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… eliminate a risk of cancer. She had surgery at age 16, requiring a subsequent dependence on hormone replacement therapy. Neither Zieselman nor her parents were told the truth about her diagnosis, that she had androgen insensitivity syndrome, XY sex chromosomes, and internal testes.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada advised consumers to avoid intranasal versions of Zicam Cold Remedy because of a risk of damage to the sense of smell, leading the manufacturer to withdraw these versions from the…

Zero-risk bias is a tendency to prefer the complete elimination of a risk even when alternative options produce a greater reduction in risk (overall). This effect on decision making has been observed in surveys presenting hypothetical…

Zeke (Ezekiel) Palmer (Voiced by Michael Adamthwaite): Zeke Palmer is a talented and creative 14 year-old artist/skateboarder. He follows his own path, however wiggly and weird it might become. Most importantly, Zeke is a risk taker. He is…

Argentina’s traditional landed families, the well-mannered Alvear placated Yrigoyen’s fears of losing control over his Radical Civic Union, a risk Yrigoyen insured himself against by placing his personal friend and former Buenos Aires Police…

Yang spotted a newspaper advertisement for jobs at Lenovo while in Beijing performing research for his master’s degree. Yang had initially planned on becoming a university professor but took a risk and accepted a position with Lenovo in sales. He was paid the equivalent of US$30 per month.

Xin Sisi (Joanne Peh), a rich man’s daughter, is a risk management analyst who assesses investment risks for her clients. One day, she is hounded by a seller which ends up in a car accident. Thankfully, she is saved by a mysterious person.

Writers considering self-publishing often also consider directly hiring a printer. According to self-publisher and poet Peter Finch, vanity presses charge higher premiums and create a risk that an author who has published with a vanity press will have more difficulty working with a respectable publisher in the future.

… potentially be injured from attempts at opening difficult packages: use of cutting tools can pose a risk of damage to the contents of the package. Easy-opening systems are available to improve package opening convenience.

… prevention programs include stress management, and exercise and healthy eating promotion. Secondary prevention programs are targeted at reducing behavior that is considered a risk factor for poor health. Examples of such programs include…

Workplace violence (WPV) or occupational violence refers to violence, usually in the form of physical abuse or threat, that creates a risk to the health and safety of an employee or multiple employees.

Work packages with many dependencies are called spiders and indicate a risk. The risk may be managed by splitting the work package or by moving dependants of it to later shipments (increments).

… catch him in points. Therefore it was reasoned that it would be too much of a risk for racers with no hope of making the team crashing into the winner who had made the team. Day finished with 32 points. This victory automatically slotted him…

Women who have undergone the procedure report serious problems including chronic pain, genital sores, bleeding, as well as fear of intimacy. It is reportedly often carried out in unhygienic conditions and without anesthesia, creating a risk of infection and tetanus, as well as psychological trauma.

Women in their third trimester should avoid this drug because there is a risk that naproxen, like other NSAIDs, it may cause premature closure of the ductus arteriosus.

… the risk of diabetes after GDM was estimated to be 50 to 70% after 11 years. Another study found a risk of diabetes after GDM of more than 25% after 15 years. In populations with a low risk for type 2 diabetes, in lean subjects and in women with auto-antibodies, there is a higher rate of women developing type 1 diabetes (LADA).

… will influence their coping capabilities – irritability, trouble sleeping, constant crying for example. There is a risk of Down syndrome for infants born to those aged over 40 years. Young teenaged mothers (younger than 16) and mothers over 35 are more exposed to the risks of miscarriages, premature births, and birth defects.

… persons convicted of a sexual offense. W.A.R. does not advocate abolishing sex offender registries altogether, but wants officials to be more judicious in deciding who poses a risk, instead of the current policies applied to all offenders indiscriminately.

Witness protection is usually required in trials against organized crime, where law enforcement sees a risk for witnesses to be intimidated by colleagues of defendants. It is also used at war crime trials.

… between genetics and goniodysplasia is uncertain. Two dogs who have a risk of goniodysplasia can still have puppies who are not at risk. The Dutch Breed Club regulations requires the testing for GD for rough-hairs.

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