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…Ꝗ, along with other letters of interest to scholars of medieval manuscripts, was added to the Unicode Standard in 2006 after a request by Michael Everson. It resides in the Latin Extended-D block of the Basic Multilingual Plane.

… the 1978 Thessaloniki earthquake, the building was judged unsuitable to house a school. In 1979, the society of “Friends of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle” was established and a request made to use the building as a museum. The…

… agglomeration to facilitate links between different suburbs for which there was a constantly increasing demand. A schéma directeur des sites propres (“Directing plan for dedicated lines”) was created by the RATP in response to a request from…

Zoo Station was not in the original plan but was added later, between Ouzhuang Station and Yangji Station after a request by Guangzhou citizens. Due to space limitations it is designed on three levels like Hong Kong MTR stations. The top…

Zig Zag has two side platforms. It is serviced by NSW TrainLink Blue Mountains Line services travelling from Sydney Central to Lithgow. It is a request stop with passengers required to notify the guard if they wish to alight and signal the driver if they want to board.

… his dream of becoming a government official. He submitted a request to become an alternative governor of a county in Jiangxi Province. He was remarried at 46, and had offspring.

ZeroVM has been integrated with Swift, the distributed object storage component of OpenStack.When the ZeroCloud middleware is installed into Swift, a client can make a request to Swift containing a ZeroVM program. The program is then executed directly on the storage nodes. This means that the program has direct access to the data.

… prayer and fast break during the fasting months. During the fasting month in 2016, the Taipei Grand Mosque made a request to employers or companies hiring Muslim workers to be more flexible and easy towards them so that they will be able to fully observe the fasting.

… from the British Army. He refused a request to visit Lhasa as an interpreter, disguised as a Yarkandi trader, a cover not guaranteed to fool the Russians, after Scots merchant, Andrew Dalgleish had been brutally hacked to death.

… is blocking Google and Gmail. In 2012 a request by White House was extended towards Google to reconsider the anti-Islam video in light of the violent protests in the Arab world and its rules banning hate speech on Google-owned YouTube, but Google didn’t comply.

… belong to a talent agency. Without her parents knowledge, she sent out applications (including a school yearbook photograph of her) to agencies advertised in newspapers, until one responded with a request to meet and interview in person.

… the Germans learned about the existence of the group, they made a request to the head of the Jewish council, Jacob Gens, that Wittenberg should be surrendered to them. Gens invited Wittenberg among others to his office where he had him arrested and later handed him over to the Gestapo.

Yio Chu Kang Secondary School was established in 1965 in the same year that Singapore became a Republic. It was built to provide secondary education for the pupils who lived in the Yio Chu Kang area in response to a request made by…

… to miss life in Chang’an so much that each time imperial emissaries were sent to the Eastern Turkic Khaganate, he begged them to intercede to allow him to return to Chang’an, a request that Emperor Taizong eventually approved. In spring 640, Emperor Taizong established a general post near the Eastern Turkic Khaganate to help defend it.

Yetminster railway station is managed by Great Western Railway. This is a request stop so passengers must signal clearly to the driver if they wish to board the train.

… to present on his own. In addition to the chart show, Yates also presented a request show on Saturday afternoons, known as The Radio 1 Request Show, where listeners could send in a text or phone in to request a song. In April 2012, it was…

Yaroslav had arrived in Novgorod and sent a request to Scandinavia that he needed Norse warriors. Yakun arrived as the leader of the Varangians and he was dressed in a robe that was woven with gold. In the autumn of 1024, Yaroslav and Yakun marched with their forces to Chernigov, but Mstislav had been informed of their approach and met them at Listven.

… known for his kindness, and at one point he requested permission from Emperor Wen to become a monk, a request that Emperor Wen denied.

Yakovlev resigned June 23, 2005. On August 8, 2005, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan waived the diplomatic immunity of Alexander Yakovlev on a request from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and Yakovlev apparently had been taken into…

Ya Ali is mostly used as a request for strength by the Shia along with its alternative form Ya Ali Madad (یا علی مدد, O! Ali, help!). Ali is established as the strongest, bravest, cleverest, chivalrous warrior and the son-in-law of the…

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