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… river. It includes the hamlet of Murglje to the east, bordering on Hrastje. The soil is gravelly. A quiet arm of the nearby Sava River was used for swimming.

…Şebinkarahisar itself is a quiet town of 13,200 (TÜİK 2008) people, 40 km from the provincial city of Giresun, standing on the north side of the valley of the river Avutmuş in the Giresun Mountains.

Prince Ōtsu in 686, she returned from Ise to Yamato to enshrine his remains on Mt. Futakami, before a quiet end to her life at age 40.

… fish and often the spot of fishermen off the beaten path, enjoying a quiet afternoon. It is located on a turn-off-road about 4 km down the Demir Kapija road Partizanska just past the bridge.

…Çamlıyayla is a quiet rural area without the wild nightlife to entertain young people and is therefore popular with families and the retired, typically children stay in the hills with their grandparents while their parents are at work in…

…Água Fria is a quiet rural town far from the urban phenomena common to the cities located near Brasília. The urban area is made up of one main avenue, unpaved, and some cross streets. Along the avenue are the main public services which…

Zuñiga was sentenced to 40 days under arrest but was released from the detention center on January 30, 2009 after the judge found no evidence that tied her to any criminal activity. As of 2010, Zuñiga has made a quiet comeback into the modeling industry.

Zeishi: A quiet and mysterious tribe. They live in remote boot sector homes and do not interact much with other tribes. The Zeishi tribe is the most obscure of the bunch. Very quiet and bizarre, bots from this tribe tend to keep to themselves and their homes.

Wizards for the next six years, playing a quiet defensive role, and establishing himself as one of the better, though also one of the least recognized, midfielders in the league.

… altitude of 675m and has a view over the sea. Located in the south of the Castagniccia region, it is a quiet, rural village away from the busy coastal cities and their tourists. Many pleasant walks begin in the village, including one that takes you to a typical Genoese bridge.

Yousuke’s beloved girl. Yurika is a quiet, serious and ladylike, her home is a hospital, and also has violin lessons with him despite Yousuke’s failed attempts at violin. Yurika has romantic feelings to Blue Ganbar since saved by him.

… that he could personally superintend the repairs as an architect, notably in Houndsditch and Cannon Street. John Young left a quiet token of his sense of humour in the carved mice on the parapet of a warehouse in Eastcheap. He died at home in…

Young prince Jan has been sent to a quiet coastal resort to study for his final exams, but instead he spends most of his time with his new friend, the lighthouse keeper. Jan ignores the warnings of the locals who claim that the loony…

… the Confederate treasury and forcing the Union army to protect their northern border as a diversion. Young was commissioned as a lieutenant and returned to Canada, where he recruited other escaped rebels to participate in the October 19, 1864 raid on St. Albans, Vermont, a quiet town 15 miles (25 km) from the Canada-US border.

Young Gordie is a quiet, bookish boy who likes to tell stories. His parents, grieving the recent death of Gordie’s older brother Denny, neglect their younger son. Gordie’s friends are Chris Chambers, whose relatives are criminals and alcoholics; Teddy Duchamp, an eccentric and physically scarred boy; and Vern Tessio, who is overweight and timid.

Yoshiya lived in Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture during and after World War II. In 1962 she built a traditional wooden house with Japanese-style garden in a quiet setting, which she willed to the city of Kamakura on her death, to be used to…

Yoshida Mika (Mika Yoshida), a quiet, bespectacled young girl who is respected by adults. She is class representative.

Yorty prevailed, however, running as a populist. He railed against “a little ruling clique” of “downtown interests” and promised to revise the city charter, which had become unwieldy with the city’s growth from a quiet West Coast town to…

… is a quiet one—that will happily curl up on your knee in the evening. Of course, it must be noted that they are all individuals, with some being much more laid back than others and the breeder should ideally be able to advise on the needs…

… of Utica was featured in Russell’s 1907 painting A Quiet Day In Utica, which was originally known as Tinning a Dog. Hoover, Ringold, store owner Charles Lehman, and Russell himself are all depicted in the painting, placed between the hitching post and door of the general store.

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