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… example of an early 19th-century Sub-Pannonian house. He studied forestry at Vienna between 1942 an 1943 and was drafted into the German Army. During the Invasion of Normandy he was captured and sent to England as a prisoner of war and…

… front of the war, specifically to Sinai in 1917. There he took part in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign which resulted with another defeat for the Ottoman-German alliance. Şahin Bey became a prisoner of war in the hands of the British forces. He was not released until 1919.

…Łambinowice was the location of Camp Lamsdorf which served as a prisoner of war camp during the Franco-Prussian war of 1870, and First as well as Second World Wars. When the area became Polish, the camp was maintained as Camp Łambinowice and served as a forced labour and resettlement camp for Germans.

…Đoàn Huy Chương is a Vietnamese union leader currently imprisoned by the government of Vietnam. Amnesty International considers him a prisoner of conscience and has called for his release.

…Émile Damais (4 March 1906 in Paris – 8 April 2003) was a French composer and musicologist. A prisoner in the Stalag II B, Hammerstein / Schlochau (Poland) during the Second World War, he composed there Ô nuit… for singing and orchestra. He was also a professor of music history.

… on him by Marcus in 2008 as punishment for failing his mission. Most of his, and his gang’s, income is made through dealing heroin and methamphetamine, and prostitution. For some time, he was a prisoner in Chino, but was released some time before the beginning of Season One.

… others. Thus, compared to Bentham’s Panopticon, the Information Panopticon is one in which everyone has the potential to be both a prisoner and a guard.

… her husband, Ahmed. After tearfully leaving her mother behind, Zouina, her mother-in-law, Aicha, and their three children move to France. Zouina struggles to cope with life in a new country and different culture but becomes a prisoner to…

… 16, 2006, and he received his commission on March 28, 2006. Since that time, his involvement with a prisoner re-entry program has received media attention.

Zorner surrender to United States Army forces on 8 May 1945. Zorner and his unit were handed over to the Red Army on 17 May and he remained a prisoner in the Soviet Union until December 1949. After his release he studied engineering and retired in 1981. Paul Zorner died in January 2014 aged 93.

Zoe later helps a veteran tell her daughter that she was in fact adopted. Zoe and staff nurse, Rita Freeman (Chloe Howman) treat a prisoner, who hopes that if he ends up in the ED, he may be able to see his mother. It later turns out he…

Zimmers path to work on the Soviet atomic bomb project was through a prisoner of war camp in Krasnogorsk, as was that of his colleagues Hans-Joachim Born and Alexander Catsch from the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institut für Hirnforschung (KWIH, Kaiser…

Zheng was captured after being forced to surrender Changchun. He spent a several years as a prisoner of war, but was eventually released and lived out his remaining years in the communist established People’s Republic of China. In his…

Zev confronts the first Rudy Kurlander, a German veteran of World War II, in his home, but this Kurlander proves that he served in the North African Campaign under Erwin Rommel, and was never near Auschwitz. Zev finds the second Rudy Kurlander in a nursing home in Canada, but he turns out to have been a prisoner in Auschwitz, sent there as a homosexual.

… original construction of the railway, has heritage protection, as does the burial site of 48 Jewish concentration camp prisoners in the south of the village. They were killed in 1945 when a prisoner transport was accidentally staffed in the station by American low-flying aircraft.

Zeinal, an Iranian soldier who has been a prisoner of war for more than 20 years, returns only to see that he has been deemed a traitor. The story revolves around Zeinal and Eskanadar who both are looking for a chest containing several important documents.

Zeckendorf was taken prisoner and remained a prisoner of war until 1945. During this period, he provided medical care to other allied POWs.

Peninsula. After the war he returned to Poland from a prisoner of war camp and resumed his service, rising to the post of CO Coastal Artillery and deputy commander of the Naval Branch of the General Staff. Arrested by Stalinist authorities under false charges of espionage, he was sentenced to death in a show trial and executed.

Zane Satterfield- Jerusalem’s older brother, he is a prisoner and escapes after beating a guard to death. He moves to Texas and lives with the Taliffero’s at the Yellow Rose ranch. In his late 40’s he becomes a Christian and marries…

Zammar was released as part of a prisoner exchange between the Islamist Syrian rebel group Ahrar al-Sham and the Syrian Government in September 2013. A member of the negotiating team told Der Spiegel that days after being released, Zammar…

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