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Zinc has showed much higher reactivity toward pentachlorophenol than iron. This indicates that zinc may be used as a replacement for ZVI in dechlorinating chlorinated phenols. Chlorinated phenols are sequentially dechlorinated and thus less chlorinated phenols have been identified as a reduction product.

… discouraged from directly interfering with on-going investigations or cases. These reforms signaled a reduction in the executive authority of Zhengfawei chiefs in favour of better checks and balances in the legal system, and a restoration of the Zhengfawei in a policy oversight role rather than being an executive organ, which had been the case under Zhou.

… aerospace industry whose objective is to increase access to space through innovative technical advances resulting in a reduction of launch cost, and the lessening of regulations and logistical restrictions associated with dependence on national space institutions.

Zellweger syndrome is associated with impaired neuronal migration, neuronal positioning, and brain development. In addition, individuals with Zellweger syndrome can show a reduction in central nervous system (CNS) myelin (particularly…

Zapatero’s criticisms of the government were very active from the beginning, blaming the government for its inability to control the rise in the price of fossil fuel and asking for a reduction in the corresponding taxes.

Yip subsequently went to the Court of Final Appeal seeking a reduction in his sentence based on his ‘catastrophic’ medical condition, but the appeal was denied.

… for economic policy set by the international financial institutions. These policies led to a reduction in the rate of inflation.

… sufficiently to relegating the Yak-9K to be used as a heavy fighter and resulting in the need for a fighter escort of Yak-3s. The Yak-9K saw only limited use due to unreliability of the NS-45, airframe performance issues caused by both the NS-45 and larger fuel tanks used on the Yak-9K, as well as a reduction of bombers used by the Germans.

Y-320 (0.3-3 mg/kg p.o.) ameliorates collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) in Mice with a reduction of IL-17 mRNA in arthritic joints, and also shows therapeutic effects on CIA in cynomolgus monkeys. Moreover, Y-320 shows a synergistic effect in combination with anti-TNF-α mAb on chronic-progressing CIA in mice.

… resolution at X-ray energies under 30 keV but above this, due to a reduction in the material mass attenuation coefficient, the detection efficiency is dramatically reduced. To detect high energy X-rays, detectors produced from higher density materials are required.

Wynter’s public criticism of the government’s Singapore strategy led to his being reduced in rank and sent to Queensland. In 1938 he assumed command of the Army Command and Staff College. In 1940 he accepted a reduction in rank to become…

World War II led to a reduction of the company’s activities caused by the call to arms of most of the male employees. On 2 July 1944 Florence was bombed by American aircraft, and the company’s buildings were completely destroyed (the…

… position, sought a reduction of the royalties payable. But the landowners and their advisors rejected all the company’s suggestions. As a result the company went into voluntary liquidation in November 1920.

Leopold Mozart’s Toy symphony was a reduction of his earlier Cassation in G. The Italianized term, cassazione, appears to have been used by Antonio Salieri.

Work patterns were changing however with new industries being established along the Lea Valley a few miles to the east saw a reduction in the numbers using the branch. In 1932 the opening of the Piccadilly line saw the loss of passengers…

… bombs, and laser/TV-guided missiles Kh-25 and Kh-29L/T, anti-radar missiles Kh-58 and Kh-14 (AS-12 ‘Kegler’) and Kh-59 (AS-13 ‘Kingbolt’)/Kh-59M TV-target seeker guided missiles. The new systems led to a reduction in internal fuel amounting to 85 l (22.4 US gal). Su-24M was manufactured in 1981-1993.

Work included a new roof; a doubling of the width of the original aisles, and extensions to some of them; a reduction in the size of the chantry; the creation of an organ-chamber and a new east window; the removal of all galleries and…

… flood flows. Another operator’s residence was built in 1922, together with some utility structures in ensuing years. The plant was upgraded from 2.5 MW to 3.5MW in 1948. Automation allowed a reduction in staff in the 1960s, and two of the…

… bridges. At the same time speeds were increased at the entrance and exit at Würzburg station. These improvements led to a reduction of long-distance travel times of about seven minutes. Other smaller improvements were made elsewhere on the line.

… peak in the 1370s, with an annual average of 7,360 sacks, but the international recession from the 1380s saw a reduction to an annual average of 3,100 sacks. The introduction of sheep-scab was a serious blow to the wool trade from the early…

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