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…Šalinac Grove (Шалиначки луг) is a protected area in Serbia which contains the last remnant of the oak-and-ash forests which until several hundred years ago covered the flooded areas in the valleys of the Velika Morava and the Danube. It is a real rarity not only in Serbia but in the wider area of the Balkan peninsula.

… allowing for players to pick it up and play wherever they wish, as well as the ability to use the stylus on the touch screen as a brush. Eshiro stated that: The staff involved with this game has a real clear understanding of what was fun…

…İncili Çavuş or Mustafa Çavuş was a figure of comic wisdom during the Ottoman era. He may possibly have been a real person.

…Đumić played for all youth selections of Denmark, except senior. However, he openly expressed his wish to play for Bosnia and Herzegovina on many occasions, even for a Danish sport channel, which became a real possibility as Bosnian new…

…Đedović started his career with KK Bosna, but FC Barcelona signed him when he was just 16 years old. He never got a real chance to play in Barcelona, and spent most of the time on loans in Cornellà, Obradoiro and with Virtus Roma. After leaving Barcelona, he played for Galatasaray and Alba Berlin.

…Éluard was born in Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis, France, the son of Eugène Clément Grindel and wife Jeanne-Marie Cousin. His father was an accountant when Paul was born but soon opened a real estate agency. His mother was a seamstress.

Zwayer is a real estate broker and lives in Berlin.

Zucker was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the son of Charlotte A. (Lefstein) and Burton C. Zucker, who was a real estate developer. He graduated from Shorewood High School. Zucker is married to Dr. Danielle (Ardolino) Zucker, with whom he…

Zucker was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the son of Charlotte A. (Lefstein) (d. 2007) and Burton C. Zucker, who was a real estate developer. He graduated from Shorewood High School.

… his work. Canoa is a real and symbolic piece which suggest fluidity, action, and speed. Zorio uses stars and crucibles in conjunction with his canoes which are associated with sailors and navigation.

a real zombie for a zombie-themed nightclub. Sheldon Leonard, as a former mobster turned nightclub owner, and Bela Lugosi, as the mad scientist who created the zombies, also appear.

Zinfandel is also the name of a real horse mentioned in the Laestrygonians chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses and then elsewhere in the novel. Owned by Baron Howard de Walden, it was the favourite in the Ascot Gold Cup race on June 16, 1904, but was beaten by a length and came in second.

Zimmermann Immobilier (Régie Zimmermann S.A.) is a real estate company based in Geneva, Switzerland, specialized in buying, refurbishing, managing and selling rental buildings and apartments. Mostly active in the Canton of Geneva, it manages over two billion CHF worth of real estate assets.

Zille did not consider himself a real artist: he often said that his work was not the result of talent but merely of hard work. Max Liebermann nevertheless promoted him. He called him into the Berlin Secession in 1903, featured his work in…

Ziggy is Frank’s son, an impulsive and often reckless young checker, loosely based on Pinkie Bannion, a real life docker in the Baltimore area, at the docks with a desire to prove himself and a respected father to live up to.

… composed of condensed qi: rocks, trees, even people. There is nothing that is not qi. Thus, in a real sense, everything has the same essence, an idea which has important ethical implications. The most…

… connection and a virtual ground appears at the input; so, it should not be driven by a constant voltage source. For this purpose, some circuits are driven by a constant current source or by a real voltage source with internal impedance:…

ZeroPC was a commercial webtop developed by ZeroDesktop, Inc. located in San Mateo, California. ZeroPC has been called a personal cloud OS. It used to mimic the look, feel and functionality of the desktop environment of a real operating…

Due to their cost and complexity, Zero Latency’s systems are not ideal for private use. Instead, they are intended to be used as public virtual gaming spaces or theme park attractions. Zero Latency has also partnered with a real estate group to offer virtual house inspections.

a real invasion. Nearly 600 messages were sent through agents, who were used extensively and at considerable risk of exposure. Dummy formations were created in Italy and Libya, Colonel Victor Jones began depicting both an Armoured and Airborne divisions near Tobruk for the first stage of the operation.

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