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… realized that Slovenia does not have a proper entertainment webzine. They swapped beer for a keyboard, and in only one week, they published a webzine called ŽVPL.

…Ōishi was too obsessed with success, according to Yamamoto. He conceived his convoluted plan to ensure that they would succeed at killing Kira, which is not a proper concern in a samurai: the important thing was not the death of Kira, but…

… is made clear that the stranger is Lucifer. He falls in love with the girl, but his own twisted notions of love prohibit him from returning the girl’s affection in a proper way. In the end, the girl is unable to help Lucifer and he drags…

Zouk was an attempt to develop a proper local music that would lessen or even eradicate the meringue-kadans or compas influence from the French islands. When the MIDI technology came out, Kassav’ used it fully, creating new sound in both…

Zouk was a brief experiment; an attempt to develop a proper local music that should lessen or even eradicate the méringue-kadans or compas influence from the French Antilles. When the MIDI technology came out, Kassav’ used it fully,…

… to Mars, the Atacama Desert was proven to be a proper imitation of Mars. With this realization, scientists and researchers are dedicating their time to examine every part of the desert in hopes of finding microbial life.

Zhenren is a proper name of characters in Chinese folklore (e.g., Taiyi Zhenren), Chinese mythology (Cihang Zhenren), and Chinese literature (Luo Zhenren). Note that Japanese 真人 can be pronounced shinjin in the Daoist sense and Masato (e.g., Masato Shimon) or Mahito (Mahito Tsujimura) as a given name.

Zhang Qing’s body is brought back to Zhangde Prefecture and given a proper burial.

… from Earth, it is located around 414 light years from the Sun. At that distance, the visual magnitude is diminished by an extinction factor of 0.088 due to interstellar dust. Eggen (1995) listed it as a proper motion candidate for membership in the IC 2391 supercluster.

Zelda eventually did have a second run on Pan European Cartoon Network UK at 5:30am in the morning. This version was majorly improved as it was a proper standalone non Mario version and had its own end credits with link and his sword…

Zatari, an ex-agent has re-appeared on a mission to capture DNA from Gisela to use in illegal human cloning, causing Ed to place Gisela in a safe house, away from school and the outside world. After Connor fails his Camp X test in order to protect Gisela, he finds himself being trained by Ed to become a proper spy to be able to protect Gisela anywhere she goes.

Zaro TV broadcasts its programs from 3.00pm till 9.00pm, which is a proper time for children.

… his two brothers, one sister and his parents moved to Antioch in 1904. Arsuzi began his studies at a kuttab where he memorised the Quran. Four years later, his parents enrolled him into a rüşdiye to give him a proper Ottoman education. His…

… historian Georges Sadoul first time named l’école de Zagreb (Zagreb School). The school was based on the production company Zagreb Film, famous for its symbol – a little horse. The most notable member of school (which was never a school in a

… fear of doing so again is the main reason why she left Yuzuyu with his family. She intends to come back once she can be a proper mother to Yuzuyu. In the end of the manga, she returns and takes Yuzuyu back. Years later, Yuzuyu is shown to be a healthy and happy teen.

Yun Chi-ho was born on December 26, 1864 in a small village in Chungcheong Province. His father, Yun Ung-yeol, was an official in the Joseon government and as a member of the yangban aristocracy saw that Chi-ho received a proper education.

Yuichi Kazuki: A popular upperclassman, with a reputation of being a gentleman. He always gives a girl a proper let down. Generally seen as a kind person, his cutting remarks bewilder Wataru, whom he treats with contempt.

Yugoslavia expected to build approximately 150 of these planes to replace its MiG-21s and J-21 Jastrebs, and a sale of several hundred Novi Avions on the world market was also anticipated. The term Novi Avion was used to describe the project and the aircraft would have received a proper designation upon entering service.

… affected coercion, and his musical talent and genuine love of art leads him away from wild freedom and disorder. You have given him a proper upbringing, which would have still have been insufficient without such natural traits. From no…

… she is dating him). While celebrating his 25th birthday, Allen is continuously haunted by strange visions of a figure engulfed in flames, a recurring theme in the film. Later in the day, Christi and some of Allen’s friends and co-workers coax Allen to keep the family Golf Club open so they can throw a proper birthday party for him.

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