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…Świętej Trójcy street follows a quarter of cirle arc, having one tip facing south, the other facing west. It connects Poznańska street to Kruszwicka street, and brush through the area of Mill Island (Wyspa Młyńska).

… with almost a quarter of this being used to pay back public debt. This leaves only a fraction of funds for use in providing basic services such as sanitation, health, and education. Major cuts have been made to the salaries of village employees and to money spent social, cultural, and educational activities.

…Čuvidina was born in Sarajevo around the year 1794, while modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina was part of the Ottoman Empire. She was from a Bosniak family of restaurateurs, who later grew and sold watermelons. Čuvidina grew up in Hrid, a quarter of Sarajevo situated on the left bank of the river Miljacka.

… career in 1977 at the Istanbul daily Milliyet, shifting in 1985 as a regular columnist for Hürriyet, an influential position which he has maintained for nearly a quarter of a century. He is also the author of numerous books which focus…

…Çukurbostan is a quarter of the European side of Istanbul located in the north side of the Fatih district (the walled city). Although it is difficult to define exactly its boundary, Çukurbostan lies between the neighbourhoods of Balat and…

Zona Industriale (in Italian literary Industrial Zone, referring to the industrial park), is a quarter of Naples, Italy. With Poggioreale, San Lorenzo, and Vicaria it forms the Fourth Municipality of the city.

Zincirlikuyu is a quarter of the Şişli district on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. Part of Esentepe neighborhood, it is situated on a hilltop on the district border to Beşiktaş in the east. Undergone redevelopment in recent years, the area is also a busy bus hub.

Zinave National Park is located in the district. It has the area of 3700 km2 and occupies about a quarter of the total area of the district.

… decimated the population of Morelos, causing the loss of a quarter of the total population of the state, almost as many as had been lost to Huerta in 1914. (Womack 311). Furthermore, Zapata began to worry that by the end of the World War, the…

Zagreb metropolitan area population is slightly above 1.2 million inhabitants, as it includes the Zagreb County. Zagreb metropolitan area makes approximately a quarter of a total population of Croatia.In 1997, the City of Zagreb itself was given special County status, separating it from Zagreb County, although it remains the administrative centre of both.

Zafeen’s three-year-old debut came in the Greenham Stakes (a trial race for the 2000 Guineas) over seven furlongs at Newbury. He took the lead a quarter of a mile from the finish before being overtaken by Muqbil in the final furlong and…

… charity by ‘IPS Audit’ showed it had directed less than a quarter of its income towards charitable projects, with the majority of the donations being used to cover costs. On 7 June Tania was cleared of the allegations she collected donations through her unregistered charity, Peace for the Children.

Yuri Milner’s Digital Sky Technologies Fund was to become the first outside investor, having acquired a quarter of the social network’s shares in 2007 to later transfer them to the balance of Mail.Ru Group. In late 2010, Mail.Ru Group…

Yesurathnam spent nearly a quarter of a century during 1974-2001 at the Protestant Regional Theologiate in Secunderabad in teaching successive ministerial aspirants along with notable faculty members that included W. D. Coleman, AELC, R.

… combined-cycle plant is powered by natural gas and has a capacity of 242 megawatts. It produces a quarter of the country’s electricity and is responsible for seasonal electricity swaps with Iran. The director general of the power plant is Hovakim Hovhannisyan.

… bought those shares at a price decided by the bank. As such, he gained a quarter of the shipyard’s shares and would later go on to secure full ownership. Rosenberg delivered Berge Bergesen, a 16000 DWT vessel, in 1951 and then Crown Princess…

Yangtse Economic Zone (Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui) Energy and Transport Study, 1991 – independent academic expert, Steering Commission, China and World Bank. This was the largest study to date in China sponsored by the World Bank, covering about a quarter of the country’s population and GDP.

… ghosted the Sunday page for a quarter of a century, until he finally began signing the strip himself in 1988. This continued until 1992 when failing eyesight forced Yager’s retirement from the strip and from cartooning altogether.

Ya’an Campus is the main campus of Sichuan Agricultural University, which covers an area equivalent to almost a quarter of the downtown of Ya’an City. Most colleges, undergraduate and graduate programs are organized here.

… electricity networks and water treatment plants now account for over a quarter of annual revenues. The Construction Services division, building homes, water and waste treatment plants and infrastructure ranging from railway stations to golf courses remains the group’s largest source of revenue as of the end of 2006.

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