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…Écouché stands out today for the monumental church, a very rare Republican altar, several medieval merchants’ houses, a number of original towers, a network of well-conserved lanes and – a reminder of the ordeal of World War II and the Liberation – a Sherman assault tank.

… as an example of how suffering was a reminder of Christ’s suffering for humans, and how that example could lead to conversion. Wright argues that another point Bede is making is that it is because of the intercession of St Peter himself that…

Zochova Street was also the residence of the Pressburg riding club. Together with the street’s name (Turnergasse), it was a reminder of the town’s hastilude tradition.

… opposite ends of the room as a reminder of the original use as a single large classroom, or “Big School Room” as it was called, with the two classes sitting back to back. The attic contains some dormitories and there are original medieval cellars below the building.

… and has around 750 students. It was opened in 1985. It has four sporting houses(Trojan, Gemini, Pindar & Apollo) which are named after types of sugar cane as a reminder of the history of the land.

… invariably engaged in either small scale farming or farming related sub industries such as early retail and tanning. Most of the architecture associated with this era has been lost but, luckily, a few reminders survive. Manor Farm Cottage, at the heart of the village, is a sympathetically restored old building and a reminder of Woodhouse’s long lost past.

Within the Westham area of the trail, a World War II light anti-aircraft gun emplacement built into the railway embankment was refurbished in recent years to provide a viewing platform across Weymouth and to act as a reminder of Weymouth’s…

… allies or cousins who were too distantly related to be members of the derbfine, would not have a direct say in such an election. The frequent recitations of a clan’s genealogy by its bards was therefore a reminder of who was currently in or out of the clan’s derbfine as much as it was a claim to ancient lineages.

… measure, as a reminder that a new statement is available on the financial institution’s website. Whether such statements are transmitted as attachments or from the website, they are commonly generated in PDF format, to reduce the ability of the recipient to electronically alter the statement.

With the release of iOS 6, which was released on September 19, 2012, Apple added features that enable the user to have options to decline a phone call when a person is calling them. The user can reply with a message, or to set a reminder to call them back at a later time.

Cottbus Gate (Kottbusser Tor), Halle Gate (Hallesches Tor), and former Stralau Gate (Stralauer Tor) are a reminder of its heritage. The following streets follow the original route of the customs wall: Stresemannstraße (former Königgrätzer…

… world of man and establish a new world of their own. Aphrodite also decreed that they must always wear the heavy bracelets fashioned by their captors, as a reminder that they must always keep aloof from men.

… seems that under the Saruhanoglu its emergence as a locality was relatively fast. As a reminder of its origin, this new locality was called Tarhaniyat, and this alternative name survived for a long time, as the Ottoman documentation shows, in particular census registers.

… that – once relative censures were lifted – the moral obligation in any case not to spread or read those writings which endangered faith and morals still remained.2. A reminder, therefore, that for the diffusion of texts of presumed…

With regard to Emptiness, the massive size and brilliance of Vairocana statues serve as a reminder that all conditioned existence is empty and without a permanent identity.

With its neighboring Christian town of Souk El-Gharb, this town remains one of the most memorial places in Lebanon for the Druze and the Christians as a reminder the fierce and deadly battles that occurred during the Lebanese Civil War. Today Aitat and Souk El-Gharb are considered to be the symbol of unity and forgiveness.

With frequent reports of shootings and stabbings on news bulletins, and with the media continually focusing on the lack of role models in certain communities, he felt that the nation’s inner city youth needed a reminder that they had a…

… well as phones using the Android operating system, can track the user’s location using the phone’s Global Positioning System (GPS) and send reminders based on the current location. For example, when a parent is near their children’s school, the phone can send a reminder for them to pick up their children after school.

… picture, a symbol often employed in his pictures to conjure up a sense of horror. Additionally the presence of a snake plays a special iconographic role in the cycle, because it also serves as a reminder of the singular absence of a serpent in the Garden of Eden.

… seeing Myron on the courtwould be too much of a reminder for Win to bear. Myron’s friendship with Win andEsperanza is enduring and trusting. The three are free to express themselves honestly,without worry of offending each other or losing the true friendship that they share.

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