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…Živko D. Petković connected a range of toponyms with the Serb ethnonym, such as: In Russia: Serbino, Serbi, Serbinovka, Sarbaka; In Poland: Serbentinije, Serbentini, Sjerbovice, Sarbice, Sarbijevo, Sarbin; In Lithuania: Serben, Serbigal; Near the Baltic Sea: Sarbske; On the Caucasus: Serab, Servičaj; In Mesopotamia: Sorbatje, Serbis (river).

…Þorgeir also directed radio broadcasts, wrote fiction, poetry and essays, and translated a range of works into Icelandic. He became known as a writer with his novel Yfirvaldið (The Authority, 1973), about a criminal case in 19th-century Iceland, which was nominated for the 1975 Nordic Council’s Literature Prize.

… species of animals such as orangutans, Somali donkeys, rhinoceroses, and Malaysian sun bears. Open throughout the year, the gardens host regular displays – the training of sea lions, a parade of elephants through the gardens, flying display of birds of prey, rides on ponies, and a range of other activities.

…Ökoservice has become a local institution, and is seen to create a range of benefits: an appropriate type of work for the target group, a variety of different jobs that workers can switch between, and the opportunity to get a…

…Émile-Justin Menier (18 May 1826 – 17 February 1881) French pharmaceutical manufacturer, chocolatier, and politician, was born in Paris. In 1853, on the death of his father, Antoine, Émile-Justin Menier inherited a large and successful Parisian company that manufactured a range of medicinal powders.

Zyxomma elgneri is a species of dragonfly in the family Libellulidae, known as the short-tailed duskdarter. It is a slender and short-bodied dragonfly with dull-coloured markings. It inhabits a range of water sources including rivers, ponds and swamps in northern and eastern Australiaand New Guinea.

Zytek Automotive is a specialist powertrain and vehicle engineering enterprise. It designs, develops, and integrates electric motors into a range of cars and commercial vehicles. The current family of electric motors ranges up to 170 kW.

Zylon (IUPAC name: poly(p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole)) is a trademarked name for a range of thermoset liquid-crystalline polyoxazole. This synthetic polymer material was invented and developed by SRI International in the 1980s and is manufactured by the Toyobo Corporation. In generic usage, the fiber is referred to as PBO.

… between the Windows cluster and the Internet and this provides a range of other services which were unavailable or unusable on Windows NT3.51. All this ran on a large collection of commodity servers which grew rapidly as the userbase…

Zwick manufactures a range of testing systems for research and routine testing of materials and components. It has developed materials testing software, digital contact and non contact extensometry and pioneered robotic materials testing systems.

Zwart is known for his camera philosophy of “full immersion” perspective, an expertise consulted by “Rush” director Ron Howard. He works globally and has shot in over 30 countries throughout his career working on a range of international…

… discover a range of many-body effects underlying the fundamental physics of the creation, multiplication, and annihilation of excitons.

Zumo offer a range of both smoothies and juices. Most drinks utilise freshly squeezed orange juice, although many use fresh apple or pear juice in its place. Zumo also offer a range of nutritional supplements called Boosts. These include protein and wheatgrass. In some stores they also sell wraps, parfaits, fruit salads, soup and other light options.

Studies Unit, and was responsible for organising a range of programmes enabling students from the inner-city communities to progress to higher education.

Zulfiqar has played a prominent role in fight against racism and racial discrimination in Britain and has supported the movement for democracy and social justice in Pakistan. Since 1965, he has been active in a range of community-based…

… and Zsuzsa Rakovszky, as well as producing a range of essays and fiction under her own name. From 1989 to 1993 she was a lecturer at the University of Tübingen. In 1996, she lectured in poetry at the University of Bamberg.

Zotefoams Plc manufactures a range of closed-cell cross-linked polyolefin foams for global use in sports, construction, marine, automation, medical equipment and aerospace. The headquarters are in Croydon, London, with a US subsidiary in Kentucky. Steve Good is the current chairman, David Stirling is managing director, and Gary McGrath is finance director.

Zori-Stalker-Williams syndrome, also known as pectus excavatum, macrocephaly, short stature and dysplastic nails, is a rare autosomal dominant congenital disorder associated with a range of features such as pectus excavatum, macrocephaly…

… impaired driving ability and may exceed 1000 μg/l in acutely poisoned patients. Post mortem blood concentrations are usually in a range of 0.4-3.9 mg/l in victims of fatal acute overdose.

Zooplankton is a categorization spanning a range of organism sizes including small protozoans and large metazoans. It includes holoplanktonic organisms whose complete life cycle lies within the plankton, as well as meroplanktonic organisms…

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