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… of Tolerance and ‘Objective Tolerance’ as an Instrument for Minimizing Violence’. Contains a proposal for amending the Charter of the UN.

Zwick joined the Bureau of the Budget in 1965, serving as its deputy director until 1968. During his tenure, Zwick became the last director to submit to Congress a proposal for a balanced budget. He left government at the end of the…

… girlfriend. Maritza in a high temper insults Tassilo, who declares that he will leave. However, before he goes, the repentant Maritza writes him a ‘reference’ which is in fact a proposal of marriage. The operetta ends with Maritza and Tassilo, and Zsupan and Lisa, engaged.

Zhurong was brought to the Shu camp, and was treated well by Zhuge Liang, who offered her wine and severed her bonds. He then offered a proposal to Meng Huo; he would safely return Zhurong to the Nanman, if the two Shu officers Zhurong had recently captured would be released. Meng Huo agreed and Zhurong was returned to her husband.

Yigal Allon, who led Operation Dani and may have ordered the expulsions, became Israel’s deputy prime minister in 1967. He was a member of the war cabinet during the 1967 Arab Israeli Six-Day War, and the architect of the post-war Allon Plan, a proposal to end Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. He died in 1980.

… architectural heritage institute. It was followed on 26 January 2012 by a proposal to classify the structures by the DRCLVTejo as a Sítio de Interesse Público (Site of Public Interest) and included in its respective zone of special protection. The proposal was approved on 29 February of the Cultural National Council.

… subjugation. The setting for the films is Bhopal and the context a proposal to rename the city as ‘Bhojpal’. The film-maker shows how the wealth of the city, indeed the entire state, is in the hands of people from far away. Therefore, the…

Xie Xuan sent a message to the Former Qin commanding general Fu Rong (Fu Jiān’s brother) with a proposal — to have Fu Rong order his troops to retreat slightly to allow the Jin forces across, so the armies could engage. Fu Rong, after…

XHEZZZ began as a proposal for XEZY-AM 1380, located in Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas, a station and frequency made available in 1970. However, the station was built in Tapachula on 590 kHz with the XEZZZ-AM calls in 1996 by Miguel Galindo Amador.

XDocs was a proposal announced by Microsoft on October 2002 for a forms software, based on XML. Only announcing vague details, it was supposed to help users design, modify and work with XML-based forms, with little or no coding. Unlike the…

… operations, law enforcement, site security, and peacekeeping. XADS was founded in 2002 after a proposal was submitted to the United States Marine Corps.

… exam, and was employed at Boies, Schiller & Flexner in New York City from 2008 to 2012. In July 2010, she wrote a proposal in the Brennan Law Center blog for abolishing bar exams.

Wurdiboluc once had a state school; the date of its closure is unknown. In 1902, a proposal was made to amalgamate the school with that at nearby Wensleydale, on a new central site; instead, the Wensleydale school was closed in 1903, and the Department of Education arranged to transport the Wensleydale students to the Wurdiboluc school.

Wu Zetian agreed and declined the lion. Also at Yao’s suggestion, she stopped a proposal to coat with gold nine ding that she had built as symbols of her governance. Later in 696, when Khitan’s khan Li Jinzhong attacked, she commissioned…

… subsidiary of Transform Scotland) being active currently. Neither of those groups has a proposal for passenger use of the Suburban Line on its website at present (2015).

Writing a successful proposal can be made easier through the development of a proposal checklist that contains the necessary standardized information that is typically contained in 80% of all of your sales proposals. This makes it much…

That October, he initiated correspondence with the British Air Council to discuss a proposal for the RAAF to adopt as its own the Royal Air Force’s motto Per Ardua Ad Astra; informal approval was granted by letter to Wrigley in March 1930.

Wright had designed station owner Ray Lindholm’s house in 1952, and, knowing Lindholm worked in the oil business, presented him with a proposal to design the gas station envisioned as part of Broadacre City. Lindholm seized the opportunity…

Worthington has had research papers published on topics including e-learning for ICT sustainability and a proposal to combine the features of synchronous and asynchronous learning in one software package.

Worth was attending the Flaherty Film Seminar in Andover, Massachusetts, when he died peacefully in his sleep of a heart attack on August 29, 1977, at the age of fifty-five. In the weeks before his death, Worth had been preparing a

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