tabernae by Pope John Paul II on 7 June 1994 at the age of 61.

…Émile Larre, born in 1926 at Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry, was a priest, chronicler, Bertsolari, writer, and French academic in the Basque language. He was an active promoter of basque traditions and particularly attached to the basque modes of expression such as the bertsolarism and Basque Pelota. He was priest of Ayherre from 1969 to 1980.

…Æthelstan’s reputation in church literature was varied. According to the Liber Eliensis he gave protection to a priest named Æthelstan in return for a payment of two marks after that priest had seized land from the monastery of Ely.

… as Æthelstan Mannessune’s own kinsman, a priest named Osweard, claimed this inheritance, and even though Ramsey kept the land, the agreement they came to between 992 and 1006 involved handing two estates over to Osweard’s son.

… concerning Æthelbert’s life. He was a kinsman of his predecessor Ecgbert, who was brother to Eadberht, King of Northumbria. Æthelbert’s family placed him in a monastery as a young child, where he was a pupil in the school founded at York by Ecgbert. Ecgbert ordained Æthelbert as a priest put him in charge of the school.

…Ægipans and Mænads, led by a Priest and Priestess of Bacchus, are participating in a Bacchanal. All drink copious amounts of wine, the gift of Bacchus, until they are robbed of their wits. Love (Cupid) is invited to participate, but he is…

… joined the Salesian Order, doing his first religious profession at 18. In 1987 he was ordained a priest at 26 in that same city.

… child, was brought up by his uncle, a priest, who was shot by the Revolutionaries in Brest in 1794 for refusing to sign the Civil Constitution of the Clergy. At the age of fourteen he had fought in the Battle of Austerlitz (1802). Repatriated…

… of vows. He was sent to Rome in 1936 to study theology at the headquarters of the Passionist Congregation and made his perpetual profession of vows one year later. In 1938 he was ordained a priest and returned to Poland.

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