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Toggenburg is a region of Switzerland. It corresponds to the upper valley of the river Thur and that of its main tributary, the Necker. Since 1 January 2003, Toggenburg has been a constituency (Wahlkreis) of the canton of St. Gallen (SFOS number 1727).

… sharply accelerated when they encounter a region of force, so they are responsible for producing much of the highest frequency electromagnetic radiation observed in nature.

Together with the Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, the mountains form a region called the Lesser-Poland Upland (Wyżyna Małopolska).

Together with BA44, BA45 comprises Broca’s area, a region that is active in semantic tasks, such as semantic decision tasks (determining whether a word represents an abstract or a concrete entity) and generation tasks (generating a verb associated with a noun).

… roots, language, and culture, primarily in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, the Magdalen Islands and Prince Edward Island, as well as in Maine. It can also be used to refer to the Acadian diaspora in southern Louisiana, a region also referred to as Acadiana. In the abstract, Acadia refers to the existence of a French culture in any of these regions.

Today, its territory forms an enclave in the Navarre, a region of Spain, with which it shares a 25 km border. This in particular has had significant consequences on the history of the village, with centuries of pastoral agreements with…

… concerning the operation of the regions makes no reference to carrying arms, and it is impossible for a region to registrer a coat of arms. Consequently, the regions only use logos.

Today Croatia and Slovenia each hold portions of the territory and the city of Trieste remains under Italian rule. The name of the region lives on in its Slovene version, Primorska (Slovenian Littoral), a region of Slovenia.

Tobougg was reportedly named after a region in Saudi Arabia.

To withstand the pressure the water exerts on the containers of the storage tank, the storage itself was built below ground level. One important aspect to consider here is their resistance to earthquakes. Many cities in Iran lie in a

… the other hand, the gimbal has a range from 0 to slightly less than 90 degrees elevation, the telescope is unable to see a region of sky.

… any pesticides or fertilizers, encouraging them to use sustainable methods in future. In a region where food is scarce and most people have a very repetitive diet, the school garden provides an important contribution to food security.

To this day, the Nochiyayeh people still speak, read, and write Leshana Ateeka (Aramaic). Although Nochiyayeh may no longer have a region (Except perhaps in Iraqi Kurdistan shared with the Kurds), they live in close communities with each other and are still very active members of their traditional Eastern Rite church community.

To the west towards Kupres is a region called Koprivica. This enormous forest was once one of President Tito’s favorite hunting spots. The uninhabited dense forest has created a sanctuary for wild animals. Hunting associations are very…

To the west of India one finds Parthia, a region that extends between the rivers Indus and Tigris. It is divided into five different provinces: Aracusia; Parthia proper, called thus by the Parthians, brave soldiers from Scythia who founded…

To the north, the Wiehen descends to the North German Plain into a region known as the Lübbecke Loessland. On the banks of the Weser, opposite Porta Westfalica, lies the Wesergebirge, which is the eastern continuation of the Wiehen Hills.

To the north of Schröter, beginning with the satellite crater Schröter W, is a region of irregular terrain. This area includes an array of linear dark surface markings that appear to criss-cross. In the 19th century, Franz von Gruithuisen…

To the east and northeast the Havelland Luch borders on a region called the Ländchen Glien, to the south on the Nauen Plateau, to the west on the Rathenow moraine region, the Ländchen Friesack and the Zootzen. To the north it is separated from Ländchen Bellin by the Rhinluch region.

To the North and centre of the department, with centre in the town of Aigua, is a region dedicated to livestock raising, which has been sufferering from a steady depopulation in latter years.

To synchronize threads, Java uses monitors, which are a high-level mechanism for allowing only one thread at a time to execute a region of code protected by the monitor. The behavior of monitors is explained in terms of locks; there is a lock associated with each object.

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