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… and was able to remain at Wrocław to complete his masters under Jan Mikusiński. He graduated with a PhD in 1960, his dissertation including the now-famous Three-Distance Theorem which he proved in 1956 in answer to a question of Hugo Steinhaus.

Board Room, Edge! A Leadership Story, Millennial Leaders, Excalibur Reclaims Her King, Everything’s Okay, 5 Black Women Inc., Duckey and the Ocean Protectors, and A Question of Color.

Wright was a friend of Christopher Brennan, Randolph Bedford, Frank Morton and Henry Lawson. Though very much a Bohemian, something of the clergyman still clung to him. Zora Cross, in An Introduction to the Study of Australian Literature, gave him a high position among Australian poets. Charming though An Irish Heart may be, it is too derivative to be work of the highest kind. It is not a question of individual words or phrases, but rather of a man steeping himself in the modern Irish school of poetry, and with all the skill of his practised craftsmanship reproducing its spirit in another land. A large amount of his work, including some short plays, has never been collected.

… burning. Avoiding burning is a question of using sharp bits and the appropriate cutting speed. Drill bits can tear out chips of wood around the top and bottom of the hole and this is undesirable in fine woodworking applications.

Women’s cycling was controversial during the 1890s in Australia. The issue was discussed in several periodicals of the era including the Bulletin. There was a question of whether women should be allowed to ride bicycles in the first place,…

Women who were invested in the ideas of nationalism were not valued as valid participants. Additionally, women wearing veils became a question of nationalism. European colonizers saw the veil in Muslim countries as a symbol of female…

Without any prosecutions the possibility remains that a future presidential administration could claim torture is legal, merely a question of policy choice, and revive its practice. In February 2016, several leading U.S. presidential candidates openly argued for reintroducing torture.

With the death of the King, and a question of who would be the Regent of the new boy King, political uncertainty rested upon France on top of the ongoing religious conflict. Attempts to address some of the religious tensions were made in a series of royal edicts that would play an important role in leading up to the riots.

… no Swabian question but only a question of German fascists. They then resolved to deport former Waffen SS soldiers and confiscate the lands of the members of the Volksbund. Shortly thereafter, however, they did ask authorization from Moscow…

Winton was a prolific inventor, with over 100 patents in the field of motor cars and engines. He also had several important bicycle inventions. He was known for allowing free use of his patents when a question of safety was involved.

White City had experienced periodic financial problems because attendance was dependent on the economy. As far back as 1915, there had been a question of whether the park’s lease would be renewed, but finally the landlord, Chicago business…

While these ceramics were obviously recovered as grave goods, there is a question of whether they were specifically created for a mortuary rite, or whether they were used prior to burial, perhaps by the deceased. While some ceramics do show signs of wear, it is as yet unclear whether this was the exception or the rule.

While there are many ways to improve crop growth through the use of agricultural drones, there is also a question of its security aspect. Through the use of drones, farmers are able to monitor and record their crop. Though, what if an…

… was only a question of time before rifts would start emerging between the Libyan military and the GUNT forces, due to Libya’s inability to balance the demands from these two groups.

… nature of human language/communication. She believes that writing can be a question of life or death, and that writers should misbehave in real life as well as in the imagination to be connected to the world and better able to tell stories.

… of their products, all of which are strict liability. While a statute has said nothing specific, a tortious duty may have arisen. This will be a question of statutory interpretation (e.g. Stovin v Wise 1996 AC 923).

Whether the survivor has elected to abide by the terms of the mutual will or to repudiate them is a question of fact. The election is generally effected by the survivor in his or her capacity as executor (for the survivor is usually…

Whether the actus reus of an attempt has occurred is a question of fact for the jury to decide after having heard the judge’s instructions regarding the law. The common law precedent is used to distinguish between acts that were merely…

Whether the abnormality substantially impaired the defendant’s mental responsibility for the killing is a question of degree for the jury. In R v Lloyd the Court of Appeal held that the lack of control must simply be ‘more than trivial’.

Whereas the right to self-archive postprints is often a copyright matter (if the rights have been transferred to the publisher), the right to self-archive preprints is merely a question of journal policy.

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