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Journal of Irish Studies, which saw its first volume in 1939. Since then, the journal has appeared on a regular basis. The current editor-in-chief is Liam MacMathúna.

… fungi on a regular basis, those with immune disorders (immunocompromised) are more prone to fungal infection. These types of infections are also common after natural disasters, such as tornadoes or earthquakes, where people have open wounds that have become filled with soil or vegetative matter.

… performing, they began collaborating on new songs and material. After their marriage, three children, a move to Denmark that would last 5 years, playing countless shows, they returned to Poland but continued to commute to Denmark on a regular basis to perform.

Zach Feuer Gallery works with museum curators, on a regular basis, to realize solo exhibitions by the artists represented by the gallery and works by gallery artists have been regularly featured in the Venice Biennale and Whitney Biennial.

… for the Rocketry Proficiency Program on 1 February 1954. ADC squadrons rotated through Yuma on a regular basis for a two-week proficiency program that included ‘live-fire’ exercises over the Williams AFB and Luke AFB gunnery ranges.

York Universitys library holds about 500,000 prints and 830,000 negatives of pictures taken by the Telegrams photographers. Over 13,000 images are currently searchable on line, with more appearing on a regular basis.

… which are changed on a regular basis. The first of these commissions, inspired by the medieval building itself, was a textile work by Caroline Broadhead called Breathing Spaces. This was followed by Echo, a work by Susie MacMurray.In 2012,…

… radio charts. One of Yoria’s songs from that album, Here to Stay, was used in the Fox Television show The O.C. and in the final credits of the 2004 psychological thriller film Breaking Dawn. Yoria’s work is featured on a regular basis in TV commercials for, since 2006.

… fewer than 1100 students attended Mackenzie on a regular basis. During an April 2007 meeting, the Detroit Board of Education announced that -due to budget constraints and declining enrollment- David Mackenzie High School would not open its doors for the 2007-2008 school year.

Yeo-ri has acquired an ‘unwanted’ ability to see the dead ever since she survived a high school automobile accident. She not only sees dead people, but these ‘dead people’ also appear in her life on a regular basis. In particular, the…

… called this product Kore Wa Umai (“This Is Good”), and was popular on its release. Although Kore Wa Umai was initially considered a luxury item only available to the affluent who were able to consume white rice on a regular basis, it later was made accessible to the Japanese working class.

… operation. The speed of the mobile device market also means that there are many more new devices being manufactured on a regular basis, so a mobile forensics tool must deal with all of these issues before being suitable for the task.

Wray Castle is a Victorian neo-gothic building at Claife in the English county of Cumbria.The house and grounds have belonged to the National Trust since 1929, but the house has only recently opened to the public on a regular basis. The…

Worship appears to have continued on a regular basis throughout the 18th century. A stone in the North wall records that The Olde Whitechapel was repaired in 1782, the walls and roof being increased in height. From 1757 to 1771 the…

… bullying. Similar to the school environment for children, the work environment typically places groups of adult peers together in a shared space on a regular basis. In such a situation, social interactions and relationships are of great importance…

… bullying. Similar to the school environment for children, the work environment typically places groups of adult peers together in a shared space on a regular basis. In such a situation, social interactions and relationships are of great importance…

… recognized the value of happy, experienced, and loyal employees. They rewarded their employees with regular pay raises and bonuses. They encouraged suggestions to improve the operations of individual departments within the business. They held holiday season parties and outings for their employees on a regular basis and honored longtime employees at appropriate times.

… emotionally. Another serious problem with the Burpee series was the adverse effect on his health. Poor ventilation and too many hours spent breathing varnish fumes threatened Mason’s lungs and nervous system. Soon he was collapsing on a regular basis and was advised by his doctors to stop using oil based pigments.

Gaudí, joined the group. Both of these architects continued to work for the cemetery on a regular basis and most of the works that make up the complex constituted an important part of their output. In 1905 Ramon Maria Riudor joined the list of…

Woodcarving symposia are held at the park on a regular basis, and new works are added. Admission is free.

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