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…Östrich had by this time moved to Munich for further interrogation, and from there to England at the request of British engine designer Roy Fedden. He had them work on the design of a turboprop engine for a proposed C-54 Skymaster-class…

Zoich (or ZOIЧ) was a proposed mascot for the XXII Winter Olympics, which took first place in the official online poll to select a mascot for the 2014 Sochi games. Despite being a popular Internet character, the committee chose not to…

Zip Rail was a proposed intrastate passenger train that would link the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area with the city of Rochester. The project was previously branded as Rochester Rail Link.

Zephyr is a proposed sail driven surface rover that NASA is working on.

Zapote LRT Station is a proposed stop on the Manila LRT (Line 1). It is part of the LRT Line 1 South Extension Project. The station would be the first LRT station outside Metro Manila, being located in Bacoor in Cavite. The station will be located near the Zapote (Bacoor/Las Piñas) Exit Ramp of Manila-Cavite Expressway in Barangay Zapote V (Longos) in Bacoor.

Zalengam should not be confused with Kukiland, a proposed Indian state to be carved from the hilly area of the southern part of Manipur.

York Region acquired land in 2014 in the Cornell Centre district, just south of the hospital property and adjacent to a proposed extension of Rose Way east of 9th Line. This location will to serve the hospital, community centre and local…

York Community Stadium is a proposed multi-purpose stadium in Huntington, York, England. It will be owned by City of York Council, and be shared by York City Football Club and York City Knights Rugby League Football Club. The projected capacity of the all-seater stadium is 8,005.

Yokohl Ranch, California is a proposed 36000 acre town in an unincorporated area of Tulare County, California. It would be located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, 15 mi east of Visalia and 30 miles west of Sequoia National Park. The J.G. Boswell Company (Yokohl Ranch Company LLC) would develop the new town in phases over 25 to 30 years if approved.

Yok-Utian (also Hotian) is a proposed language family of California. It consists of the Yokutsan and Utian families.

Yinotheria is a proposed basal mammalian subclass clade that contains a few fossil of the Mesozoic and the extant monotremes. Today, there are only five surviving species, which live in Australia and New Guinea, but fossils have been found in England, China, Madagascar and Argentina. The surviving species consist of the platypus and four species of echidna.

… better lives for workers. The matter was resolved in 1887 when Cardinal James Gibbons of Baltimore interceded in Rome against a proposed condemnation of the Knights.

Yemen has a tribal culture, and the marriage of young girls is common; most Yemeni girls are married before they reach puberty. A proposed law setting a minimum age of 17 for women and 18 for men to marry was opposed by conservative Yemenis, including women.

Yellowtail was a leading figure in opposition to a proposed dam on the Bighorn River in the southern portion of the reservation. The dam would flood the Bighorn Canyon, sacred to the Crow. Yellowtail was unable to prevent the dam’s…

Yellow Line – a proposed rail line from Hunt Valley to Columbia Town Center.

… the college in celebration of its 70th anniversary. From 2008 until his death, he was a member of the college’s Development Board, fundraising and consulting on a proposed Learning Resource Centre.

… agrarian sector, whose relationship with the federal government had suffered in the wake of a 2008 dispute over a proposed hike in export taxes.

Wythenshawe Hospital is a proposed tram stop in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester. It would serve the hospital with the same name. It has been proposed since the early 2000s but was dropped in 2005 from the Manchester Airport Line on cost grounds.

… gas fields, coal-bed methane operations, utility-scale wind farms, a proposed coal-to-liquids plant and four proposed new coal-fired power plants in the state.

Wymondham Junction railway station is a proposed station on the Mid-Norfolk Railway, in the English county of Norfolk. The station is planned to be constructed just south of the Cemetery Lane level crossing, close to the Network Rail station.

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