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…Árpád had three 24 cm L/40 guns, two mounted in a twin turret forward and one mounted in a single turret aft of the main superstructure. The C 97-type guns were manufactured by Krupp in Germany. The main guns fired at a rate of between…

… agricultural goods, precious metals, minerals, and livestock at a rate varying between 2.5 and 20 percent, depending on the type of goods.Income from business, salaries and other means are traditionally exempt.

… reported in Yttria-Alumina glasses. Yttria-Alumina melts quenched from about 1900 °C at a rate ~400 °C/s, can form glasses containing a second co-existing phase. This happens for certain Y/Al ratios (about 20-40 mol% Y2O3). The two phases…

… an unemployment rate of just 1 percent while the Dagestan region had a rate over 22 percent. This may be partially attributed to the differences in levels of development in the region. It has been found that the higher the level of…

You can build a PKI with capacity of issuing billions of certificates at a rate of several hundreds per second.

… km). The line was to diverge from the (as yet unbuilt) Ayr and Dalmellington line at Dalrymple Junction. The G&SWR was authorised to work the line for 35% of gross receipts for a period of five years, thereafter at a rate to be determined by arbitration. The charge for working the line was considered low by some GS&WR shareholders.

… significant increase in food production since the 1980s, and the state now has a surplus of grains. The state’s share of total industrial output in India was 9.8% in 1980-1981, declining to 5% by 1997-1998. In contrast, the service sector has grown at a rate higher than the national rate.

Yeabsley’s last List A appearance, was versus Worcestershire in the 1987 NatWest Trophy, when he was 45. Ian Botham and Graeme Hick both made hundreds. Worcestershire scored their 404 runs at a rate of nearly seven runs per over. Yeabsley’s 12 overs cost just 50 runs; the other four bowlers conceded 79 – 97 runs off the same number of overs.

Yakubu moved to English club Portsmouth of the First Division (now the Championship) on loan on 6 January 2003. Signed by Harry Redknapp, Yakubu helped Portsmouth win the 2002-03 Division 1 title, scoring at a rate of one goal every two…

XYZ corporation manufactures airplanes. 1 order was completed (#110), 2 received further work (#111, 112), and 1 new order was received (#113). Overhead is allocated at a rate of $100/DL Hour. All employees earn $20/hour. Beginning Work In…

… cancellation to double-amplitude at a rate of a few Hz: instead of a smoothly dying note we hear a heavily modulated one. Oboe notes may be particularly affected because of their harmonic structure. Another way that flutter manifests is as a…

Wound infections occur after cesarean sections at a rate of 3-15%. Some women are at greater risk for developing a surgical site infection after delivery. The presence of choriamnionitis and obesity predisposes the woman to developing a surgical site infection.

Wound infections occur after caesarean sections at a rate of 3-15%.

World Bank research on human capital flight by country, reported in 2005 a rate of 20% of Portuguese graduates leaving the country for working abroad, one of the largest rates for countries with over 5 million inhabitants.

… earlier Thames Tunnel. This, combined with the simpler nature of the project – the excavation face was only one twentieth that of the Thames Tunnel – enabled faster progress. Screw jacks drove the shield forward at a rate of 37 ft each week. The under-river section was dug in fourteen weeks and the tunnel completed in December.

… concussions for men is 46% lower, at 1.47 per 1,000 player hours. College football also has lower concussion rates than women’s hockey, with a rate of 2.34 per 1,000.

Women exposed to occupational noise do not differ from their peers in hearing sensitivity, although they do hear better than their non-exposed male counterparts. Consistent exposure to loud music, young people in the United States have a

… coming into existence at a rate about 100 times faster than during the Pleistocene. This is the ‘‘explosion’’ of the book’s title.

… suspended permanently in 1931, when a peg to the British pound of 19.9 kroner = 1 pound was established. (The previous rate had been 18.16 kroner = 1 pound). In 1939, Norway pegged the krone temporarily to the U.S. dollar at a rate of 4.4 kroner = 1 dollar. Nonetheless, Norway would continue to hold the Kingdom’s gold reserves.

Within the Caribbean, the country with the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS is the Bahamas with a rate of 3.2% of adults with the disease. However, when comparing rates from 2004 to 2013, the number of newly diagnosed cases of HIV decreased by 4% over those years. Increased education and treatment drugs will help to decrease incidence levels even more.

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