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…Šeherović was born with the surname Šekerović in the village Kovačići near Zenica in 1903. Her father Risto Šekerović was a prison guard at the Zenica prison. A young Vuka sang in her schools choir starting at age seven.

… he had directed on behalf of Yılmaz Güney, who at the time was serving a prison sentence for the murder of Yumurtalık judge Sefa Mutlu.

…Ōtori was taken into custody and transferred to a prison in Tokyo; a building which ironically he had built himself as Ōdaira-mae Infantry Barracks.

… brick, set on stone foundations. It was protected by a 10-meter high wall, with a tower located in its southwestern corner. Gate tower was placed in the western wall, in the basement was a prison, and in the courtyard there was a two-storey…

…İnan Süver is a Turkish conscientious objector who served a prison term for desertion from the Turkish Armed Forces.

… and Habsburg authorities arrested him in 1689. He lived on as a captive in Vienna and Cheb, though he was not held in a prison. He wrote the Slavo-Serbian Chronicles, which was influential in the development of early modern Serbian historiography.

…Čelopek is a village within the municipality of Zvornik, on the Drina river in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The village was the location of a prison during the Bosnian War.

…Čelebići prison camp was a prison camp run by Bosniak and Bosnian Croat forces during the Bosnian War. It was used by several units of the Bosnian Ministry of the Interior (MUP), Croatian Defence Council (HVO) and later the Bosnian Territorial Defence Forces (TO). The camp was located in Čelebići, a village in the central Bosnian municipality of Konjic.

…Újhegy have been covered with a vast housing estate of 10-story concrete houses during the 1970s and 1980s. A very large area of Kőbánya land near Újhegy is occupied by a prison and the New Public Cemetery (perhaps the largest in Europe).

…Åna Prison (Norwegian: Åna fengsel) is a prison in Hå municipality in Rogaland, Norway. It is one of the largest prisons and has capacity for 219 inmates, 140 in a closed prison and 24 in a department with an open prison. The prison is for…

… result, which rendered him a prison sentence of two years; he fell ill while incarcerated and died in April 1905 at the age of 20.

Zor-El was featured in issue #16 as he appeared as an apparition and explained what truly happened to Kara, and why she was sent to Earth to kill Kal-El, in a dream sequence. Zor-El was against the use of the Phantom Zone as a prison because…

Sarajevo in Sociology. After graduating from University, Aleksovski worked in the prison at Zenica as a prison officer from 1987-92, in charge of rehabilitating and overseeing for the welfare of approximately fifty prisoners.

… time, he also destroyed a letter from Sima Zhao to Deng Ai to increase Sima’s suspicions towards Deng. The Wei government fell for Zhong Hui’s ruse and ordered Deng Ai to be arrested and transported back to Luoyang in a prison cart. Sima Zhao…

Zarek is a charismatic and philosophical populist political leader from the Colony of Sagittaron, who was jailed twenty years before the Cylon holocaust for terrorist activities (he planted explosives in a government building, destroying it and causing many deaths) and for spurring political unrest. After the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, he and a number of other inmates find themselves stuck on the Astral Queen, a prison ship which joins the Battlestar Galactica in fleeing the Cylons.

Zang Ba was originally from Huaxian (華県), Taishan Prefecture (泰山郡). According to Records of the Three Kingdoms by the Jin dynasty historian, Chen Shou, his father, Zang Jie, who served as a prison warden in the Huaxian region, was displeased with the Grand Administrator’s (太守) abuse of laws to order the death of the locals. Thus, he stopped obeying the orders of the Grand Administrator, and the latter, greatly angered, had Zang Jie arrested and decided to transfer him to the region’s capital. Zang Ba, although only 18 at the time, led a mafia of some 20 or 30 men to rescue his father. Although there were over 100 soldiers escorting Zang Jie, none of them dared to stop Zang Ba. Henceforth, father and son became refugees, but Zang Ba’s bravery also became well known.

Zamperini took up running in high school and qualified for the US in the 5000m race for the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He finished 8th in the event. In 1941 he was commissioned into the United States Army Air Forces as a Lieutenant. He served as a bombardier in B-24 Liberators in the Pacific. On a search and rescue mission, mechanical difficulties forced Zamperini’s plane to crash in the ocean. After drifting at sea for 46-47 days (island spotted on the 46th, and arrived on 47th) he landed on the Japanese occupied Marshall Islands and was captured. He was taken to a prison camp in Japan where he was tortured. Following the war he initially struggled to overcome his ordeal. Later he became a Christian Evangelist with a strong belief in forgiveness. Zamperini is the subject of two biographical films, the 2014 Unbroken and the 2015 Captured by Grace.

Zak locks Belle in a barn to give her a taste of what prison would be like, and refuses to give Lisa the key to let her out. Belle believes that if she gets pregnant by Sean, she will avoid going to prison. But they later drop the idea. Belle’s brother, Sam Dingle (James Hooton), tries to run away with her to escape a prison sentence, but Dom tips off the police and Belle is remanded. During the trial, Belle is sentenced to three years in prison, but she is forgiven by Dom. Belle later wins an appeal and her sentence is reduced to one year. When Belle is released from prison, she finds it hard to adjust to normal life again. She becomes erratic, dyes her hair dark and befriends Lachlan White. Belle is later discovered by Ashley Thomas (John Middleton) and Harriet Finch in the church, crying and covered in blood. Belle refuses to tell Zak and Lisa who attacked her. Belle considers trying to kill herself with painkillers, but she fails and breaks down in tears. Belle trashes David Metcalfe’s (Matthew Wolfenden) shop and Edna Birch’s (Shirley…

… that the Cappadocian constructed a prison within the Praetorium of Constantinople. There, prisoners were regularly tortured and executed. John the Lydian asserts that the Cappadocian extracted money from his victims and gives an eyewitness testimony to the execution of one such victim.

Zabo was being held in The Raft (the Ryker’s Island Prison complex) 6 months after the events of Avengers Disassembled. When a prison break was caused by the villain Electro, Zabo emerged in his Hyde persona, fought with Daredevil, and was knocked unconscious by Luke Cage.

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