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…Медляк FM (Medlyak FM) — A program for playing moderate music, pop music including country music.

…Σn-soundness has the following computational interpretation: if the theory proves that a program C using a Σn−1-oracle halts, then C actually halts.

… première Monday, November 5, 1945, on a program of the National Orchestral Society entitled Adventure in Ballet, together with Circus Polka, danced by School of American Ballet students with Todd Bolender as guest artist, and Symphonie Concertante.

Zóbel went to Ladycross School for his preparatory studies and graduated from Harvard College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1982. He also completed a program in International Management at INSEAD in France.

Zuse called a single program a Rechenplan (i.e. computation plan), and in 1944 he already envisioned a device that should read and then automatically translate a mathematical formulation of a program into machine readable punched film stock – a device which he called Planfertigungsgerät (i.e. plan construction device).

Zoo Miami supports conservation programs at the local, national and global level, and was a founding member of the AZA’s Butterfly Conservation Initiative (BFCI), a program designed to assemble non-governmental organizations and government agencies to aid in the population recovery of imperiled butterflies in North America.

… artworks and design, Zona Maco Foto features vintage, modern and contemporary photography and video and Salón del Anticuario hosts antiquarians. In addition, the fairs offer a program of lectures and a program with activities in museums, galleries and exhibition sites across Mexico City.

… recommendations; and a program that is specially designed for the Hispanic audience in the United States, which with a solid and innovative format encourages cultural integration through literature.

Zirconic is the name of a program for the development of stealth reconnaissance satellites for the National Reconnaissance Office. The program includes the Misty and Prowler spacecraft.

… compression system with PKZIPs, producing a program that looked similar but read and wrote ZIP files instead of CPT. ZipIt also included a number of automation features, notably support for AppleScript, which allowed it to be used with…

… radically condemned the reforms initiated by Boris Yeltsin. He argues that the West was the key influence in the Union’s downfall: “Headed by the United States (a global supersociety based in the USA), the West has purposely implemented a program for…

Zimmer is the initiator and director of the Connecticut College Science Leaders program, a program to increase the number of women and minority students graduating from the College with a degree and research experience in the sciences.

Zillmere hosts the Zillmere Multicultural Festival (known as Zillfest). This is an annual event showcasing performing arts, crafts, delicacies and traditions of local cultural groups. There is a program of performers demonstrating traditional dances and an ‘open mike’ session for local talent.

… for the disabled to drive. In 2002, China Central Television broadcast a program devoted to her. In November 2008, she was elected Chairperson of China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF), succeeding Deng Pufang.

Zeppos serves on the National Security Higher Education Advisory Board, a program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Fulbright Canada.

Zarling was employed at SRI International as a program director in the pharmaceutical drug development division, where he led a team which developed drug targets, oncology drug candidates and development of companion diagnostic product…

a program organized by Herbert Hoover. In school, Zapf was mainly interested in technical subjects. One of his favorite books was the annual science journal Das neue Universum (“The New Universe”). He and his older brother experimented with…

… pulled from his top hat a green, white and red bird – the colors of the Mexican flag. The governor bowed back at Zamloch, who then waved a program which turned into a silk Mexican flag. The governor saluted, and Zamloch pulled from his hat…

… and Capilla Flamenca, a program which establishes the relationship between French-Flemish polyphony and that of Hispanic America’s chapels.

Zairyus Anthony Palani Jackson attended Inderkum High School. He started producing around the age of 16 while living at his mom’s house on a program called FL Studio. He decided to play with the program after his older brother downloaded it to their home computer. Realizing he had a natural knack for making beats, he began selling them at his high school.

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