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…Štíty was stricken by plague in 1680 and again in 1713. As a reaction the plague column was erected in 1713, which still can be found in the town’s main square.

…Über die Abkunft der Slawen nach Lorenz Surowiecki (1828, Buda) On the origin of the Slavs according to Lorenz Surowiecki – aimed to be a reaction the Surowiecki’s text, the text developed into a book on the homeland of the Slavs and challenges modern theory that Slavs were newcomers to Europe in 5th and 6th century AD.

Zosimus’s New History (vi.3.1) imputes the usurpation of Marcus in Britannia to a reaction to the presence of barbarians in Gaul in 406; from a fragment of Olympiodorus, the acclamation as Emperor of Marcus, the first of the Romano-Britannic usurpers, took place the same summer.

… or branch were incubated in plastic bags appeared to be due to a reaction between different individuals of the same species of fungus.

Zinc(II) hydride was first synthesised in 1947 by Hermann Schlesinger, via a reaction between dimethylzinc and lithium aluminium hydride; a process which was somewhat hazardous due to the pyrophoric nature of Zn(CH3)2.

… biochemischen Arbeitsmethoden (1912-1913), Zemplén wrote about the production and detection of glucosides as well as other, higher carbohydrates. Professor Zemplén acted as a referee of several journals in chemistry. A reaction type (transesterifications among carbohydrate derivatives) was named after Zemplén.

Zelda had a deep desire to develop a talent that was entirely her own, perhaps a reaction to Scott’s fame and success as a writer. At age 27, she became obsessed with ballet, which she had studied as a girl. She had been praised for her…

… unique glitch: anything he draws comes to life. Being a creative artist that he is, Zeke is constantly drawing and making his drawings come to life. But he learns that for every action there is a reaction, and things don’t turn out the way he imagines.

Zankie while in a seedy motel room with Joaney shoots up heroin, which unbeknownst to him is bad. As he experiences a reaction to the drug, Joaney watches in horror; seconds later Zankie is dead from the overdose.

… drowning as a reaction to stress. Yuki’s a bit afraid of Natsuki, and thinks Haru is very weird and usually tries to avoid him. He lives with his French grandmother, and is fond of the ocean and air in Enoshima. Dragged by Haru to learn to fish against his will, he ends up becoming very fond of it.

Yttrium oxide is an important starting point for inorganic compounds. For organometallic chemistry it is converted to YCl3 in a reaction with concentrated hydrochloric acid and ammonium chloride.

Yaguchi’s team discovers that Godzilla’s fins and blood work as a cooling system and theorize that through the use of a coagulating agent, they could trigger a reaction and cause Godzilla to freeze. Furthermore, after analyzing tissue…

… as his critics would say, it was not well received. That the poem was a culmination of a long-standing philosophy held by the author, rather than a reaction to the current conflict, was not understood by its readers. A commercial failure,…

… text as more of a reaction to Nazism’s own obsessive take on cleanliness, and writes that, at that time, Jews and Christians in Romania had been collecting certain brands of German soap and burying them as human remains.

Women, who made up the majority of converts during the Awakening, played a crucial role in its development and focus. It is not clear why women converted in larger numbers than men. Various scholarly theories attribute the discrepancy to a

… book and revealed several previously unknown details. Certain characters were also combined together for the sake of brevity. The play was most likely created as a reaction to the Fleischmann film.

… popular discontent at the extreme policies of the FSRIB, causes a reaction against antiscientism, and Harman is acclaimed as a hero.

With the release of the 1986 film 9½ Weeks, the topic of BDSM was transferred to broader audiences with high impact and notable commercial success. Since the late 1990s movies like Preaching to the Perverted, a movie generally considered a reaction to Operation Spanner, and Secretary started to increasingly reconcile financial demands with authenticity.

… songs of the time. According to Sage, this change of pace was a reaction against the punk trend of releasing short songs. The album was, according to Sage, not well received in the United States at the time of its release, though it did fare…

With the establishment of the cabinet system of government, the Home Ministry was assigned this task, and issued a variety of regulations aimed specifically at newspapers. The growth of the Freedom and People’s Rights Movement caused a

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